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Premo Inductive – Passive Components

Premo InductiveThe Premo Group (Grupo Premo, S.A.) is a Spanish holding company consisting of five 5 different business units which develop, manufacture and sell products and solutions in the inductive component business.

Headquarters are located in Barcelona. They have R&D facilities and factories in Málaga (on the Costa del Sol, Spain), Tanger (Marocco), Wuxi (China, near Shanghai), as well as in Barcelona(Spain).


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Electromagnetic compatibility
Premo Inductive - Passive Parts and Components IBS Electronics Global Electronics Components DistributorThe electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of an electronic device to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment (Inmunity or Susceptibility) without disturbing other equipments (Emission). An interference source generates two kind of electromagnetic interferences: conducted emission, electrical noise through the lines, or radiated emission, generation of electromagnetic fields. At high frequencies, characterized by the fact that the equipment dimensions are in the order of the magnitud of the wavelength associated to this frequency, the interference energy is mainly radiated.

EMC Components

At lower frequency ranges, the EMC components are used to reduce conducted electromagnetic interferences, to assure the good devices working and to comply the legal regulations. These components can be installed in the interference source or in the disturbed device. In order to choose the suitable interference suppression component, the way in which the interference is propagated needs to be known: The electrical noise which comes in one line wire and returns to the noise source through the other line wire is differential noise (symmetrical interference). This mode of interference occurs mainly at low frequencies (up to several hundred of kHz). Some types of capacitors (X capacitors) and single chokes are suitable for suppressing the differencial mode interferences. Due to the mechanical configuration and parasitic capacitances, a current with the ground circuit can be created. These parasitic currents can flow through the power line cables and return through the ground cable. This kind of interference is the common mode noise (asymmetrical interference). As the effects of parasitic capacitance and inductance between the conductors increase with frequency, this interference occurs at high frequencies (starting approximately from 1MHz). When the common mode interferences have to be reduced, the common mode chokes and Y capacitors are used.

Common Mode Chokes

Common Mode Chokes

The closed core topology and the windings distribution make these components especially suitable for the common mode noise suppression. The continuos path of the toroids maximizes the magnetic coupling between windings thereby minimizing the leakage inductance. Also, two windings are connected in such a way that the magnetic flux induced by the operating current flowing in one winding is opposite to the flux induced by the current flowing through the another one, that is to say, both fluxes cancel each other. Therefore, the problem of core saturation is solved. This allows to use high permeability cores so that high inductance values are obtained. Premo has a wide range of CMCs for their use in different applications. The chokes are based in a toroidal core and they are mounted in boxes or bases facilitating their direct assembly in the printed circuit board. The magnetic core material is either high permeability ferrite (PC, PM, SC) or nanocrystalline (HC). We can offer different formats and sizes in order to cover all the necessities in the electromagnetic compatibility field.





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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
P3189ETAL P3189 Telecom Transformer v.22bis25,1918.3600
P2824ETAL P2824 Telecom Transformer04.0000
P3801ETAL P3801 Telecom Transformer V.34+/V9054.8000
P3181TRETAL P3181TR Low Distortion Telecom Line Matching Transformer ( 1 : 1.1 )1,4459.3200
P2781ETAL P2781 Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis487.1400
P1165ETAL P1165 Line Matching Telecom Transformer v.344079.1900
P3000ETAL P3000 Telecom Transformer v.90 / v.9227.1400
P3181ETAL P3181 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer v.90 / v.92157.4100
P3191ETAL P3191 Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis SMT RoHS06.5000
P3324ETAL P3324 Isolation, Line Matching Transformer V.22BIS06.7300
100smdETAL 100SMD Line Matching Transformer09.1000
9035ETAL 9035 Transformer05.1100
P2769ETAL P2769 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer08.2500
9856ETAL 9856 Transformer58.2500
9025ETAL 9025 Transformer07.1000
P2152ETAL P2152 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer58.2500
9004ETAL 9004 Transformer07.1000
300SMDETAL 300SMD Transformer07.1000
320SMDETAL 320SMD Transformer07.1000
P9003ETAL P9003 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer v.3457.1000
P1727ETAL P1727 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer06.8000
P7614-0603-6R8METAL P7614-0603-6R8M Inductor07.0000
P7614-0603-8R2METAL P7614-0603-8R2M Power Inductor507.0000
P2782ETAL P2782 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer06.8300
P2782TRETAL P2782TR Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis1,1336.5000
P3800ETAL P3800 Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.34bis35.2300
P3900ETAL P3900 Telecom ADSL Transformer05.5000
P3410ETAL P3410 Telecom Transformer v.90bis / v.92bis RoHS05.2300
P5056ETAL P5056 Transformer4,0053.9600
P5122ETAL P5122 Transformer53.9700
P7636-1205-R33METAL P7636-1205-R33M Inductor54.9700
P7636-1205-R56METAL P7636-1205-R56M Inductor54.9700
P7636-1205-R47METAL P76361205R47M Inductor53.9700
P3065ETAL P3065 Low Profile Line Matching Transformer v.345008.8900
P2001ETAL P2001 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer v.34bis1,6659.1000
P2781TRETAL P2781TR Telecom Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis2,0007.3600
P3188TRETAL P3188TR Line Matching Telecom Transformer2,0007.3600
P3356ETAL P3356 Telecom Transformer v.90bis / v.92bis07.6900
P1200ETAL P1200 Line Matching Transformer6787.1000
P3188ETAL P3188 Isolation, Line Matching Transformer v.22bis / v.32bis47.5600
P5011ETAL P5011 Transformer54.4100
P5230ETAL P5230 Transformer601.2500
P5233P5233 ETAL Transformer53.7000
P8002ETAL 8002 Pick-Off / Telecom Transformer Bulk Through Hole37.0000
P2602ETAL P2602 Telecom / Pick-Off Transformer FOR V.32bis / V.22bis4117.8900
P3432TRETAL P3432 TR LINE MATCHING Telecom Transformer07.1200
P3191TRETAL P3191TR Telecom Transformer V.22 V.34 RoHS5006.2200
100SMDTRETAL 100SMD TR Line Matching Transformer05.0000
P3081ETAL P3081 Telecom Transformer07.2500
P7646-0603-3R3P7646-0603-3R3 ETAL Inductor 3.3uH SMD00.0000
P7101ETAL P7101 Moulded Wirewound CHIP Inductor00.9900
P3081TRETAL P3081TR Line Matching Transformers07.2500
P3176ETAL P3176 Transformer1,0004.5000
P6140P6140 ETAL PLANAR POWER Transformer05.0000
P520XP520X ETAL Transformer00.0000
P7101-5650-2R2KTETAL P7101-5650-2R2KT Wirewound Inductor00.9900
320SMDTR320SMDTR ETAL Line Matching Transformer05.0000
P2647ETAL P2647 Isolation Transformer, Line Matching010.0000
303993303993 ETAL DC/DC Transformer10.0000
P2602_03P2602_03 Etal Line Matching Transformer5007.4500
306294306294 ETAL Choke Coil 100mH Radial00.0000