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Vishay Roederstein – Passive Components

Roederstein operates as a subsidiary of Vishay Europe GmbH. Roederstein manufactures a wide range of film capacitors including polyester, polypropylene, polycarbonate and RFI suppression, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, hybrids and power capacitors.

Roederstein was formed on April 1, 1925 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany and was acquired by Vishay in 1993. Vishay Roederstein products include a wide range of film capacitors, including polyester, polypropylene, polycarbonate and RFI suppression devices, as well as aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Vishay Roederstein film capacitors facilities are ISO TS 16949 approved and most of the film and RFI capacitors are approved to CECC specifications. Vishay Roederstein film capacitors are suited mainly for industrial and automotive applications.

Product highlights:
MKT – polyester film capacitors for automotive applications
MKP – polypropylene film capacitors, typically used in industrial DC linking and in AC and pulse applications at high frequencies

An extensive portfolio of RFI capacitors, which feature UL, EN, CISPR, IEC and other international safety approvals