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Sanyo Energy

In 1964, Sanyo developed the CADNICA┬« Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery. Sanyo was also a pioneer in bringing other rechargeables to the market including Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer and Nickel Metal Hydride. Rounding out Sanyo’s product line are primary Lithium batteries, Fast Charge Control Chip modules and Amorphous Solar cells.

Sanyo Energy Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, offering one of the most extensive OEM and consumer product lines in the industry. Sanyo Energy Corporation supplies the top companies in the power tool, portable computer and telecommunications industries using vast research and development resources to improve battery technology for today’s products.

Sanyo remains the world number one producer of rechargeable batteries. Recent product innovations in this area include the Eneloop Low self-discharge NiMH battery, a “hybrid” rechargeable NiMH (Nickel-metal hydride battery) which, unlike typical NiMH cells, can be used from-the-package without an initial recharge cycle and retain a charge significantly longer than batteries using standard NiMH battery design. The Eneloop line competes against similar products such as Rayovac’s “Hybrid Rechargeable” line.