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semitec logoSemitec is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic components including various sensors (temperature, pressure, infrared, etc.) and discrete semiconductor devices. Semitec Corporation offers thermistors, thermistor sensors, power thermistors, infrared sensors, no-contact temperature sensors, surge absorbers, silicon surge absorbers, varistors, current devices and other current regulative diodes, and thermopiles. Semitec brand thermistors have been considered top class in the world with their accuracy of temperature and reliability.

Semitec manufactures and markets temperature sensors such as FT thermistors, thermistor temperature sensors, and infrared sensors. The Company also manufactures surge absorbers, current regulative diode (CRD). Semitec’s NTC thermistors and thermistor sensors provide high accuracy temperature sensing and control for electronic and programmable thermostats. Semitec’s NTC thermistors are highly sensitive thermal resistors that respond very quickly to rapid temperature change. They have a high TCR (Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance) which means the change of resistance per degree Celsius is also very high, making them very easy to incorporate in electronic circuitry.

SEMITEC Corporation is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of sensors. The Company operates through four geographical segments. Japan segment operates its products in Japan and Europe. China segment operates its products in China and Southeast Asia. Other Asia segment operates its products in Korea and North America segment operates its products in North America mainly in the medical field. The Company’s main products include bulk sensors, thin film sensors, silicon surge absorbers, power thermistors and modules.