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Shenzhen Shengxin Capacitor Co., Ltd

Manufacturer and exporter of capacitors includes metallized polypropylene film capacitors, polypropylene film capacitors, metallized polyester film stacked capacitors, subminiature metallized polyester film capacitors.

As professional manufacturers of film capacitors, Shengxin has strengths, abilities, and following advantages:

1) Over 400 staff, including 350 production workers (two shifts) and 50 specialists for R&D, quality assurance and management
2) Key raw materials are imported from Germany, Japan and Korea
3) Advanced automated manufacturing equipment imported from Japan and Taiwan
4) A wide range of film capacitors, such as our X2 and CBB6 series, and axial-capacitors
5) High production capacity (20 million capacitors per month)
6) A strict quality assurance system (covering incoming raw materials, manufacturing processes, finished capacitors and packaging quality checks, etc.)
7) A comprehensive after-sales service
8) Approval for ISO9001 quality management system, gained in 2002
9) The majority of our products have been certified by UL, VDE and FI