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Wakefield Thermal Solutions

Established in 1957, Wakefield Engineering designs efficient, affordable and reliable thermal management solutions for a diverse range of commercial, industrial, and military markets. Recognized as a worldwide leader, Wakefield Engineering has grown with the market while expanding into others, responding to technological advances and anticipating industry demands. Wakefield Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha Technologies Group, Inc.

Wakefield Thermal Solutions provides extruded aluminum extrusions for board level through single and multiple stud and press pack power semiconductors heatsinks. Wakefield is ISO 9001:2000 certified and excels in offering competitively priced thermal solutions for most industries, such as stamped and extruded board level heat sinks, BGA heat sinks, extruded heat sinks for high-powered semiconductors, DC-DC converter heat sinks, bonded fin heat sinks, and many accessory products for heat sinks.

Wakefield provides a variety of natural convection forced air and custom bonded fin extrusions. A complete line of cold plates for liquid cooling is also available. Wakefield offers a comprehensive line of press pack power semiconductor clamps as well as a variety of thermal compounds.

Product Lines

  • Standard and Custom Aluminum Extrusions
  • Bonded Fin Heat Sinks
  • Folded Fin, Stack Fin, and Swage Fin Heat Sinks
  • Board level Heat Sinks
  • Power Semiconductor Clamps
  • Cold Plates
  • Thermal Greases and Thermal Transformer Products