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Walsin Technology Corporation

Walsin Technology
Walsin Technology Corporation (WTC) is a leading manufacturer of passive components. Walsin’s product lineup includes multiple-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs), chip resistors and arrays, EMI, ESD filters, LTCC high frequency components (including antennas and filters), varistors, multi-layer common mode filters, power choke, and diodes.

Founded in 1985, Walsin is now part of the Passive Systems Alliance Taiwan and top-tier manufacturer in MLCC, chip resistor, and RF device production. Walsin has a production capacity of 30 billion pieces per month for chip resistors and MLCCs. Additionally, Walsin specializes in RF devices such as GPS, Bluetooth, chip antennas, diplexers, common-mode filters, and much more.

Passive Components

Passive electronic components are found in an electrical or computer system and require no electrical current to operate; in other words, they are incapable of power gain. Some of these components include resistors, capacitors, inductors, surge protectors, and more. Various types of electronic devices require passive components in order to work. Resistors are often found in fuses, sensors, heaters, and lighting. Other household items such as computers, cameras, game consoles, cellphones, and television also require passive components in order to function.

Order with IBS Electronics

IBS Electronics is an authorized Walsin distributor. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified distributor of electronic components, you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you low prices on Walsin components and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry. Through our global network of offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, IBS Electronics provides speedy and safe shipments anywhere in the world.


Image of Walsin Technology Corporation's RF Connectors and Cable Assemblies
RF Connectors and Cable Assemblies
Walsin Technology's RF connectors and cable assemblies are designed for RF industry applications that include Wi-Fi, PCS, Radio, and computer networks.

Image of Walsin's Metal and PCB Antennas
Metal and PCB Antennas

Walsin's metal and PCB antennas provide 2.4/5 GHz single and dual band antenna solutions for wireless applications such as Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee®.

Image of Walsin's WA04P Series Attenuators

WA04P Series Attenuators

Walsin Technology Corporation introduces their WA04P series chip attenuators designed to satisfy most radio frequency applications for wireless devices.

Image of Walsin's Chip and External Dipole Antenna

Chip and External Dipole Antennas

Walsin Technology offers chip, SMT, and external dipole antennas covering many popular frequency bands around the world made and tested to the highest quality.

Image of Walsin RF Filters

RF Filters

Walsin offers complete lineup of RF filters with assorted pin assignments, low insertion loss, high rejection/attenuation rate with thinner package. 

Chip RF Attenuator

The Walsin WA04P chip RF attenuator has a characteristic impedance of 50 ohms and a maximum working frequency of up to 3 GHz, all available in a 1 x 1 mm package size.

  • Capacitors
  • Resistors
  • RF/IF and RFID
  • MLCC
  • Chip-R
  • HF Devices
  • Chip Inductor,Chip Bead
  • Varistor
  • PTCR Filters


Walsin's products are used in automotive, consumer, industrial or medical applications, the PSA family of RF Devices provides a broad lineup to cover your design needs.

Walsin Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor(MLCC):
  • Motherboards
  • Hard Disc
  • Drives
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • CD-ROM
  • Modems
These products have the following attributes:
Their major appilcation are:
  • General purpose resistors
  • Low ohmic for current sensing resistors
  • Special functional resistors (0.1%, Trimmable, High ohmic, Gold terminations, Non E96 resistance...)
  • Isolated chip resistors array
  • Bussed chip resistors network
  • Hi-freq. pai type chip attenuator
HF Devices:
  • Low profile (9.5x5.5x1.3 mm max.)
  • Embedded Antenna, Surface mountable device
  • Free impedance matching
  • Excellence performance in radiation, Bandwidth 360MHz
  • LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) technology
Rechargable Capacitors
  • Portable communication devices:
  • Cellular and portable telephones
  • Notebook computers
  • Radios and other miniaturized electronic devices
  • Electrical bicycles, scooters and motor vehicles


Surface Mount Capacitors , Resistors

  • Various types of dielectric selections: NPO/X7R/Z5U/Y5V
  • A wide range of chip sizes from 0603 to 1812
  • High volume efficiency of capacitance
  • Specialized design for high voltage, igh frequency and high capacitance applications
  • Small and compact size.
  • High stability and high reliability.
  • Suitable for high efficiency factory automation surface mounted operation.
  • Lead-free chip-R are upon customer requested.
  • Reliability performance meet -55 C ~ +155 C temperature operation requirement.

Rechargable Devices:

  • High energy density (50% more than Ni-Cd)
  • Over 500 cycle life
  • 1.2V nominal voltage
  • Stable discharge characteristics
  • Fast charge/discharge
  • Low environmental impact

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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
0603B103K500Walsin 0603B103K500 Capacitor 0.01uF 50V 10% 0603 SMD00.1000
0603B104K160CTWalsin 0603B104K160CT Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16V X7R 20% SMD 0603 RoHS1,7000.0900
WR08X000PTLWR08X000PTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 0 Ohms (Jumper) 1/4W SMD 08055,0000.0850
WR08X1214FTWALSIN WR08X1214FT Metal Film Resistor 1.21M Ohms 1% 1/8W SMD 0805300,0000.1000
WR06X223JTWR06X223 JTL Walsin Resistor 22 KOhm 5% 1/10 W 060320,0000.1400
WR06X272JTWR06X272JT Walsin Thick Film Resistor 2.7k Ohms 0.1W 5% SMD 080520,0000.0850
WR08X1002FTL WALSIN WR08X1002FTL Resistor 10Kohm 1%, 150V SMD 08055,0000.1900
WR04X1000FTLWALSIN WR04X1000FTL Thick Film Resistor 100 Ohm 1% SMD 040210,0000.0400
0603B103K500CTWalsin 0603B103K500CT Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V 10% X7R SMD 0603 RoHS4,0000.0850
0805B334M160CT0805B334M160CT Walsin Technologies Ceramic Capacitor 0.33uF 16V 20% X7R SMD 08057,0000.1900
0603B104M160CTWalsin 0603B104M160CT Capacitors 0.1uF 16VDCSMD 0603 SMD00.0500
WR18X1500FTLWR18X1500FTL Walsin Resistor 150 OHM 1% 1W SMD 121800.0000
WR04X22R0FTLWR04X22R0FTL WALSIN SMT Thick Film Chip Resistor 22 Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
WRM0204C-360KFWelwyn WRM0204C-360KFI Thick Film Resistor 360k Ohms 1% SMD 14066,0000.3300
WR08X1211FTLWalsin WR08X1211FTL Thick Film Resistor 1.21k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 08055,0000.0850
WR06X1001FTLWR06X1001FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistors 1K ohms 1% SMD 060300.0000
WR06X1002FTLWR06X1002FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 10K ohms 1% SMD 060300.0000
1812B105K500CT1812B105K500CT Walsin Capacitor 1uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 181200.0907
W21-120RJIW21-120RJI WELWYN Resistor 120 ohm 100V 3W 5% Axial00.0000
0603N100G500CT0603N100G500CT Walsin Capacitor 0.00001uF 50V, C0G 060300.0000
WR12X241JTRWalsin WR12X241JTR Thick Film Resistor 2.4KOhm SMD 120600.0020
WR04X9091FTLWR04X9091FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 9.09 kOHM 1% SMD 040218,0000.0000
0402N8R2C5000402N8R2C500 Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 8.2pF, 50V SMD 040200.0000
WLCW1005Z0J39NTBWLCW1005Z0J39NTB Walsin Inductor 39nH SMD 040200.0000
0805X475K6R3CT0805X475K6R3CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 6.3V SMD 080500.0000
0201N680J250CT0201N680J250CT Walsin Capacitor Ceramic 68pF 25V SMD 020100.0000
0201N100J250LT0201N100J250LT Walsin MLCC Capacitor 10pF 25V SMD 020100.0000
0603N4R7B101CT0603N4R7B101CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 4.7pF 100V 0.1% SMD 060320,0000.0000
1206B473K101CT1206B473K101CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 100V SMD 12064,0000.0000
0201N101J250CT0201N101J250CT Walsin MLCC Capacitor 100pF 25V SMD 020100.0000
1206B473K201CT1206B473K201CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 200V SMD 120600.0000
1206B473K500CT1206B473K500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 50V SMD 120600.0000
0805B472K500CT0805B472K500CT Walsin Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 4700pF 50V SMD 080500.0000
0805F225Z160CT0805F225Z160CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 2.2uF 16V SMD 080500.0000
0603N272J500CT0603N272J500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 2700pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
WR04W1R00FTRWR04W1R00FTR Walsin Resistor 1 Ohm 1 % SMD 040210,0000.0000
WR02X103-JALJWR02X103 JALJ Walsin Thick Film Resistor 10K Ohm 5% SMD 020100.0000
WR04X103JTLWR04X103 JTL Walsin Resistor Thick Film 10KOhm SMD 04023,5000.0000
WR04X2000FTLWR04X2000FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 200 ohm 50V SMD 040200.0000
1206F225Z500CT1206F225Z500CT Walsin Capacitor MLCC 2.2UF 50V SMD 120600.0000
0603N332J500CT0603N332J500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 3.3nF 50V SMD 06032,4000.0000
WR08X84R5FTLWR08X84R5FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 84.5 Ohm SMD 080500.0000
WR04X4702FTRWR04X4702FTR Walsin Thick Film Resistor 47K ohm SMD 040200.0000
1206B103K631CT1206B103K631CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 630V SMD 120600.0000
1206N101J631CT1206N101J631CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 630V SMD 120600.0000
0402N120F500CT0402N120F500CT Walsin Capacitor MLCC 12pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
WR12X12R0FTLWR12X12R0FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 12 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
0805B106K1000805B106K100 Walsin Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 10uF 10V SMD 080500.0000
MT18B103K500CTMT18B103K500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
0805B106K100CT0805B106K100CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10V SMD 080500.0000
1210F106Z250CT1210F106Z250CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 10uF 25V SMD 12101,0000.0000
0805N330J500CT0805N330J500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 50V SMD 080500.0000
0805N330J101CT0805N330J101CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 100V SMD 080500.0000
0805N330J250CT0805N330J250CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 25V SMD 080500.0000
WR04X2153FTLWR04X2153FTL Walsin Thick Film Chip Resistor 215K Ohm SMD 040200.0000
0603B471K101CT0603B471K101CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
0805B474K160CT0805B474K160CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 16V SMD 080500.0000
1206B225K500CT1206B225K500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 50V SMD 120600.0000
0603B223J500CT0603B223J500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
0402B561K500CT0402B561K500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitors 560pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
0402N680F500CT0402N680F500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 68pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
0402N6R0C500CT0402N6R0C500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 6pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
0402X224K250CT0402X224K250CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 25V SMD 040200.0000
0805X106K6R3CT0805X106K6R3CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 6.3V SMD 080500.0000
0603B474K250CT0603B474K250CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 25V SMD 060300.0000
0603B224K500CT0603B224K500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
0805X106K250CT0805X106K250CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 25V SMD 080500.0000
WR06X103JTLWR06X103JTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 10K Ohm SMD 060300.0000
WR12X561JTLWR12X561JTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 560 ohm SMD 120600.0000
WR06X1103FTLWR06X1103FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 110Kohm SMD 060300.0000
WR06X1332FTLWR06X1332FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 13.3KOhms SMD 060300.0000
WR06X2203FTLWR06X2203FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 220KOhms SMD 060300.0000
WR06X4122FTLWR06X4122FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistors 41.2KOhms SMD 060300.0000
WR06X4701FTLWR06X4701FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 4.7KOhms SMD 060300.0000
WR08X10R0FTLWR08X10R0FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 10 Ohms SMD 080500.0000
WR08X2001FTLWR08X2001FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistors 2Kohm SMD 080500.0000
WR08X4702FTLWR08X4702FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 47Kohm SMD 080500.0000
WR08X8202FTLWR08X8202FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistors 82Kohm SMD 080500.0000
WR12W1504FTLWR12W1504FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 1.5Mohm SMD 120600.0000
WR12X1502FTLWR12X1502FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 15KOhms SMD 120600.0000
WR12X2403FTLWR12X2403FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 240Kohm SMD 120600.0000
WR12X5101FTLWR12X5101FTL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 5.1Kohm SMD 120600.0000
WR02X5101FALWR02X5101FAL Walsin Thick Film Resistor 5.1KOhms SMD 020100.0000
0805B103K500CT0805B103K500CT Walsin Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 080500.0000