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WIMA is a German manufacturer of plastic film capacitors, paper capacitors, and supercapacitors. WIMA’s broad product offering also includes a variety of surface mount and through-hole capacitors for industrial and commercial markets. Since its founding in 1948, WIMA has developed small and reliable leaded and paper capacitors, such as polyester film, polypropylene, film suppressions, SMD film, and dielectric capacitors.

WIMA has a long tradition in the field of passive electronic components. As the world’s leading manufacturer, WIMA developes and manufactures high-quality film capacitors for professional use in all areas of electronics. WIMA Group specializes in three business areas:

  • Plastic film capacitors
  • Paper capacitors
  • Supercapacitors

One of WIMA’s greatest strengths is their design and production for custom solutions. Solutions can therefore be offered to all customer needs. Major customer groups are in automotive, consumer and industrial electronics and the lighting industry. Among others there are well-known and demanding customers like Bosch and Siemens with supply of worldwide facilities.

Plastic film capacitors

A capacitor is an electromechanical device capable of storing electrical energy. Unlike a battery, a capacitor produces electrical energy as a byproduct of chemical activity. A capacitor can function in several ways; like a resistor or even an inductor by turning some energy into heat. Specifically, film capacitors use a thin plastic film as the dielectric (electrical insulator). They are used in multiple applications due to their low cost, stability, and low inductance.

Paper Capacitor

A paper capacitor is an electronic component that stores energy in an electronic field, or capacitor. In a paper capacitor, the dielectric that stores electric charge is made of paper instead of plastic. Paper capacitors are a “fixed” capacitor, which means they have the ability to hold or store an electric charge. In other words, paper capacitors can hold a “fixed” amount of electric charge.

Supercapacitor (SC)

A supercapacitor (SC) is a double-layer capacitor with an ultra high capacitance and low voltage. A supercapacitor is rated in farads, which is thousands of times higher than a typical electrolytic capacitor. Typically, supercapacitors are used for energy storage that undergo frequent charge and discharge cycles at high current and short duration. Unlike batteries that supply long-term energy, supercapacitors supply a quick charge when needed to fill a momentary power deficiency.

Capacitors from IBS Electronics

Whether you need a WIMA plastic film capacitor, paper capacitor, or supercapacitor, IBS Electronics distributes a multitude of quality components. We operate offices and warehouses in the USA, Asia, and Europe with the ability to ship worldwide. With the best prices on the market, IBS Electronics is committed to providing original components. Contact us today for your procurement needs.


  • SMD capacitors
  • PCM 5 capacitors
  • GTO capacitors
  • PCM 2.5 capacitors
  • Stringent requirements
  • Snubber capacitors
  • RFI capacitors

Product Range

WIMA SMD Capacitors
Size codes 1812, 2220, 2824, 4030, 5040, 6054 and capacitance values from 0.01 uF through 6.8 uF with PET, PEN and PPS dielectric.

Capacitors in PCM 2.5 mm
WIMA subminiature capacitors are available in metallized or pulse duty version with capacitances up to 1.0 uF. WIMA Capacitors in PCM

WIMA Film/Foil Capacitors in PCM 5 - 15 mm
Polyester and Polypropylene capacitors with pulse duty construction. Capacitances up to 0.22 uF and voltage ranges up to 1000 VDC.

Metallized Capacitors in PCM 5 - 52.5 mm
Self-healing Polyester and Polypropylene capacitors up to 680 uF with voltage ranges up to 2000 VDC. WIMA Metallized Capacitors in

WIMA Pulse Capacitors
Designed for extremely high pulse loads this reliable, self-healing Polypropylene capacitors are available with voltage ranges up to 6000 VDC.

RFI Capacitors
Interference suppression capacitors with metallized Polypropylene or Metallized Paper dielectric classes X2, X1 or Y2. WIMA RFI Capacitors

WIMA Filter Capacitors
Metallized Polypropylene AC Filter Capacitors with capacitances from 0.68 uF to 75 uF and nominal voltages from 230 VAC to 440 VAC.

Snubber Capacitors
Developed for high-power converter technology, WIMA Polypropylene snubber capacitors are available in manifold connecting configurations.

GTO Capacitors
WIMA Polypropylene GTO capacitors are especially designed to attenuate voltage spikes on GTO-Thyristors and IGBT. WIMA GTO Capacitors

WIMA DC-LINK Capacitors
Intermediate circuit capacitors in manifold connecting configurations with capacitances up to 8250 uF and voltage ranges up to 1500 VDC for applications in high-power converter technology.

Power Block
Cascaded double-layer capacitor modules for voltage support, for fast supply of electrical energy e.g. to cover peak power requirements or for protection of batteries.


Capacitor is found in nearly every electronic device ever made. Capacitors have a number of essential applications in circuit design, providing flexible filter options, noise reduction, power storage and sensing capabilities for designers. Major customer groups are in automotive, consumer and industrial electronics and the lighting industry. Among others there are well-known and demanding customers like Bosch and Siemens with supply of worldwide facilities.

SMD capacitors

  • Metallized polyester SMDs in size codes 1812-6560 and metallized paper SMD capacitors for RFI applications.
    • SMD 1812
    • SMD 2220
    • SMD 2824
    • SMD 4030
    • SMD 4036
    • SMD MP3-Y2
Wima SMD capacitors Distributor

PCM 5 capacitors

  • With capacitances up to 10µF and voltage ranges up to 1000 VDC the WIMA capacitors in PCM 5 mm covers a wide field of applications.
    • MK2
    • MKP2
    • MKM2
    • FKS2
    • FKP2
    • FKM2
Wima PCM 5 capacitors Distributor

Pulse capacitors

  • Designed for extremely high pulse loads this reliable, self-healing WIMA capacitors are available with voltage ranges up to 6000 VDC.
    • FKP1
    • MKP10
Wima Pulse capacitors Distributor

GTO capacitors

  • WIMA polypropylene GTO capacitors are especially designed to attenuate voltage spikes on GTO-Thyristors and IGBT.
    • GTO MKP
Wima GTO capacitors Distributor

PCM 2.5 capacitors

  • WIMA PCM 2.5 mm capacitors are available in metallized polyester version with capacitances up to 1.0µF.
    • MKS 02
Wima PCM 2.5 capacitors Distributor

Stringent requirements

  • Polypropylene, polyester and mixed dielectric capacitors up to 100µF with voltage ranges up to 2000 VDC
    • MKS4
    • MKP4
    • MKM4
Wima Stringent requirements - Components Electronics Distributor

Snubber capacitors

  • WIMA polypropylene snubber capacitors are developed to meet the demands of high-power converter technology and are available in manifold connecting configurations.
    • Snubber FKP
    • Snubber MKP
Wima Snubber capacitors Distributor

RFI capacitors

  • WIMA metallized paper capacitors are neither actively nor passively flammable and protect your mains input from becoming a fire hazard.
    • SMD MP3-Y2
    • MP3-X2
    • MP3-Y2
    • MKP-X2
    • MKP-X2
    • MKP-Y2
Wima RFI capacitors Distributor


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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
MKP2-.1MF-160V-5%WIMA MKP Capacitor 0.1MFD 160V 5% Radial .6 LS00.5600
C1816Wima Capacitor .22 MFD 20% 1000VDC MKS401.9000
C1424Wima FKP1 Capacitors 330PFD 1600V 10%00.2500
C1065MKP2-.1-63-10% WIMA Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.1uF (100 nF) 63V 10%00.5800
505-MKP20.047/100/5WIMA MKP2D024701C00JSSD Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.047uF (47nF) 100V 5% Radial I00.0000
FKS2-4700/100/10WIMA FKS2-4700/100/10 Polyester Film Capacitor 4700pF (4.7nF) 100V 10% Radial1,0000.3000
FKP3-100/630/10WIMA FKP3 Capacitors 100pF 630V 10%2501.0000
FKP2-2200/100/2.5WIMA Capacitors 2200pF 100V 2.5% FKP2 SERIES POLY FILM50.9600
FKP1-0.068-630V-5%WIMA FKP1-0.068-630V-5% Capacitor 0.0068uF 630V Radial51.6600
MP3-Y2-1000-250-20WIMA MP3-Y2-1000-250-20 Paper Capacitor 1000pF (0.001uF) 250VAC 20% Radial1800.5200
MKS2-.01-100-10WIMA Capacitor .01uF 100V 10% Radial00.2500
MKS4.47M630V10WIMA MKS4.47M630V10 Polyethylene Terephthalate Film Capacitor 0.47uF (470nF) 630V 10% Radial2,3002.0000
SMD-PET-2824-1/63/10WIMA SMD-PET-2824-1U-10%-63V Film Capacitor 1uF 63V 10% SMD 2824 RoHS1,2322.2500
FKP1T026807D00JYSDWIMA FKP1T026807D00JYSD Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.068uF (68nF) 1600V 5% Radial03.5000
FKP2/2200/100/2.5Wima FKP2/2200/100/2.5 Polypropylene Film Capacitor 2200pF 100V 2.5% Radial6950.3500
FKP2/220/100/5WIMA FKP2/220/100/5 Polypropylene Film Capacitor 220pF 100V 5% Radial5050.2800
MP30-Y2-3300-250V-20MP30/3300/250/20 WIMA Capacitor 3300pF 250V Radial3000.8400
MP3-.01M-250V-20%WIMA Capacitor MP3-X2 .01/250/20 Capacitor .01uF 250V 20% Radial12.5000
MKP10-2.2UF-630V-10%WIMA MKP10 Capacitor 2.2UF 630V 10%08.4500
MKP2-.1MF-100V-10WIMA MKP2 Capacitor 0.1MFD 100V 10% Radial00.8400
MKS4-2.2M-250V-10%WIMA MKS4 Capacitor 2.2uF 250V Radial03.3000
MKS20/.047M/63VWIMA MKS20 Capacitor 0.047uF 63V Radial880.3400
MKP10-2.2UF-400V-10%WIMA MKP10 CAPACITOR 2.2UF 400V 10% RAD 37.5MM SPACING07.3000
FKS2-1000P-100V-10%WIMA FKS2-1000P-100V-10% CAPACITOR 1000pF 10% 100V00.3600
MKP10-0.22U-630V-20%WIMA MKP10 Capacitor 0.22U630V20% CAP 0.22UF 20% 630V 27. 5MM LEAD SPACING02.2000
FKP1-150PF-1600V-5%Wima PolypropyleneCapacitor 150PF 1600V Radial00.7000
MKS4.47M630VWIMA MKS4.47M630V Poly Film Capacitor 0.47uF (470nF) 630V 20% Radial3,2001.5000
FKP2-1500/100/2.5WIMA FKP2-1500/100/2.5 PolypropyleneFilm Capacitor 1500pF 100V 2.5% Radial5300.3800
FKP1-2200PF-1250V-10WIMA FKP1 Capacitor 2200PF 1250V 10% Radial230.9000
MP3-X2-0.1-250-20WIMA MP3-X2-0.1-250-20% Capacitor 0.1uF 250V 20%521.2000
FKP1-1500-1250-5%WIMA FKP1-1500P-1250-5% Capacitor 1500pF 1250V 5% Radial350.9600
FKP2-390-100-2.5WIMA Capacitor FKP2/390/100/2.5% CAP 390uF 100V 2.5%00.6300
FKP2-2200PF-100VWIMA FKP2 CAPACITOR 2200pF 100V Radial00.6000
MKS4.47M63020-WIMA MKS4 CAPACITOR .47M 630V 20% Radial01.5000
FKP1-10NF-5%-630VWIMA FKP1-10NF-5%-630V Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.01uF 5% 630V Radial1,1700.9800
MKP10-1.0MF-400V-10%WIMA MKP10 CAPACITOR 1.0MF 400V 10% 37.5mm PITCH695.0000
FKS2-1000P-100V-10WIMA FKS2-1000P-100V-10% Capacitor 1000pF 10% 100V Leaded00.3600
MKS2-.01-100-10%WIMA MKS2 Film Capacitor .01uF 100V 10% Radial00.2500
FKP2-2200PF-100V-2.5FKP2-2200/100/2.5 WIMA Film Capacitor 2200pF 100V 2.5% Radial00.2900
MKP2-.1MF-100V-10%WIMA MKP2 Capacitor 0.1uF 100V 10% Radial120.8400
MKS2-.047/63/5AWIMA Film Capacitor 0.047uF 63V 5% Radial00.5000
MKP10-2.2MF-400V-5%WIMA MKP10 Capacitor 2.2MF 400V 5% 37.5mm732.1000
MKS4-1M-63V-10%WIMA MKS4 Capacitor 1MF 63V 10% 10MM00.9000
FKP3-1000PF-630V-5%WIMA FKP3-1000PF-630V-5% Polypropylene Film Capacitor 1000pF 630V 5% Disc7000.2500
FKP3-100PF-630V-5%WIMA FKP3-100PF-630V-5% Polypropylene Film Capacitor 100pF 630V 5% Radial8000.4000
MKC2-0.1MF-63V-10%Wima MKC2 Capacitor 0.1uF 63V 10% Radial700.9000
FKP02-1500-100V-2.5%WIMA Film Capacitors 100V 1500pF 2.5% Radial30.5000
MKP10-1.5MF-400V-10%WIMA MKP10 Capacitor 1.5MF 400V 10% Disc06.0000
MKS4-0.022MF-630V-10WIMA MKS4-0.022MF-630V-10 Polyester Film Capacitor 0.022uF (22nF) 630V 10% Radial1000.3200
MP3-X2-0.1-250/20WIMA MP3-X2-0.1-250-20% Capacitor 0.1uF 250V 20%01.2000
C1139Wima MKS2 Capacitor 0.22 uF 50V 10%00.5900
MKS4-0.022MF-630V-10.WIMA MKS4 Capacitor 0.022MF 630V 10% Radial01.4000
MKP10-.1MF-400V-10%WIMA MKP10 CAPACITOR 0.1 uF MFD 400V 10%00.9000
MKP10-.47MF-2000V-5%WIMA MKP10 Capacitors 0.47uF 2000V Radial06.0000
MKP101.0MF400V-10%MKP10-1.0MF400V-10% WIMA MKP10 Capacitor 1.0uF 10% 250VAC Radial154.0000
MKS4-0.22MF-2000V-10WIMA MKS4-0.22MF-2000V-10 (PET) Film Capacitor 0.22uF 2000V 10% Radial5002.5000
MKS4-0.22MF-2000V-10.MKS4/0.22/2000/10 WIMA MKS4 Capacitors 0.22uF 2000V 10% Radial08.5000
MP3-.22M-275V-20%WIMA MP3-.22M-275VAC-20% CAPACITOR 0.22uF 257V 20%33.2000
MKI2-.22MF-63V-20%WIMA MKI2 Capacitor 0.22MF 63V 20% LEAD200.3100
MKS4-1M-63V-10WIMA MKS4 Capacitor 1MF 63V 10% Radial00.9000
MKP10-.01-400-10%MKP10/.01/400/10 WIMA Capacitor .01uF 400V 10% Radial00.4500
MKP2-.1-63-10%Wima MKP2 Capacitor 0.1uF 63V 10% Radial 5mm640.5000
MKP10-0.1MF-1600V-10WIMA MKP10 CAPACITOR 0.1MF 1600V 10% 27.5mm42.0000
MP3/Y2/1KPF/250V/20WIMA MP3-Y2 Film Capacitor 1000pF 250VAC 20% Radial4451.1000
FKP2220632.5WIMA FKP2 CAPACITOR 220PF 63V 2.5 % Radial00.1500
FKC2-4700PF-100V-5%Wima Film Capacitor 4700pF 100V 5% Radial10.0000
FKM2-.0033/100/5WIMA FKM2-.0033/100/5 Film Capacitor 0.0033uF (3300pF) 5% 100V Radial1,6420.2500
FKM2-3300/100/5WIMA FKM2-3300/100/5 Film Capacitor 3300pF (3.3nF) 100V 5% Radial4460.2500
FKP1-330-2000-5WIMA FKP1-330-2000-5 Polypropylene Film Capacitor 330pF 2000V 5% Radial3,0000.6000
FKP1/1000/1600V/10%WIMA FKP1/1000/1600V/10% Polypropylene Film Capacitor 1000pF 1.6kV 10% Radial1,5000.9000
FKP1/1000P/1600/5WIMA FKP1/1000P/1600/5 Polypropylene Capacitor 1000pF 1600V 5% Radial4000.5000
FKP2/470/100/2.5Wima FKP2 Capacitor 470pF 100V 2.5%1700.2500
FKP2/680/250/2.5WIMA FKP2 Capacitor 680pF 250V 2.5% PCM52920.4000
FKP2\220\63\2.5WIMA FKP2\220\63\2.5 Polypropylene Film Capacitor 220pF 63VDC 2.5% Radial1,2000.6000
FKS2-0.01/5/100VDCTRWIMA FKS2 0.01/5/100VDC Film Capacitor 10nF 100V 5% Radial00.0000
MKP10-6800/1000V/10%WIMA MKP10-6800/1000V/10% Capacitors 6800pF (6.8nF) 1000V 10% Radial200.7100
MKP10\.01\400\10WIMA MKP10\.01\400\10 Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.01uF (10nF) 400V 10% Radial5960.2300
MKP4-0.1UF-400V-5%WIMA MKP4 Capacitor 0.1uF 400V 5% Radial2500.5000
MKP4-2.2UF-630V-10%WIMA MKP4-2.2UF-630V-10% Capacitor 2.2uF 630V 10% Radial1508.0000
MKS2-0.01-5-100WIMA MKS2-0.01-5-100 Polyester Film Capacitor 0.01uF (10nF) 100V 5% Radial270.3200
MKS2-0.1UF-63V-5%WIMA MKS2-0.1UF-63V-5% Polyester Film Capacitor 0.1uF (100nF) 5% 63V Radial4670.4500
MKS2-1.5UF-100V-10%WIMA MKS2-1.5UF-100V-10% Polyester Film Capacitor 1.5uF 100V 10% Radial3000.5500
MKS2G023301E00JSSDMKS2G023301E00JSSD WIMA Film Capacitors MKS 2 0.033 uF 400 VDC50.0000
MKS2\.01\100\10WIMA MKS2\.01\100\10 Polyester Film Capacitor 0.01uF 100V 10% Radial1610.3300
MKS4/2.2/250/10WIMA MKS4/2.2/250/10 Polyester Film Capacitor 2.2uF 250V 10% Radial5901.9900
MKS4\1\250\10WIMA MKS4 Film Capacitor 1uF 250V 10% Radial440.9900
MPX3X2-0.1-20-250-15WIMA MPX3X2 Safety Film Capacitor 0.1uF 20% 250VAC Radial301.5000
C1297Wima Capacitors FKP2 220PF 100V 5% Radial00.2400
FKP1-0.015U-1250V-5%WIMA FKP1-.015/1250V/5 Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.015uF 1250V 5% Radial Through Hole00.8500
MKS02/.1/63/10WIMA MKS02 CAPACITOR 0.1uF 63V 10%1000.2400
FKP1/330/1600/10Wima FKP1 Capacitor 330pF 1600V 10% Polypropylene540.6500
MKP10-.1M-1KV-10%WIMA MKP10 Capacitor 0.1MF 1KV 10% Radial03.0000
MKS2-68NF/63V/10%Wima Capacitor 68nF 63V 10% MKS2 SERIES RADIAL00.4000
MKS2/.22/50/10Wima Capacitor 0.22uF 50V 10% MKS2 RADIAL Metallized Polyster910.2200
MKS20.02210010PCM5WIMA MKS20.02210010PCM5 Polyester Film Capacitor 0.022uf 100V 10% Radial2,4940.4800
MKS4/.047/630/20WIMA MKS4/.047/630/20 Polyester Film Capacitor 0.047uF 630V 20% Radial2,8460.6000
MKS4/.22/1000/20MKS4/.22/1000/20 WIMA MKS4 Capacitor 0.22uF 1000VDC 20% Radial431.9000
MKS2 .022uf 100vWIMA MKS2 Capacitor 0.022uf 100V 10% PCM 5MM00.2000
FKP02/2200/100/5WIMA FKP02 2.2nF Polypropylene Film Capacitor 100 VDC, 63 VAC 5%, Through Hole01.0680
MKP2F032201K00JSSDMKP2F032201K00JSSD WIMA Film Capacitors 250V .22uF 5%01.6400
FKS2D016801A00KSSDWIMA FKS2D016801A00KSSD Capacitor FILM, 6800PF 100V, RADIAL00.2650
SMDTC04100TA00KQ00WIMA SMDTC04100TA00KQ00 Capacitor 1uF 63V, SMD01.4700
SMDTC03220TA00KQ00WIMA SMDTC03220TA00KQ00 Capacitor 220NF 63V SMD01.1800
SnubberMKPWIMA Snubber MKP Capacitors00.0000
wima-dclink-capacitorsWima DC-Link Intermediate Circuit Capacitors00.0000
FKP10.22/1250/5%WIMA CAPACITOR 0.22UF 5% 1.25KV Radial00.0000
MKS2C033301C00KSSDMKS2C033301C00KSSD WIMA PET Film Capacitors 63V 0.33uF 10% Radial00.4800
SMDTF03100VA00MS00SMDTF03100VA00MS00 WIMA CAPACITOR FILM 0.1UF 250V 20%00.0000
SMDTC03220TA00KS00SMDTC03220TA00KS00 WIMA PET Film Capacitors 0.22 uF 63V 10% Radial00.6900
MKS02/.1UF/63V/5%WIMA MKS02/.1UF/63V/5% Polyester Film Capacitor 0.1uF (100nF) 63V 5% 2.5mm Lead Spacing70.5500
FKP1-1000P-1250V-20%WIMA FKP1-1000P-1250V-20% CAPACITOR 1000PF 20% 1250V Radial00.0000
FKP2-390-100-2.5%WIMA FKP2/390/100/2.5% Polypropylene Film Capacitor 390pF 100V 2.5% Radial5710.5000
MKS02-0.1/10/63/2.5PMKS0C031000C00KSSD WIMA CAPACITOR MKS2 0.1uF 63V 10% Radial00.4590
MKS4-2.2M-250V-10WIMA MKS4 Capacitor 2.2MF 250V 10%03.3000
FKP3-100PF-630V-10%WIMA FKP3-100PF-630V-10% CAPACITOR 100pF 630V 10% Radial00.3000
FKP3-4700PF-400V-10%WIMA FKP3-4700PF-400V-10% CAPACITOR 4700pF 10% Radial00.5400
C1258Wima FKP2 Capacitors 470P 100V 2.5%00.3200
C1184Wima FKP2 Capacitor 1000PFD 100V Radial00.3500
FKP2-1500/100-2.5Wima Fkp2-1500/100/2.5 Capacitor 1500pF 100V 2.5%00.4800
MKP10-3.3M-630V-10%WIMA MKP10 CAPACITOR 3.3MF 630/400V 10%09.5000
MKS2-0.22/63/5%WIMA MKS2 Capacitors 0.22 UF 63V 5% Radial00.3300
MKP1G034705G00KSSDMKP1G034705G00KSSD Wima Capacitor 0.47uF 400 Volts 10% Radial01.9800
MKP1J034706B00JSSDMKP1J034706B00JSSD Wima Film Capacitors 630V .47uF 5% Radial02.0100
MKP4F042205I00JSSDMKP4F042205I00JSSD Wima Film Capacitors 2uF 250 Volts 5% Disc02.4900
SMDIC03220TB00KQ00SMDIC03220TB00KQ00 WIMA CAPACITOR 0.22UF 63V 10 % SMD 28247500.0000
SMDIF03100VA00MR00SMDIF03100VA00MR00 WIMA Film Capacitor 0.1F 250 VDC SMD00.0000
FKP2D001001D00JSSDFKP2D001001D00JSSD WIMA Film Capacitor 100pF 100V 5% Leaded00.3200
FKP2D003301D00ESSDFKP2D003301D00ESSD Wima Film Capacitor 330pF 100V 1% Radial00.0000
FKP2D011001D00ESSDFKP2D011001D00ESSD WIMA Film Capacitor 1000pF 100V 1% Radial03.5000
FKP2D012201D00HSSDFKP2D012201D00HSSD Wima Film Capacitor 2200pF 100V 2.5% Radial00.0000
FKP2D012201D00ESSDFKP2D012201D00ESSD Wima Capacitor Film 0.0022uF 100V 1% Radial00.0000
GTOMI06100GF00KS00GTOMI06100GF00KS00 WIMA Capacitor 100uF 600V 10 % Radial380.0000
MKP2-.1MF-160V-5WIMA MKP Capacitor 0.1MFD 160V 5% Radial .6 LS00.5600
MKS4J022202D00KSSDMKS4J022202D00KSSD Wima Film Capacitor 0.022uF 630V PET Radial00.2800
MKP1T033306I00KSSDMKP1T033306I00KSSD Wima Capacitor 0.33uF 1600V Radial00.0000