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WTL Crystals / WTL Electronic Technology


WTL Crystals is a Chinese-based manufacturer of crystals, quartz crystals, resonators, oscillators, and more. With the rising popularity of crystal technology, frequency control components are taking a front seat in the world of electronics. Through WTL Crystals’ effective manufacturing techniques, they are a reliable and recognized producer of quality crystal components. IBS Electronics is an authorized distributor of WTL Crystals.

Quartz Crystals

A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit with a vibrating crystal, creating an electrical signal with a precise frequency. They are used in modern electronics circuits as resonators, or high-quality tuned circuits. Crystal oscillators are also largely used in the design of microprocessors and microcontrollers, as they provide the clock signals. They’re also used in temperature sensors and industrial applications, such as computers, modems, telecommunication, instrumentation, phase locked loop systems, and more. Because quartz crystals are economical and cost-effective to manufacture, they’re a highly attractive electronic component.

Quality Frequency Components

As an ISO certified and authorized distributor of WTL Crystals, IBS Electronics is committed to providing top crystal oscillators for your application. We operate a global sourcing network with offices in the USA, Asia, and Europe. With the lowest prices on the market for crystal oscillators, electronic components, and other crystal oscillators, we are your one-stop distributor for all your production needs. Do you have a project that requires unique specifications? We can work with design engineers to produce a custom solution for you. Contact us today.

Product Line

WTL is a Manufacturer with main products: Crystals, Quartz Crystals, Resonator, Oscillator. WTL offers quartz crystals, filters, resonators, oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, and SAW device.

HC49 series (HC49U/HC49S/HC49SMD, 49SMD 4pads)
SMD crystal 4 pads (7*5mm, 6*3.5mm, 5*3.2mm, 4*2.5mm, 3.2*2.5mm, 2.5*2.0mm,2.0*1.6mm)
SMD crystal 2 pads ( 8*4.5mm, 7*5mm, 6*3.5mm, 5*3.2mm,3.2*2.5mm)
Watch crystal / cylinder crystal/ tuning fork(2*6mm,3*8mm,2*6mm frog type. SMD3.8*8.0mm, 6.9*1.4mm, 4*1.5mm, 3.2*1.5mm,4.9*1.8mm, 2.0*1.2mm )
UM1.UM5. UM1+ Jacket, UM5 + Jacket
MCF filter
Oscillator(full/half size,7*5mm,5*3.2mm,3.2*2.5mm,2.5*2.0mm)
TCXO,VCXO (7*5mm,5*3.2mm,3.2*2.5mm)
Ceramic resonator & filter(ZTT,ZTA,ZTB,CRB)
SAW DEVICE(TO39,F11,QCC8C,SM2,5*3.5mm3.8*3.8mm,3*3mm)
Voltage Controlled Crystal Oacillators(CMOS Output)(5.0*3.2*1.2mm,7.0*5.0*1.6mm)
Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators( 2.5*2.0*0.75mm, 3.2*2.5*0.9mm, 5.0*3.2*1.15mm,5.0*3.2*1.55mm, 7.0*5.0*1.85mm)
Crystal Oscillators(PECL/LVDS/HCSL Output)( 5.0*3.2*1.2mm,7.0*5.0*1.5mm,7.0*5.0*1.6mm)
Crystal Oscillator(CMOS Output)( 2.5*2.0*.9mm, 3.2*2.5*1.05mm, 5.0*3.2*1.2mm, 7.0*5.0*1.4mm)
Programmable Crystal Oscillators(2.5*2.0*0.9mm,3.2*2.5*1.05mm)
Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator(PECL/LVDS Output)(5.0*3.2*1.2mm,7.0*5.0*1.6mm)
Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators(14.3*9.3*6.0mm,20.6*20.6*11.0mm,25.4*22.1*11.0mm,25.4*25.4*12.7mm,36.3*27.2*12.7mm)


Computer & accessories: notebook, wireless mouse,mainboard.
Cosumer products such as home applicance, such as TV,radio.
Communication: telephone, mobile phone,walkie-talkie, Iphone
Wireless : WIFI, WLAN, bluetooth, GPS
Tranportation: Car, car audio, car accessories, ABS system, card sytem
Hospital: machines
Industrial, meters, airlines.





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