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AVX Capacitors Couplers Circuit Breakers – Passive Components

AVX Capacitors Couplers Circuit Breakers - Passive Parts and Components IBS Electronics Global Electronics parts and components DistributorAVX, a recognized leader in the global passive electronic component and interconnect products industry, is at the forefront of technology, design, manufacturing and supply.

AVX enjoys significant competitive advantages including the benefit of global manufacturing and distribution provided by 20 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries. AVX is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of passive electronic component, Capacitors, Connectors, Couplers, Inductors, Filters, Resistive Products, Piezoelectric Acoustic Generators, Integrated Passive Components, and Timing Devices

AVX enjoys significant competitive advantages including the benefit of having research, manufacturing, and customer support facilities in 15 countries around the world. This assures customers of the most efficient balance of delivery and production capability in response to their just-in-time inventory requirements. With major research and development centers in five locations around the world, AVX has fostered customer relationships involving the design and technology for new and advanced products to fulfill their special end product requirements.

With research and development centers in five locations around the world (United States, Northern Ireland, England, France and Israel), AVX has fostered customer relationships involving the design and technology for new and advanced products to fulfill their special product requirements.

AVX Corporation is a global manufacturer of passive electronic components. The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange but is majority-owned by Japanese electronics giant Kyocera Corporation. AVX products include ceramic and tantalum capacitors, film capacitors, varistors, and nonlinear resistors. (Capacitors temporarily store electrical energy and are a vital component in the architecture of electrical or electronic circuits, filtering and conditioning electronic signals.) Markets served include automotive, consumer, data processing, medical, and telecommunications. AVX operates 20 manufacturing facilities located in 11 countries and maintains five research and development centers. In addition, AVX sells and distributes some of the electronic connectors manufactured by its corporate parent.


  • Capacitors
  • Circuit Protection
  • Connectors
  • Couplers
  • Filters
  • Inductors
  • Integrated Passive Components
  • Military Products
  • Module Devices
  • Piezoelectric Acoustic Generators
  • Resistive Products
  • Timing Devices
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  • *Cross Reference Guides
  • *SnPb Termination Availability


AVX components can be found in many industry applications where quality and dependable products are required. From Automotive to Renewable Energy and everything in between, AVX has what you need in advanced passive components and interconnect solutions.

  • Resistors of Series K, wound on fiber glass core, have a special internal direct contact to virtually eliminate resistance changes caused by varying, often high temperatures.



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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
M39014/02-1316VAVX M39014/02-1316 Capacitor 0.22uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial401.8000
CWR09KK156KRACWR09KK156KRA AVX Tantalum Capacitor 15uF 25 VDC 10% SMD5025.7700
M39014/01-1501VAVX M39014/01-1501V Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 50V X7R 10% Radial460.7000
06035A102JAT2AAVX 06035A102JAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 50V NP0 5% SMD 06038,0000.1000
06035A101JAT00AVX 06035A101JAT00 Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 50V 5% NP0 SMD 06032,0000.0800
SR211A221JAAAVX SR211A221JAA Capacitor 220pF 100V Radial610.1000
SR655C106KARTR1AVX SR655C106KARTR1 Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - Leaded 50volts 10uF 10% X7R04.0000
LMXS0704M100DTASLMXS0704M100DTAS AVX Inductor 10uH 1A Nonstandard02.0700
581-04025A4.7CAVX 04025A4R7CAT2A Capacitor MLCC 4.7pF 50volts C0G +/-0.25pF SMD 040200.3300
581-0402YD104KAVX 0402YD104KAT2A Capacitors 0.1uF 16volts X5R 10%00.1200
06031A150GAQ2A6031A150GAQ2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 15pF 100V SMD 060300.2300
06033C223KAT2A1AVX 06033C223KAT2A Capacitors 0.022uF 25V X7R 10% 0603 100%00.1000
581-06035A120JAVX 06035A120JAT2A Capacitor 12pF 50V 5%00.1000
06035A221JAT2AAVX 06035A221JAT2A Capacitor 220pF 50V 5% SMD 060300.0900
06035A471KAT2AAVX 06035A471KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 50V C0G 10% SMD 0603 RoHS7000.1000
06035A620GAT2AAVX 06035A620GAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 62pF 50V C0G 2% SMD 06034,0000.1200
06035A680GAT2AAVX 06035A680GAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 68pF 50V 2% C0G SMD 06038,0000.0900
06035A821JAT2A106035A821JAT2A AVX Capacitor MLCC 820pF 50V 5% SMD 060300.1500
06035C100KAT2AAVX 06035C100KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 10pF 50V 10% X7R SMD 06031,0000.1800
08051A101JAT2AAVX 08051A101JAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 100V 5% C0G SMD 08058000.1400
08051A221JAT2AAVX 08051A221JAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 100V 5% 080552,0000.0500
08052A271KAT2AAVX 08052A271KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 270pF 200V 10% C0G SMD 08054,0000.2000
08053C823KAT2AAVX 08053C823KAT2A Ceramic Capacitors 0.082uF 25V 10% X7R SMD 080512,0000.0900
08055A220JAT2AAVX 08055A220JAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 50V 5% NP0 SMD 08053,9700.0850
08055A471KAT2AAVX 08055A471KAT2A Capacitor 470pF 50V SMD 08051500.2200
08055A4R7CAT2AAVX 08055A4R7CAT2A Capacitor 4.7pF 50V, 08051000.2200
08055C393KAT2AAVX 08055C393KAT2A Capacitor 0.039uF 50V SMD 080550.1000
0805YC224KATAVX 0805YC224KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 16V X7R 10% SMD 08054,0000.3000
086210014010800AVX 086210014010800 FFC / FPC Connector SKT 14 POS 0.5mm Solder RA SMD10,0000.2500
10-8483-024-003-025Elco AVX 10-8483-024-003-025 Conector DIN 41612, 10 Position, 2 Row, 2.54 mm1603.9300
12061A101JAT2A AVX 12061A101JAT2A Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC 100pF 100volts C0G 5% SMD 120600.2500
12061A102JAT2AAVX 12061A102JAT2A Capacitor MLCC 1000pF 100volts C0G 5% SMD 120600.3900
12061A221KAT2AAVX 12061A221KAT2A Capacitor MLCC 220pF 100volts C0G 10% SMD 120600.2500
12061C152KAT2AAVX 12061C152KAT2A Capacitor 1500pF 100V X7R 10% SMD 12064,0000.1300
12063A103JAT2A AVX 12063A103JAT2A Capacitor 0.01uF 25V 5% C0G 12062,0000.5500
12063G225ZAT2AAVX 12063G225ZAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 25V Y5V SMD 12063,0000.3800
12065C104JAT2A12065C104JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V X7R 5% SMD 12064,0000.2300
12065C224KAT2AAVX 12065C224KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 12062,0000.2900
12065C473KAT2AAVX 12065C473KAT2A Capacitors MLCC 0.047uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 1206400.2500
12065E104MATMAAVX 12065E104MATMA Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 20% SMD 12064,0000.0900
12067A101JAT2A 12067A101JAT2A AVX Capacitor MLCC 100pF 500V C0G 5% SMD 12062,5790.6000
1206AC101KAT1AAVX 1206AC101KAT1A Ceramic Capacitors MLCC 100pF 1000V 10% X7R SMD 12065,2150.6000
1206YD106KAT2AAVX 1206YD106KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 16 Volts X5R 10% SMD 12062,5000.4000
12101C104KAT2A12101C104KAT2A AVX Capacitor 0.1uF 100V 10% X7R 12103,7190.3500
12103E224ZAT2AAVX 12103E224ZAT2A CAPACITOR 0.22UF 25VDC Z5U -20% TO 80% SMD 121000.2200
1808AC103KAT1A AVX 1808AC103KAT1A Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 1000V X7R 10% SMD 180800.8300
1825AC683KAT3AAVX 1825AC683KAT3A Capacitor MLCC 0.068uF 1000V 10% SMD 1825660.5300
1808AC103KAT 1808AC103KAT1A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 10% 1kV X7R SMD 18081000.7900
12061A102JATAVX 12061A102JATMA Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 100V SMD 120600.1200
12061A221KATAVX 12061A221KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 220PF 100V 10% SMD 120600.1000
08051C103KAT08051C103KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 100V X7R 10% SMD 080558,0000.0900
08055C104KATMAAVX 08055C104KATMA Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 10% SMD 080500.0900
08055C103KAT050RAVX 08055C103KAT050R Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V 10% SMD 08056,0000.1400
08055C103KAAVX 08055C103KATMA/2A Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 080500.1200
08051A330JAT050AVX 08051A330JAT050 Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 50V 5% NPO SMD 08054,0000.0850
08051A151JATMA08051A151JATMA AVX CAPACITOR 150pF 100V NPO 5% SMD CAP-CER 080500.1400
08055A101JATAVX 08055A101JAT Capacitor 100pF 50V 5% 0805 SMD00.1100
12061C103KAT2AAVX 12061C103KAT2A Capacitor .01uF 100V SMD 1206 X7R4,0000.1000
06035A221JAT06035A221JAT AVX Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V NP0 5% SMD 060387,9990.0900
06033C223KAT2AAVX 06033C223KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 25V 10% X7R SMD 06034,0000.0850
08055C152KATAVX 08055C152KAT Ceramic Capacitor 1500pF 50V X7R 10% SMD 080524,0000.0850
08051A270JAT050AVX 08051A270JAT050 Ceramic Capacitor 27pF 50V 5% NP0 SMD 08052,0000.1300
12061A220JATMAAVX 12061A220JATMA Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 100V 5% NP0 SMD 12064,0000.0850
08055A221JATAVX / KYOCERA 08055A221JAT Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V NPO 5% SMD 08053,0000.0900
08051C682KATMAAVX 08051C682KATMA Ceramic Capacitor 6800pF (6.8nF) 100V X7R 10% SMD 08051,0000.0900
0805YG105ZAT9CZAVX 0805YG105ZAT9 Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 16V Y5V SMD 080523,9970.1500
0805ZC225KAT2AAVX 0805ZC225KAT2A Capacitor 2.2uF 10% 10VDC SMD 080500.1800
08055A271JAT08055A271JAT AVX Ceramic Capacitor 270pF 50V NP0 5% SMD 080516,0000.0900
08055C103MAT2AAVX 08055C103MAT2A CAPACITOR .01uF 50V X7R 20% 0805 SMD00.2400
08051C221JAT2A08051C221JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 100V SMD 080500.1000
06035A391GAT2AAVX 06035A391GAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 390pF 50V SMD 060300.1000
1206YC474KATAVX 1206YC474KAT Capacitors 0.47uF 16V X7R 10% SMD 120600.2000
08055A102JATAVX / KYOCERA 08055A102JAT2A CAPACITOR 1000pF 50V NPO 5% 0805 SMD CERAMIC00.2700
08053C104MAT2A08053C104MAT2A AVX MLCC Capacitor 0.1uF 25V X7R SMD 080500.0800
PBRC-4.00BAVX / Kyocera PBRC-4.00B Resonators 4MHz 0.5%5000.4500
08051A270JATAVX / Kyocera 08051A270JAT Capacitor 27pF 100V NPO 5% SMD 080512,0000.1700
12061A101JATAVX 12061A101JAT CAPACITOR 100PF 100V NPO 5% 1206 SMD CAP-CER 100%TIN00.1800
12061C102KATAVX 12061C102KAT Capacitor 1000pF 100V X7R 10% SMD 120600.1100
1210AC103KAT1AAVX 1210AC103KAT1A Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 1000V X7R 10% SMD 1210 125C T/R00.0000
CDR35BX224AKUSAVX CDR35BX224AKUS Capacitor Ceramic 0.22uF 50V BX 10% SMD 1825 (0.001%FR) 125C00.0000
TPSC107K010R0075TPSC107K010R0075 AVX Capacitor 100 uF 10V 24123,5002.3000
TPSD107M016R0125AVX TPSD107M016R0125 Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 16V 20% SMD 291712,0002.5300
TPSD227K010R0050AVX TPSD227K010R0050 Tantalum Capacitor 220uF 10V 10% SMD 29175004.9900
TANTTPS001DTANTTPS001D AVX KIT Tantalum Capacitor TPS Series00.0000
TAP335K050SCSTAP335K050SCS AVX Capacitor 3.3uF 50VDC 10% 6 X 10mm Radial 2.5 mm20.0000
TANTTAJ001DTANTTAJ001D AVX Tantalum Capacitor Kit 0.33uF - 1000uF 2.5V-50V SMD00.0000
TAJD336M035RNJAVX TAJD336M035RNJ Tantalum Capacitor 33uF 35V 20% SMD 2917 RoHS2,0002.5000
TAJC685K035RAVX TAJC685K035R Tantalum Capacitor 6.8uF 10% 35V SMD 24122,0001.0100
TAJA475K016RNJTAJA475K016RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 4.7uF 16v 10% SMD 12062,0000.5000
TAJA475K010RNJAVX TAJA475K010RNJ Tantalum Capacitor 4.7uF 10VDC 10% 120620,0000.4600
M39014/01-1304AVX M39014/01-1304 Capacitor Ceramic 180pF 200VDC X7R 10%03.0000
CCR05CG101GRAVX CCR05CG101GR Capacitor Ceramic 100pF CG 200V 2 %80.0000
C320C104M5U5CAC320C104M5U5CA Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 20% 50V Z5U Radial00.2000
C1747CD10ED270J03 AVX Mica Capacitor 27pF 5% 500V Radial00.3700
SR212C222KAAAVX SR212C222KAR Capacitor 2200pF 200V 10% X7R Radial1480.3900
TAJC106M025RAVX TAJC106M025R Capacitor 10uF 25VDC 20%1500.0800
SR152A100JAASR152A100JAA AVX Capacitor 10pF 200VDC C0G 5% RDL 2.54mm1950.3000
SA405E474MAAAVX SA405E474MAA Capacitor, Ceramic, 470nF 50V, .5+pf, 20%2000.1200
SR155C682KAAAVX SR155C682KAA Capacitors 6800pF 50V 10% X7 Radial2000.2900
TAJA475K010RAVX TAJA475K010R Tantalum Capacitor 4.7uF 10V 10% SMD 12061,9960.4300
12103E224ZATAVX 12103E224ZAT Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 25V Z5U SMD 12105,0000.2500
CDR32BP102BKWJCDR32BP102BKWJ Capacitor 0.001uF 100VDC C0G 1% SMD3960.4606
CKR22BX104MRAVX CKR22BX104MR Capacitor 0.1MF 50V 20% Radial2000.7000
QX154H0104MAVX QX154H0104M Film Capacitor 0.1uF 250V 20% Radial9800.5500
TAJA154M035RAVX TAJA154M035R Capacitor 0.15uF 35VDC 20% 3.2 X 1.6 X00.2500
TPSE337K006R0100TPSE337K006R0100 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 330uF 6.3V 10% SMD 291736,8003.5000
TAJB335M016RAVX TAJB335M016R Capacitor 3.3uF 16V 20% SMD 3528-2100.1700
08051A331JATAVX 08051A331JAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 30pF 100V SMD 080500.1000
SR215E334MASR215E334MA AVX CAPACITOR 0.33uF 50V Z5U4000.3300
VC080505A150AVX VC080505A150 VARISTOR TVS 5.6VDC 40A SMD 08051900.4500
TAJB106M010RAVX TAJB106M010R Capacitor Tantalum 10uF 10V 20% SMD 12103000.0900
TAAB335M035AVX TAAB335M035 Tantalum Capacitor 3.3uF 35V 20% Axial9000.7500
04025A4R7CAT2AAVX 04025A4R7CAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 4.7pF 50V NP0 SMD 0402 RoHS1,0000.1500
046288050000846+Kyocera 046288050000846+ FPC CONNECTOR ZIF 0.5MM 50 Position RoHS1021.9900
06031A150GAT2AAVX 06031A150GAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 15pF 100V 2% C0G SMD 06034,0000.2200
06035A120JAT2AAVX 06035A120JAT2A CAPACITOR CER 12PF 50V 5% NP0 0603 ROHS1000.0850
06035A150JAT2AAVX 06035A150JAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 15pF 50V 5% NP0 SMD 06031,0000.1900
08051C104KAT2A08051C104KAT2A AVX Capacitor MLCC 0.1uF 10% 100V SMD 08057000.1700
12061C333KATNAVAVX 12061C333KATNAV Ceramic Capacitor 0.033uF (33nF) 100V 10% X7R SMD 120615,0000.2000
12065C224KATAVX 12065C224KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 10% 50V X7R SMD 12062,0000.2000
C1294AVX CK05BX680K Ceramic Capacitor 68pF 200V 10% X7R Radial1,3180.2800
CCR06CG222GRCCR06CG222GR AVX Capacitor 0.0022UF 100VDC C0G 2% Radial510.0000
F951A476MSAAQ2AVX F951A476MSAAQ2 Tantalum Capacitor 47uF 10V 20% SMD 1206311.2000
ML03V11R0AAT2AAVX ML03V11R0AAT2A Capacitor 1.0pF 250VDC SMD 06033,0000.8000
NOJB107M004RWJAVX NOJB107M004RWJ Niobium Oxide Capacitor 100uF 4V 20% SMD 121030.8000
QX274H0105KAVX QX274H0105K Poly Film Capacitor 1uF 250VAC 10% Radial3,9750.7500
08051A151JAT4A08051A151JAT4A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 150pF 100V SMD 080500.0300
CDR32BX103BKWS.AVX CDR32BX103BKWS Capacitor 0.01uF 100VDC X7R 10% SMD 12061000.7500
CDR33BX473AKWS.AVX CDR33BX473AKWS Capacitor 0.047uF 50VDC X7R 10% SMD 12101000.7500
M39014/01-1552M39014/01-1552 Capacitor 0.082uF 50VDC X7R 10% RDL 5.08m321.0000
MD015A102KAAMD015A102KAA AVX Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 0.001uF 50V Radial2000.8000
SR307C104MAAAVX SR307C104MAA Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 500V 20% X7R Radial562.6800
KBR-4KBR-4.00M Kyocera Resonators 4.00MHZ .5%7,2200.4000
MA503E105MAAMA503E105MAA Monolythic Capacitor 1uF 25V 20% Axial1,0000.9300
VC080505A150DPAVX VC080505A150DP Varistor 5.6V 40A 0.1J T/R1,1190.2800
VE17M00421KAVX VE17M00421K Metal Oxide Varistors 420 volts 17mm 10% 1120V-C00.0000
L08058R2DEWL08058R2DEW AVX Fixed Inductor 8.2nH 1.5A SMD 08056,0001.0000
TAP475K050SCSAVX TAP475K050SCS Tantalum Capacitor, Resin Dipped, 4.7uF 50V 10%, Radial Leaded00.2400
VC060303A100DPAVX VC060303A100DP VARISTOR 4V-5V 30A SMD 06031,0000.3500
SA102A470JAAAVX SA102A470JAA Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 200V 5% C0G Axial5,0000.2800
SR215E104MAATAVX SR215E104MAAT Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uf 50V 20% Z5U Radial Lead122,6000.1300
CDR34BX333BKWPAVX CDR34BX333BKWP Capacitor 0.033uF 100VDC X7R 10% SMD 18121250.3800
BF014E0333KAVX BF014E0333K Poly Film Capacitor 0.033uF 100V 10% Radial8000.2500
CK05BX102KAVX CK05BX102K Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 200VDC X7R 10% Radial1,5560.4000
60-9215-001-010-00160-9215-001-010-001 ELCO / AVX Connector Housing RCP 4 POS Crimp ST1000.3800
04023J0R4PBSTR04023J0R4PBSTR AVX CAPACITOR CERAMIC 0.4pF 25V SMD 040200.0000
TAJC107M006RNJTAJC107M006RNJ AVX CAPACITOR 100UF 6.3VDC 20% SMD 6032-2800.0000
TAJA224M035RAVX TAJA224M035R Capacitor 0.22uF 35VDC 20% SMD 120600.4000
SA105C103KAAAVX SA105C103KAA Capacitor 0.01uF 50VDC X7R 10% Axial700.1800
TAJA105K016RTAJA105K016R AVX Tantalum Capacitor 1uF 16V 10% SMD 120618,0001.0000
M39014/02-1338M39014/02-1338 AVX Cap Ceramic 0.01uF 200V X7R 10% Radial 5.08mm (0.001%FR) 125C00.0000
TPSE476K035R0200TPSE476K035R0200 AVX TANT Capacitor 47uF 35V 10% SMD 29179000.0000
VC120648D101RPC120648D101RP AVX Varistor 62V 100A Varistor 1 Circuit Surface Mount, MLCV 1206 (3216 Metric)00.0000
06035A101FAT2A06035A101FAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 100PF 50V SMD 060300.0000
08-6224-020-002-883+KYOCERA 08 6224-020-002-883+ CONNECTOR 1mmPITCH 20POISTION ROHS00.0000
0805ZD226MAT2A0805ZD226MAT2A AVX CAPACITOR CERAMIC 22UF 10V 20% X5R SMD 080500.0000
04025A150JAT2A04025A150JAT2A AVX CAPACITOR CERAMIC 15PF 5% 50V C0G SMD 040200.0000
KC5032A19.2000CM0E00AVX KC5032A19.2000CM0E00 OSCILLATORS 19.2MHZ 5.5VOLTS 5.0X3.2X1.0MM RoHS02.0100
02016D104KAT2A02016D104KAT2A AVX CAPACITOR CER 0.1UF 6.3V 10% X5R 0201 RoHS00.0000
TPME157M016R0040AVX TPME157M016R0040 Tantalum Capacitor 150uF 16V 20% SMD 2917508.6800
TAJA225M016RNJTAJA225M016RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 2.2uF 16V 20% 1206 RoHS00.0000
0603YC103KAT4AAVX 0603YC103KAT4A Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 16V X7R 10% SMD 060315,0000.0850
SR201A681FAAAVX SR201A681FAA Capacitors 100volts 680pF01.6800
24-5087-050-907-829AVX / KYOCERA 24-5087-050-907-829+ Fine Pitch Connector Receptacle 50 Position 0.5mm SMD T/R03.3000
06123C473MAT1U06123C473MAT1U AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 25V SMD 061200.6000
06123C473MAT2A06123C473MAT2A AVX CAPACITOR 0.047UF 25VDC X7R 20% SMD 0612 T/R RoHS00.5000
TAJD107M010RAVX TAJD107M010R Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 10V 20% 29173,5001.5000
M39014/02-1418.MILITARY M39014/02-1418 AVX Capacitor 0.82uF 50VDC X7R 10% RADIAL02.0000
T310B685M035ASAVX T310B685M035AS Tantalum Capacitor 6.8uF 35V 20% Axial3,1960.7500
SR215A332KAAAVX SR215A332KAA Ceramic Capacitor 0.0033uF 50V 10% Radial Disc4,9350.2500
VC040205X150RVC040205X150R AVX MLV Varistor 5.6VDC Surge Current 20A SMD 04028,8800.1500
TAJA224M050RTAJA224M050R AVX Tantalum Capacitor 0.22uF (220nF) 50V 20% SMD 12062,0000.1600
SR201E104MAAAVX SR201E104MAA Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 20% Z5U Radial4,0000.1900
TAJA105M025RAVX TAJA105M025R Tantalum Capacitor 1.0uF 25V 20% SMD 12064,0000.5000
12105E224MATMAAVX 12105E224MAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V Z5U 20% SMD 12104,0000.4800
TAJB684M035RTAJB684M035R AVX Tantalum Capacitor 0.68uF 35V 20% SMD 121018,0000.4500
TAJA685M016AVX TAJA685M016R Tantalum Capacitor 6.8uF 16VDC 20% SMD 12064,0000.6000
TAJA685M010RTXTAJA685M010R AVX Tantalum Capacitor 6.8uF 10VDC 20% SMD 12066,0000.4000
TAJB685M006RTAJB685M006R AVX Tantalum Capacitor 6.8uF 6.3V 20% SMD 12106,0000.6000
TAJB685M010RTAJB685M010R AVX Tantalum Capacitor 6.8uF 10V 20% SMD 12106,0000.6000
SR201A681KAAAVX SR201A681KAA Ceramic Capacitor 680pF 100V 10% NP0 Radial1,0000.2600
TAP105M035AVX TAP105M035SCS Tantalum Capacitor 1uF 35V 20% Radial9950.4000
TAP225K035SCSAVX TAP225K035SCS Tantalum Capacitor 2.2uF 35V 10% Radial1,0000.4600
SR155E103AVX SR155E103MAA Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF (10nF) 50V 20% Z5U Radial5,3750.2500
TAJC107K006AVX TAJC107K006R Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 6.3V 10% SMD 24123,0001.0600
SR215C224KAAAVX SR215C224KAA Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V 10% X7R Radial12,0000.2400
TAJB106M016RAVX TAJB106M016R Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 16V 20% SMD 12102,0000.1500
TAJC685M020AVX TAJC685M020R Tantalum Capacitor 6.8uF 20VDC 20% SMD 241212,0000.8900
VC080503A100DPAVX VC080503A100DP Multilayer Ceramic Varistor 12V 40A 0.1J SMD 08059000.3800
TPSA106K006R1500AVX TPSA106K006R1500 Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 6.3V 10% SMD 12061,6900.4500
TPSE686K020RAVX TPSE686K020R0150 Tantalum Capacitor 68uF 20V 10% SMD 29171,6004.9900
0402YD104KAT2AAVX 0402YD104KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16VDC X5R 10% SMD 04021,5250.0750
TAJE227M016RAVX TAJE227M016R Tantalum Capacitor 220uF 16V 20% SMD 29171,4531.0000
SA105A102KAAAVX SA105A102KAA Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 50V 10% C0G Axial1,2500.2400
TPSV157K020R0080AVX TPSV157K020R0080 Tantalum Capacitor 150uF 20V 10% SMD 292407.9400
BF014D0682JAVX / SGS-THOMSON BF014D0682J Film Capacitor 0.0068uF (6.8nF) 63V 5% Radial10,9300.1800
W3A45C102MAT2AW3A45C102MAT2A AVX Capacitor Array & Network 50V 1000pF 20% SMD 06121,1080.4600
TPSD157M016R0150AVX TPSD157M016R0150 Tantalum Capacitor 150uF 16V 20% SMD 29171,0005.8900
TLJB157M010R0500AVX TLJB157M010R0500 Capacitor Tant Solid 150uF 10V B CASE 20%00.0000
06033C223JAT2A06033C223JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor CER 0.022UF 25V SMD 060300.1000
TPSD157K016R0150TPSD157K016R0150 AVX Capacitor 150uF 16V 10% SMD 291700.0000
04025U4R7BAT2A04025U4R7BAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 4.7PF 50V SMD 040200.1000
04025U5R6BAT2A04025U5R6BAT2A AVX CAPACITOR CER 5.6PF 50V NP0 0402 RoHS00.1000
04025U3R6BAT2A04025U3R6BAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 3.6pF 50V SMD 040200.1000
TAJE156K050RNJTAJE156K050RNJ AVX TANT Capacitor 15uF 50V 10% SMD 29172006.2800
12106D107MAT2A12106D107MAT2A AVX CAPACITOR CER 100UF 6.3V X5R SMD 121001.8500
M39014/01-1513VM39014/01-1513V Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial7640.7000
TAJV107K025RNJTAJV107K025RNJ AVX CAPACITOR TANT 100uF 25V 10% SMD 2924 RoHS02.1900
SR301C104MAAAVX SR301C104MAA Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 20% Radial5760.4500
TPSA106K010R0900AVX TPSA106K010R0900 Capacitor TANT 10uF 10V 10% SMD 120600.0000
SR205C104KAASR205C104KAA AVX Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 50V 0.1uF 10% X7R MLCC Leaded5250.2000
18125C224MAT1A18125C224MAT1A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.22uF 50V X7R 20% SMD 18125000.4000
SA401A562JAAAVX SA401A562JAA Ceramic Capacitor 0.0056uF 100VDC C0G 5% Axial5000.8200
TAJD107K016RAVX TAJD107K016R Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 16V 10% SMD 29175001.3000
08051A471JAT2AAVX 08051A471JAT2A CAPACITOR 470PF 5% 100V NP0 0805 RoHS00.3800
TAP335K035SCS120083AVX TAP335K035SCS Tantalum Capacitor 3.3uF 35V 10% Radial4650.5500
TPSE336K035R0100AVX TPSE336K035R0100 CAPACITOR TANT 33UF 35V 10% 2917 RoHS06.5300
04023C103KAT2AAVX Corporation 04023C103KAT2A Capacitor 0.01uF 25V X7R 10% SMD 040200.2400
TAJC475M020AVX TAJC475M020 Tantalum Capacitor 4.7uF 20V 20% SMD 241214,0000.6000
0603YC104KAT2AAVX 0603YC104KAT2A Capacitor 0.1uF 10% 16V X7R 060300.0000
TPSB107K006R0400TPSB107K006R0400 AVX CAPACITOR TANT 100UF 6.3V 10% SMD 1210 RoHS01.0600
TAJA334M035RTAJA334M035R AVX Tantalum Capacitor 0.33uF 35V 20% SMD 120610,0000.1800
CR21124GTAVX CR21124GT Resistor Thick Film 120K Ohm 2% 1/10W SMD 080520,0000.0900
TAJC684M050TAJC684M050R AVX Tantalum Capacitor 0.68uF 50V 20% SMD 231220,0004.2500
TCJE476M035R0055TCJE476M035R0055 AVX CAPACITOR TANT POLY 47UF 35V SMD 2917 RoHS06.4300
046214020000846+Kyocera 046214020000846+ FFC FPC Right Angle Surface Mount Connector 20 Position00.7500
1808CC472KAT1AAVX 1808CC472KAT1A Capacitors MLCC 600V 4700pF 10% X7R00.6070
MR055C104KAAAVX MR055C104KAA CAPACITOR 0.1uF 50VDC X7R 10% RDL 5.082220.1800
046214026000800+046214026000800+ Kyocera/AVX Connector FFC/FPC 26P01.2000
CX3225SB16000D0FLJZZCX3225SB16000D0FLJZZ AVX Crystals 16000kHz 8pF03.1600
M39014/02-1317AVX MILSPEC M39014/02-1317 Capacitor Ceramic 0.27uF 50VDC X7 R 10% Radial03.0000
TPSV227K016RAVX TPSV227K016R0150 Capacitor 220uF 16V 10% SMD 29243760.6500
12065C332KAT2AAVX 12065C332KAT2A Capacitor Ceramic 3300PF 10% 50V X7R SMD 120600.0900
0603YC104KAZ2A0603YC104KAZ2A AVX Capacitor 100nF 16V MLCC 060300.1680
1812GC122KAT1A1812GC122KAT1A AVX Capacitor 1200pF X7R 2KV 10% SMD 181203.3300
CX3225GB12000H0KPSC1CX3225GB12000H0KPSC1 AVX Crystals 12000kHz 12pF SMD 121000.7000
0402YC103KAT2A0402YC103KAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 16V X7R 10% SMD 0402 125C T/R00.1000
NOJA106M006RWJNOJA106M006RWJ AVX Capacitor 10uF, 20% 6.3VDC, SMD 3216-1800.5100
06035C220JAT2A06035C220JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 22PF 50V SMD 060300.1100
709296001002006709296001002006 AVX Contact SKT Solder ST SMD00.2200
0603YC105KAT2A0603YC105KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 1.0UF 16V 10% SMD 0603500.0000
SR205E104MARSR205E104MAR AVX Capacitor Ceramic, .10uF 50V, 20%, Z5U Radial00.2778
W2F11A1018AT1FW2F11A1018AT1F AVX Capacitor Ceramic 100pF 100V C0G -20% to 50% SMD 080500.2700
SR301E105MAASR301E105MAA Capacitor 1uF 100VDC Z5U 20% RDL 5.08mm980.3900
TAJE337K010RNJTAJE337K010RNJ AVX Capacitor Tant Solid 330uF 10V SMD 7343-4300.0000
TPSD107M010R0065TPSD107M010R0065 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 10V 20% SMD 291702.7400
TPSE477M010R0100TPSE477M010R0100 AVX Capacitor, Tantalum 470 uF 20% 10VDC04.5000
06033C473JAT2A06033C473JAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.047uF 25VDC 5% SMD 060300.0090
TPSC476M016R0350TPSC476M016R0350 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 47uF 16V 20% SMD 6032-2800.0000
TAJA106K016RNJTAJA106K016RNJ AVX Capacitor TANT 10UF 16V 10% SMD 120600.0000
TAJA474K025RNJTAJA474K025RNJ AVX Capacitor 0.47uF 25V 10% 120600.0000
TPCR226K010R1500TPCR226K010R1500 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 10V 10% SMD 080502.8000
TPSR105K025R2500TPSR105K025R2500 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 1uF 25V 10% SMD 080501.1300
F911A107MCCF911A107MCC AVX Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 10V smd 231201.8200
06035C222JAT2A06035C222JAT2A AVX Capacitor 2200PF 50V X7R SMD 060300.0350
08051C474K4T2A08051C474K4T2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.47uF 100V X7R 10% SMD 080500.4500
PARS433.92K04RPARS433.92K04R AVX Resonator 433.92MHZ SMD00.0000
TAJE157K020RNJTAJE157K020RNJ AVX Tant Capacitor Solid 150uF 20V E CASE 10%03.2400
VC060330A650RPVC060330A650RP AVX Ceramic Varistor 30V 125 pF SMD 060300.2900
F931E336MNCF931E336MNC AVX Tantalum Capacitor 33uF 25V SMD 734301.3800
1825AA332JAT1A1825AA332JAT1A AVX Capacitor 3300PF 1000V NP0 1825 RoHS00.0000
VC060330A650DPVC060330A650DP AVX Ceramic Varistor 30V 125 pF SMD 060300.2900
12061A221JATAVX 12061A221JAT2A Capacitor CERM 220PF 5% 100V NP0 12000.1000
TAJC336M020RNJTAJC336M020RNJ AVX Capacitor 33UF 20V 20% 231201.5000
06035A201FAT2A06035A201FAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 200pF 50V C0G 1% SMD 060300.4800
06035A221FAT2A06035A221FAT2A AVX Capacitor MLCC 220pF 50V C0G 1% SMD 060300.0000
06035A470FAT2A06035A470FAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 47pF 50V C0G 1% SMD 060300.1000
06035A471FAT2A06035A471FAT2A AVX Capacitor MLCC 470pF 50V C0G 1% SMD 060300.0000
06035U110FAT2A06035U110FAT2A AVX Capacitor 11pF 50V C0G 1% SMD 060300.0000
06035C122KAT2A06035C122KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 1.2nF 50V 10 % SMD 060300.0000
TAJA475M020RNJTAJA475M020RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 4.7uF 20V 20% SMD 120600.6000
08052C221KAT2A08052C221KAT2A AVX Capacitor MLCC Ceramic 220pF 200V X7R 10% SMD 080500.3000
12105C475K4T2A12105C475K4T2A AVX Capacitor MLCC 4.7uF 50V X7R SMD 121000.0000
ST3215SB32768H5HPWAAST3215SB32768H5HPWAA AVX Crystal 0.032768MHz 2-CSMD00.0000
06035A220JAT2AAVX 06035A220JAT2A Capacitor 22pF 50V SM CAP-CER 0603 NPO 5%00.0000
0603ZC224KAT2A0603ZC224KAT2A AVX MLCC Capacitor 0.22uF 10V X7R 10% SMD 060300.0000
M39014/22-0794M39014/22-0794 AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 50V X7R 10% Radial04.5000
TAP105K035SRWTAP105K035SRW AVX Tant Capacitor 1uF 35V 10% Radial00.6000
12065C475K4Z2A12065C475K4Z2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 50V 10% SMD 120600.0000
TCJB157M006R0045TCJB157M006R0045 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 150uF 6.3V 20% SMD 121000.8700
TPSC226K010R0300TPSC226K010R0300 TANT Capacitor 22UF 10V 10% SMD 231202.5000
0805YD475KAT2A0805YD475KAT2A AVX Capacitor 4.7uF 16V 10% X5R 080500.0000
18121C104KAT2A18121C104KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 100V SMD 181200.0000
TPSE227M010RAVX TPSE227M010R Capacitor 220uF 10V 20% 281600.0000
TPSE227M010R0100TPSE227M010R0100 AVX Capacitor Tant Solid 220uF 10V SMD 291700.0000
06035C104KAT2A06035C104KAT2A AVX Capacitor .10uF 50V X7R 10% 060300.0000
12105C105KAT2A12105C105KAT2A AVX MLCC Capacitor 1uF 50V SMD 121000.0000
06035C103KAT2A06035C103KAT2A AVX MLCC Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
06035C102KAT2A06035C102KAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.001uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 060300.0000
08051C272KAT2A08051C272KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 2700pF 100V SMD 080500.0000
06033C105KAT2A06033C105KAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 1uF 25V X7R 10% Pad SMD 060300.0000
06033C104KAT2A06033C104KAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 25V X7R 10% SMD 060300.0000
08055C104KAT2AAVX 08055C104KAT2A Capacitor 0.1uF 10% 50V X7R 080500.0000
TPSD337M006R0100TPSD337M006R0100 AVX Capacitor Tant Solid 330uF 6.3V SMD 7343-3100.0000
TAJB107K006RNJTAJB107K006RNJ AVX Capacitor Tant Solid 100uF 6.3V SMD 3528-2100.5000
006208-506110000+006208506110000 AVX FFC, FPC Connector 6 Contacts, Vertical, 1 Sided 0.039"00.0000
TAJA105M016RNJTAJA105M016RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 1uF 16VDC SMD 321600.0000
046254020000800+046254020000800+ AVX FFC/FPC Connector Socket 20 POS 0.5mm31,6300.0000
SR155C103KARTR1SR155C103KARTR1 AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 50V X7R 10% Radial00.0000
F981A225MUAF981A225MUA AVX Tantalum Capacitor 2.2uF 10V SMD 040200.8100
04025A101JAT2A04025A101JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 100PF 5% 50V SMD 040200.0000
08053C105KAZ2A08053C105KAZ2A AVX Capacitor 1uF 25V 10% SMD 080500.0000
TPSA106M010R1800TPSA106M010R1800 AVX Tant Capacitor 10uF 10V 20% SMD 3216-1800.0000
06035C223J4T2A06035C223J4T2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
06035C681K4T2A06035C681K4T2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 680pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
08055C104JAT2A08055C104JAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 50V SMD 080500.0000
12065C104KAT2A12065C104KAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 50V SMD 120600.0000
TAJA106K010RNJTAJA106K010RNJ AVX Capacitor Tant Solid 10uF 10V SMD 3216-1800.0000
TPSE686K025R0125TPSE686K025R0125 AVX Tant Capacitor 68uF 25V SMD 7343-4300.0000
06035C102JAT2A06035C102JAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.001uF 50V SMD 06034000.0000
04025U1R1BAT2A04025U1R1BAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 1.1pF 50V SMD 040230,0000.0000
TAJA474K035RNJTAJA474K035RNJ AVX Tant Capacitor 0.47uF 35V SMD 3216-1800.0000
08055A471JAT2A08055A471JAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 470pF 50V SMD 080500.0000
06035A470JAT2A06035A470JAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 47pF 50V 5% SMD 060300.0000
08055A330JAT2A08055A330JAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 33pF 50V SMD 080500.0000
009296002202906009296002202906 AVX Connector 2 Position 18-26AWG Vertical00.0000
08055A150JAT2A08055A150JAT2A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 15pF 50V SMD 080500.1080
08055A221K4T2A08055A221K4T2A AVX Capacitor 220pF 50V SMD 080500.0000
04025C103KAT2A04025C103KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 040200.0000
0603ZD106MAT2A0603ZD106MAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10V SMD 060300.0000
TAJA474M035RNJTAJA474M035RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 0.47uF 35V SMD 120600.0000
12067C222KAT2A12067C222KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 2200pF 500V SMD 120600.0000
F930J337MNCF930J337MNC AVX Capacitor Tant Solid 330uF 6.3V SMD 734300.0000
06035C471KAT2A06035C471KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
08052A221JAT2A08052A221JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 200V SMD 080500.0000
0603YC104K4T2A0603YC104K4T2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16V SMD 060300.0000
SA105C104KARSA105C104KAR AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V Axial00.0000
TPSB106M016R0800TPSB106M016R0800 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 16V SMD 3528-2100.0000
ESD35C683K4T2A-22ESD35C683K4T2A-22 AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.068uF 50V 06031,0000.0000
08051C474KAT2A08051C474KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 47nF 100V SMD 08055000.0000
08055A101JAT2A08055A101JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 100PF 50V SMD 080500.0000
0603YC104K4T4A0603YC104K4T4A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 100nF 16V 10% SMD 060300.0000
1808GC102KAT1A1808GC102KAT1A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 2000V SMD 180800.0000
06035A270JAT2A06035A270JAT2A AVX Capacitor MLCC 27pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
CKR05BX104KRCKR05BX104KR AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 50V Radial00.0000
06035A391JAT2A06035A391JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 390pF 50V 5% SMD 060300.0000
04025C471JAT2A04025C471JAT2A AVX Capacitor 470PF 50V 5% X7R SMD 040200.0000
086212010340800+086212010340800+ AVX FFC/FPC Connector 10 POS 0.5mm00.0000
TAP686K025CRWTAP686K025CRW AVX Capacitor Tant Solid 68uF 25V Radial00.0000
KC2520C40.0000C2LE00KC2520C40.0000C2LE00 Kyocera Oscillator 40MHz 2.5V-3.3V 4-SMD00.0000
04026D474KAT2A04026D474KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 6.3V SMD 040200.0000
08055C102KAT2A08055C102KAT2A AVX Capacitor 1000PF 10% 50V X7R 080500.0000
W3A4YC104MAT2AW3A4YC104MAT2A AVX Capacitor Array 0.1uF 16V SMD 061200.0000
1206YD226KAT2A1206YD226KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 16V SMD 120600.0000
06035A220J4T2A06035A220J4T2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
TAJA225K035RNJTAJA225K035RNJ AVX Tant Capacitor 2.2uF 35V SMD 120600.0000
SR215C104KARTR1SR215C104KARTR1 AVX Capacitor MLCC 50volts 0.1uF 10% X7R Radial00.0000
12067C272KAT2A12067C272KAT2A AVX Capacitor MLCC 2700pF 500V SMD 120600.0000
1812HC102MAT1A1812HC102MAT1A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 3KV SMD 181200.4950
1812GC472KAT3A1812GC472KAT3A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 0.0047uF 2000V SMD 181200.0000
08055F103K4T2A08055F103K4T2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 080500.0000
W3L14D335MAT3AW3L14D335MAT3A AVX Capacitor Ceramic 3.3uF 4V SMD 061200.0000
08056D106KAT2AAVX 08056D106KAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 6.3V SMD 080500.0000
TAJD337K006RNJTAJD337K006RNJ AVX Capacitor Tant Solid 330uF 6.3V SMD 7343-3100.0000
F980G227MSAF980G227MSA AVX Tantalum Capacitor 220uF 4V SMD 080500.4500
TAJR105K010RNJTAJR105K010RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 1uF 10V SMD 080500.0000
00-7023-017-000-00100-7023-017-000-001 Elco Connector Header 17Pos 5.08mm00.0000
06035C473K4T2A06035C473K4T2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
F380J336MMALZTF380J336MMALZT AVX Tant Capacitor 33uF 6.3V SMD 060300.0000
TAJC227K010RNJTAJC227K010RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 220uF 10V SMD 231200.0000
TAJR104M020RNJTAJR104M020RNJ AVX Tant Capacitor 0.10uF 20V SMD 080500.0000
08053D106KAT4A08053D106KAT4A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 25V SMD 080500.0000
PBRC4.00HR50X000AVX PBRC4.00HR50X000 Ceramic Resonator 4MHz 3-Pin CSMD T/R300.0000
08051C223KAT2A08051C223KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 100V SMD 080500.0000
TAJA685K016RTAJA685K016R AVX Tant Capacitor 6.8uF 16V SMD 120600.0000
0805YD105KAT2A0805YD105KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 16V SMD 080500.0000
08051A150JATAVX 08051A150JAT2A/MA Ceramic Capacitor 15PF 100V SMD 080500.1400
08051A271JATMAAVX 08051A271JATMA Capacitor SMT CER 270PF 100V 5% 080500.0600
06035A121FAT2A06035A121FAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 120pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
TAJB107K006TNJTAJB107K006TNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 6.3V SMD 121000.0000
08055A332JAT2A08055A332JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 3300pF 50V SMD 08053,0000.0000
06035C471K4T2A06035C471K4T2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
KC2520B12.0000C10E00KC2520B12.0000C10E00 Kyocera Oscillators 12MHz 3.3V 4-SMD00.0000
KC2520B12.0000C1GE00KC2520B12.0000C1GE00 Kyocera Oscillators 12MHz 3.3V 4-SMD00.0000
04025C104KAT2A04025C104KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 040200.0000
KC2520B25.0000C2GE00KC2520B25.0000C2GE00 Kyocera Oscillators 25MHz 3.3V 4-SMD00.0000
KC2520B19.2000C1GE00KC2520B19.2000C1GE00 Kyocera Oscillators 19.2MHz 3.3V 4-SMD00.0000
TAJD107K020RNJTAJD107K020RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 20V SMD 29171,0000.0000
TPSE476K035R0250TPSE476K035R0250 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 47uF 35V SMD 291700.0000
TPSB226K010R0700TPSB226K010R0700 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 10V SMD 12101960.0000
TPME686K025R0045TPME686K025R0045 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 68uF 25V SMD 291700.0000
TAJA475M010RNJTAJA475M010RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 4.7uF 10V SMD 120600.0000
TAJD476K016RNJTAJD476K016RNJ AVX Tant Capacitor 47uF 16V SMD 291700.0000
046288010000846+AVX 046288010000846+ FFC & FPC Connector 10 Position 0.5 mm Right Angled SMD00.0000
TPSD107M010R0080TPSD107M010R0080 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 10V SMD 291700.0000
TPSD107M010R0050TPSD107M010R0050 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 10V SMD 291700.0000
TPSD107M010R0100TPSD107M010R0100 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 10V SMD 291700.0000
TAJT106K016RNJTAJT106K016RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 16V SMD 121000.0000
TAJC156M010RNJTAJC156M010RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 15uF 10V SMD 231200.0000
TAJR104K035RNJTAJR104K035RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 0.1uF 35V SMD 080500.0000
F951E106MAAAQ2F951E106MAAAQ2 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 25V SMD 120600.0000
F931A106MAAF931A106MAA AVX Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 10V SMD 120600.0000
TPSD476K025R0150TPSD476K025R0150 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 47uF 25V SMD 7343-3100.0000
TCJD686M020R0055TCJD686M020R0055 AVX Tant Capacitor 68uF 20V SMD 291700.0000
12065A4R7CAT2AAVX 12065A4R7CAT2A Ceramic Capacitor 50V 4.7pF C0G SMD 120600.1500
F921A475MPAF921A475MPA AVX Tantalum Capacitor 4.7uF 10V SMD 080500.0000
TAJA106M016RNJTAJA106M016RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 16V SMD 120610,0000.0000
SK041E475ZAAAVX SK041E475ZAA Capacitor 4.7uF 100VDC Z5U -20% to 80% Radial05.0000
CKR05BX103KS.CKR05BX103KS AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 100V 10% Radial00.0000
F981C106MSAAS1F981C106MSAAS1 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 16V SMD 080500.0000
SCMT22F505PRBA0SCMT22F505PRBA0 AVX Supercapacitor 5F 5.5V Radial00.0000
TLJA107M010R1400TLJA107M010R1400 AVX Solid Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 10V SMD 120600.0000
04025A470FAT2A04025A470FAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
NOJD107M006RWJNOJD107M006RWJ AVX Niobium Oxide Capacitor 100uF 6.3V SMD 291700.0000
245078050513861+245078050513861+ Kyocera Mezzanine Connector 50 Position00.0000
EC31QS10EC31QS10 Kyocera Diode Schottky 100V 3A SMA1,8400.0000
08055F102K4T2A8055F102K4T2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 50V SMD 080500.0000
F931V226MNCF931V226MNC AVX Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 35V SMD 291700.0000
GG040205100N2PGG040205100N2P AVX TVS Diode 12V 8A SMD 040200.0000
M39014/02-1419M39014/02-1419 AVX Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 50V Radial00.0000
2220HC103KAT1A2220HC103KAT1A AVX Ceramic Capacitors 10000pF 3000V SMD 222000.0000
0306ZC103KAT2A0306ZC103KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 10V SMD 030600.0000
0603YG224ZAT2A0603YG224ZAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 16V SMD 060300.0000
0603YG224ZAT4A0603YG224ZAT4A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 16V SMD 060300.0000
0805DD104KAT2A0805DD104KAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 35V SMD 080500.0000
F931V225MBAF931V225MBA AVX Tantalum Capacitor 2.2uF 35V SMD 121100.0000
SA102A101JARSA102A101JAR AVX Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 200V Axial00.0000
SA102A101JAASA102A101JAA AVX Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 200V Axial00.0000
06031A560JAT2A06031A560JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 56pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
18121C684MAT2A18121C684MAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.68uF 100V SMD 181200.0000
06035C104K4T2A06035C104K4T2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
TAJC226M025RNJTAJC226M025RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 25V SMD 6032-2800.0000
TAJD227M016RNJVTAJD227M016RNJV AVX Tantalum Capacitor 220uF 16V SMD 291700.0000
TAJD476M025RNJTAJD476M025RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor Solid 47uF 25V SMD 291700.0000
TLJA107M006R0500TLJA107M006R0500 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 100uF 6.3V SMD 120600.0000
VC060305A150RPVC060305A150RP AVX Varistor Circuit MLCV SMD 060300.0000
TAJD157K016RNJTAJD157K016RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 150uF 16V SMD 291700.0000
TAJD226K025RNJTAJD226K025RNJ AVX Molded Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 25V SMD 291700.0000
1210GC102KAT1A1210GC102KAT1A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 2000V SMD 121000.0000
TPSD336K035H0300TPSD336K035H0300 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 33uF 35V SMD 291700.0000
NOJC107M006RWJNOJC107M006RWJ AVX Niobium Oxide Capacitor 100uF 6.3V SMD 231200.0000
TAJD226K035RNJTAJD226K035RNJ AVX Molded Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 35V SMD 291700.0000
TPSC686K010R0200TPSC686K010R0200 AVX Molded Tantalum Capacitor 68uF 10V SMD 231200.0000
TAJB226K016RNJTAJB226K016RNJ AVX Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 16V SMD 141100.0000
TPSC226K016R0375TPSC226K016R0375 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 16V SMD 6032-287,0000.0000
TPSC226K016R0150TPSC226K016R0150 AVX Tantalum Capacitor 22UF 16V SMD 23127,0000.0000
06035C221JAT2A06035C221JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
0603YC104JAT2A0603YC104JAT2A AVX Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16V SMD 060300.0000
60-8017-0513-00-33960-8017-0513-00-339 AVX Connector Contact Socket00.0000