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Pomona Electronics

Pomona Electronics is a leading, global supplier of connection accessories for electronic test instruments. Designed for a wide range of test and design applications, Pomona products have earned a reputation for quality, dependability and reliability. Use Pomona Electronics test and measurement products for performance and dependability. From engineering research operations to plant maintenance, Pomona test leads, banana plugs, connectors, and probes mean you spend more time calibrating and less time compensating.


Adapters, Coaxial
Adapters, RF
Banana Plugs, Jacks and Hardware
BNC Breakouts
Cables, Coaxial & RF
Cables, Low Frequency
Connector, Audio
Connectors, RF
Digital Meters
DMM Test Leads and Probes
Grabber Test Clips
Low Voltage Products
Oscilloscope Products
Patch Cords
Probes, RF
Static Control
Telecom Cables and Adapters
Temperature Probes
Test Clips, DIP
Test Clips, IC
Test Lead Holders