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Schurter Electronic Components

SCHURTER Components - Mechanical parts and components IBS Electronics

SCHURTER is a progressive innovator and manufacturer of Circuit Protection, Connectors, Switches,and EMC Products to the electronic and electrical industries worldwide. SCHURTER’s three divisions: Components, Input Systems and Electronic Manufacturing services are formed to provide customer specific products and services, which focus on clean and safe supply of power and making equipment easier to use. These core competencies bring a high degree of innovation to SCHURTER’s main markets IT / Telecom, Medical, Space and Renewable Energy.

SCHURTER strives to be a model company when it comes to business excellence. Since the company’s founding in Switzerland in 1933, great value has been placed on long-term business results, exemplary corporate ethics and responsible dealings with all stakeholders. SCHURTER meets its customers’ highest demands through certified quality, environmental and safety management systems including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and highly developed processes (Six Sigma method). Excellent services are upheld through the consistent application of an all encompassing quality management system.


Schurter | Cartridge FusesSchurter | Circuit Breaker AccessoriesSchurter | Circuit Breakers

Schurter | Fuse Clips

Schurter | Fuse Holder

Schurter | Fuse Holder Accessories

Schurter | Fuse Kits & Assortments

Schurter | Fuses with Leads (Through Hole)

Schurter | Resettable Fuses – PPTC

Schurter | Specialty Fuses

Schurter | Surface Mount Fuses

Schurter | Varistors

Schurter | AC Power Entry Modules

Schurter | AC Power Plugs & Receptacles

Schurter | DC Power Connectors

Schurter | DIN Connectors

Schurter | Phone Connectors

Schurter | Pushbutton Switches

Schurter | Rocker Switches

Schurter | Rotary Switches

Schurter | Screws & Fasteners

Schurter | Standoffs & Spacers

Schurter | Switch Accessories

Schurter | Power Management Modules

Schurter | LED Circuit Board Indicators

Schurter | LED Mounting Hardware

Schurter | Panel Mount Indicator Lamps

Schurter | Common Mode Filters / Chokes

Schurter | Fixed Inductors

Schurter | Potentiometer Tools & Hardware

Schurter | Transformers Audio & Signal

Schurter | Power Line Filters

Schurter | Power Outlet Strips

Schurter | Pulse Transformers

Schurter | Capacitive Touch Sensors

Schurter | Test Clips

Schurter | Test Plugs & Test Jacks

Schurter | AC Power Cords

Schurter | Cable Mounting & Accessories

Schurter | Multi-Conductor Cables




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Product List

Part Number Product Name MFG Qty  
TA45-ABDBLJ20C0 Schurter TA45-ABDBLJ20C0 Circuit Breaker, 2 Pole Rocker, 2A 240VAC 60VDC Schurter 0.00
693-0001.2511.PT Schurter 0001.2511.PT Fuse Schurter 0.00
0031.1653 Schurter 0031.1653 Fuse Holder 10A 250V Schurter 1,135.00
0011014 Schurter 0001.1014 Ceramic Cartridge Fuse 250V 10A 5mm x 20mm Schurter 80.00
031.1653 Schurter 031.1653 Panel Mount Fuse Holder 250V 20A 6.3 x 32mm Schurter 135.00
031.1693 Schurter 031.1693 Cartridge Fuse Holder 5mm x 20mm 250V 20A Panel Mount Schurter 490.00
FUS1004 0034.1518 1.6AMP 5x20 mm FUSE Glass SCHURTER Schurter 0.00
6394 Schurter FEU 031.1693 FUSE HOLDER 5X20 Schurter 0.00
31.1653 31.1653 Schurter Fuse Holder, 90 to Fuse Axis, 250 VAC Schurter 135.00
FUS1001 Schurter 0031.1603 Panel Mount Fuse Holder 20 AMP 250VAC FEC Schurter 858.00
6390 SCHURTER Fuse 031.1653 Panel Mount; Schurter 0.00
FUS1002 FUSE CAP FUS1002 0031.1613 Schurter Schurter 0.00
F1026 Schurter 031.3577 Shock-Safe Fuseholder, 5 x 20 / 6.3 x 32 mm, Slotted Cap, Horizontal Schurter 20.00
11014 0001.1014 Schurter Cartridge Fuse 10A 250V Cylinder Schurter 85.00
0001.1011 0001.1011 Schurter Cartridge Fuses SP 5X20 F 250V 5A Schurter 0.00
3405.0169.24 3405.0169.24 Schurter Surface Mount Fuses UMF 2A 250VAC, 125 VDC 2SMD Schurter 0.00
6162.0005 6162.0005 Schurter AC Power Entry Modules 1061 APPLIANCE INLET 10A 70C Schurter 0.00
0751.0062 0751.0062 Schurter Fuse Clip 6.3A 500V OG BRASS Schurter 0.00
6100.4110 6100.4110 SCHURTER IEC APPLIANCE INLET C14, 10A, 250V Schurter 0.00
7010.9522.55 7010.9522.55 Schurter Fuse Chip 12A 65V Slow Blow 2-Pin Schurter 0.00
0034.6621 0034.6621 Schurter Fuses with Leads 4A 250VAC 125VDC Schurter 800.00
0859.0072 0859.0072 Schurter Fuse Cover Schurter 0.00
0034.6020 0034.6020 Schurter Fuse Subminiature 4A 250V Radial Schurter 0.00
3101.0040 3101.0040 Schurter Fuse Holder 16A 400VAC Pin Schurter 1,600.00
0001.2511.PT SCHURTER 0001.2511.PT Fuse Cartridge, Ceramic 5A 250V AC 150V DC Axial Schurter 29.00
DD11.0124.1111 DD11.0124.1111 Schurter Connector: AC Socket, 10A, Screw, Male Schurter 0.00
4301.1401 4301.1401 Schurter Fuse Drawer 115V Quick Connect Schurter 0.00
3101.0010 3101.0010 Schurter Fuseholder 250VAC, 16A, Slot Knob 5x20mm, IP40 Schurter 0.00
5220.0843.1 5220.0843.1 Schurter IEC Appliance Inlet C14 with Filter, Fuseholder 1- or 2-pole Schurter 0.00
3404.0014.11 3404.0014.11 Schurter Fuse OMF 125V 3A 2SMD Schurter 100.00
DS1-175-0002 DS1-175-0002 Schurter Common Mode Choke 500uH 630mA Radial Schurter 0.00
ITRF-0239-D502 ITRF-0239-D502 Schurter Pulse Transformer THT Mounting Schurter 0.00
6100.3200 6100.3200 Schurter Power Inlet Receptacle Schurter 0.00
3-101-004 3-101-004 Schurter Pushbutton Switch 16A, 250V DPST Schurter 0.00
0031.3571 0031.3571 Schurter Fuse Holder 16A 250V PCB Mount Schurter 0.00
3-101-002 3-101-002 Schurter Pushbutton Switch 16A 250V DPST Schurter 0.00
3-101-001 3-101-001 Schurter Pushbutton Switch 16A 250V DPST Schurter 0.00
3404.0119.11 3404.0119.11 Schurter Fuse 3.5A 125VAC 125VDC 2-SMD Schurter 0.00
6100.3300 6100.3300 Schurter Power Entry Connector 3 Position Schurter 0.00
6600.3300.21 Schurter 6600.3300.21 Power Entry Connector Socket IEC 320-2-2/F Panel Mount Schurter 10.00
6600.3300 Schurter 6600.3300 Connector AC Outlet Socket Panel Mount Schurter 0.00
ITRF-0235-D101 ITRF-0235-D101 Schurter Pulse Transformer THT Mounting Schurter 0.00
ITRF-0249-D101 ITRF-0249-D101 Schurter Pulse Transformer THT Mounting Schurter 0.00
34.1515 34.1515 Schurter Fuse 0.8A 250VAC Glass Cartridge Schurter 0.00
3403.0166.24 3403.0166.24 Schurter Slow Fuse 125V 1000mA 2-SMD Schurter 0.00