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Seastrom Manufacturing Company

Seastrom Manufacturing Company, Inc is a leading manufacturer of precision washers and fasteners serving industries worldwide since 1928. Beginning as a job shop for the aerospace industry, Seastrom understands the importance of producing quality products. They have earned the distinction as an approved supplier for most major aerospace and commercial manufacturers.

Seastrom has the most comprehensive online catalog of standard washers and fasteners. They stock over 44,000 part numbers, including flat round washers, spring clips, spacers, shoulder washers, lock washers, clamps, brackets, expansion plugs and much more. They are also manufacture and supply Hiram Jones pins, terminals & connectors.

Seastrom Manufacturing, also, is a full service manufacturer with custom stamping, CNC machining, four-slide and screw machining capabilities. They have short and long run capabilities in both metallic and non-metallic materials. They also offer secondary operations, assembly and special packaging.

Seastrom emphasizes systems integration, quality engineering, in-house die design and tooling, high-speed production, facility-wide networking and strict project control to promote product quality, project safety and conformance to technical standards. Producing over 20 million custom and standard parts every month and utilizing most metallic and non-metallic materials, Seastrom specializes in extensive die and material changes to meet the wide variety of customer orders. Seastrom’s reputation for quality workmanship assures each customer that their product needs will be met.

Seastrom offers the following

Spring Clips
Retaining Rings
Metal Stampings
Stainless Steel Stampings
Steel Stampings
Metal Spacers
Plastic Spacers
Aircraft & Aerospace Washers
Metal Washers
Nylon Washers
Plastic Washers
Rubber Washers
Special Washers
Stainless Steel Washers
Flat Washers
Lock Washers
Spring Washers
Wave Spring Washers