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Sleek Co., Ltd

Sleek Co., is a manufacturer of UL,TUV 250Vac SMD FUSE, 350Vac SMD Fuse, Micro fuse, Miniature fuse, 3.6x10mm Fuse, 5x20mm Fuse, 6x30mm Fuse, and Fuse Accessories: Fuse Clips(for 3.6x10mm, 5x20mm, 6x30mm fuse, auto fuse) Fuse Holder(for 5x20mm, 6x30mm fuse, auto fuse)

Sleek Co., Ltd. believes in the importance of high-quality products, competitive prices and prompt delivery.

IBS Electronics is a distributor for fuses and fuse related power distribution components. We carry a full array of fuses, circuit breakers, and fuse holders for heavy duty vehicles, factory automation, military and avionics and other rugged environment applications, from high speed DC to high voltage fuses. IBS Electronics also distributes an extensive range of fuse blocks, clips, and power distribution blocks and fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches.