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Spansion Inc. – Active Components

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Spansion is the world’s largest company exclusively focused on Flash memory solutions. Spansion’s MirrorBit® technology enables cost-effective and added-value Flash memory solutions optimized for code execution and data storage. The company also provides total Flash memory solutions incorporating software, hardware, packaging, and third-party silicon compatibility as well as innovative new solutions combining logic and MirrorBit Flash memory on a single chip.

Spansion is the largest company exclusively focused on Flash memory solutions. Flash memory can be found in nearly every electronic device- in cell phones, cars, printers, networking equipment, set-top boxes, high-definition TVs, games and other consumer electronics. As people continue to demand more multimedia content in their homes, at work and on the go, and as electronic products become increasingly complex, the amount of Flash memory in electronic devices will continue to grow.

In December 2014, Cypress Semiconductor merged with Spansion in an all-stock deal. The deal will unite complementary technologies that go unseen by most people but are crucial for the proper functioning of car-braking systems, hand-held medical devices and storing software in cellphones. Cypress specializes in a variety of memory chips called SRAM, and Spansion is in a type called NOR flash. The combined company will be based in San Jose and keep the name Cypress Semiconductor.

Spansion Products

HyperFlash Memory
Parallel NOR Flash Memory
Serial NOR Flash Memory
Die and Wafer Flash Memory
MCP Flash Memory
NAND Flash Memory
e.MMC NAND Flash

Power Management ICs
Energy Harvesting PMICs
6MHz Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
Charge Control
DC/DC Converter with Switching FET
DC/DC Converter with Switching FET + LDO
DC/DC Converter for System Power Supply
DC/DC Converter for LCD Panels
General-purpose DC/DC Converter
Power Voltage Monitoring Applications
LED Lighting Driver ICs


32-bit ARM Core Microcontrollers
32-bit Proprietary Core Microcontrollers
16-bit Proprietary Core Microcontrollers
8-bit Proprietary Core Microcontrollers