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Spectrum Control is a leading supplier of control products and systems used to condition, regulate, and govern electronic performance. Using their core electromagnetic interference (“EMI”) filtering expertise, Spectrum Control offers customers a broad line of signal, power, and frequency control products. Spectrum Control products and systems are utilized worldwide in many different industries.

Spectrum Controls, Inc. provides hardware and related software products for the industrial controls marketplace. Its products include I/O modules for Rockwell Automation industrial controllers; WebPort, a remote access gateway that allows you to interact with their automation system using native programming tools; 16-channel universal analog input, 32-channel high density analog input, 4 and 8 channel counter/turbine flow-meter, and 4-channel flow/meter proving modules; operator interfaces, such as cables, converters, power supplies, and accessories; and analog input/output modules. The company offers I/O modules, human-machine interfaces, and communications devices for deployment in water/wastewater, utility/power, oil/petrochemical, mining/quarrying, pulp/paper, food/beverage, material handling, biopharmaceuticals, and various other industries. It serves Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other manufacturers of industrial controls products in the United States and internationally.

Spectrum Control has been acquired by API Technologies