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TAKO manufactures and distributes the following

ESD Packaging

AS PE bags, AS air bubble bags, AS SS bags, SS bags, Cond PE bags, Moisture barrier bags, Permanent AS bags, Kraft papers, ESD corrugated box, AS PE foam, AS/Cond. EVA foam, PP Strap, ESD rubber band

ESD Products

ESD Apparels: Smock, Jacket & Pant, Cap, Gloves, Finger Cots
ESD Footwear: ESD Shoe, ESD Sandal, ESD Safety Shoe, ESD Heel Strap, ESD Shoe Cover
ESD Test Equipment: Wrist-strap & Footwear Tester, SRM, Workstation Monitor
ESD Workstation: ESD Rubber Mat, Grounding Cord, Wrist Strap, ESD Sticky Mat, Conductive Floor Tile
ESD Chair: Typist Chair, Drafting Chair, ESD Chair Cover, ESD Grounding Device, ESD Stool
ESD Accessories: Killstat3962, AS/Cond Grid Tape, ESD Pen, Stickers, ESD Clip Board, ESD Ring Binder, AS Spary, Brushes, Velcro Band