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TDK electronics – Passive Components

TDK was established in 1935 as the world’s first company to commercialize a magnetic material called ferrite. In the ensuing years, TDK has conducted research and development programs in ferrite and a variety of other electronic materials and components. This drive was based on the company’s founding spirit of “contribute to culture and industry through creativity”.

Today TDK’s extensive product range comprises such diverse products as electronic components and materials including Ceramic Capacitors, EMC Components, Inductors, Transformers, Ferrites, Noise Suppressing Sheets / Magnetic Sheets, EMC Measurement Solutions Chambers, Systems, Products, Sensors / Actuators, Piezoelectric Products / Resonators / Sounding Bodies, Thermal Print Heads, OLED, RF Components, Magnets, and Power Supplies.

TDK electronic components include a wide range of passive components including capacitors, filters, and inductors. Our largest TDK selection is dedicated to TDK capacitors, of which most are ceramic capacitors. These capacitors help control power flow and smooth the output of power supplies. Our TDK inductor catalog includes fixed value, high frequency, and power inductors.

To make multilayer ceramic chip capacitors more compact with larger capacity, we drew on TDK’s advanced material technologies, making the particle sizes super fine. TDK has perfected the advanced layering technique which ensures the precise placing of dielectric and electrode layers, as well as the multilayering technology capable of as many as 1000 layers. The thickness of each layer is at a submicron level. By reducing the thickness of each layer and increasing the number of layers, even the ultrasmall chip combines the capacity close to that of tantalum capacitors with excellent reliability.