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TE Connectivity

TETE Connectivity Ltd, formerly Tyco Electronics Ltd, designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor solutions for a variety of industries including automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, consumer electronics, energy and subsea communications. On March 10, 2011, Tyco Electronics Ltd changed its name to TE Connectivity.

TE Connectivity designs and manufactures components and products for a variety of industries including automotive, data communication systems, consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, defense and marine, medical, energy and lighting. Products range from terminals and splices to sophisticated high speed printed circuit board connectors and IC sockets, to fiber optic connectors and cable. TE Connectivity can provide virtually any type of switch you need. From miniature printed circuit board mounted DIP switches to rugged oil-tight switches for industrial controls, TE Connectivity provides reliable, cost-effective performance. Alcoswitch products also include knobs, boot, caps and other accessories.

TE Connectivity is a $13 billion world leader in connectivity. The company designs and manufactures products at the heart of electronic connections for the world’s leading industries including automotive, energy and industrial, broadband communications, consumer devices, healthcare, and aerospace and defense. TE Connectivity’s long-standing commitment to innovation and engineering excellence helps its customers solve the need for more energy efficiency, always-on communications and ever-increasing productivity.

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TE connectors and sensors are embedded in almost every device, where constant data, power, sensing and connectivity are required even in the harshest environments.

With the knowledge and experience of over a half century designing and manufacturing applicators and tooling, TE Connectivity (TE) is taking terminal crimping to a new level. Using the time proven HDM applicator platforms as a base and the innovation and improvements from the system III applicator, TE is taking a large step forward. TE has listened to customer input and market demands to innovate and improve the combined strength of these industry leading designs to create the latest OCEAN applicator. The lead and harness industry of today is more price and quality competitive than ever before. Crimping standards continue to be raised to higher levels of quality and repeatability. The industry continues to expect more from application tooling.



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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
227602-2AMP 227602-2 Connector Contact PIN 50Ohm RA Thru-Hole679.5300
222A121-3-0TE Connectivity 222A121-3-0 Molded Cable Boot Right Angle size 219213.9900
221185-1AMP 221185-1 CONNECTOR BNC PLUG 75 OHM DUAL CRIMP34.7400
1571998-51571998-5 TE Connectivity DIP Switch, Piano Key, SPST, Sealed, Through Hole, 25 mA, 24 VDC154.8500
2-216791-0TE Connectivity 2-216791-0 Right Angle Ribbon Cable Connector 20 Position4901.7600
CRG1206-F-390RNeohm CRG1206F390R Resistor Thick Film 390 Ohm 1% SMD 12065,0000.0700
536295-1AMP / TYCO 536295-1 Connector Backplane RCP 40 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole330.0000
5-530843-3AMP 5530843-3 Connector Card Edge Socket 2x17 POS 2.54mm1050.1500
87227-5 87227-5 TE Connectivity / AMP Connector Header 10 Position 2.54 mm400.7200
499141-5AMP 499141-5 Connector Headers RT/A 24POS .100 30AU08.7600
822473-4AMP 822473-4 Connector PLCC Socket SKT 44 POS 2.54mm101.1700
1-102584-1AMP 1-102584-1 Connector Accessories Hood Die Cast1563.1800
3-520141-2AMP 3-520141-2 Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-16AWG4300.2400
CRG1206ZRCRG1206ZR TE Connectivity Thick Film Resistor 0 Ohm Jumper 1/4W SMD 120620,0000.0850
RUEF600RUEF600 TYCO Polyswitch Resettable Fuse RUEF Series 30 V 6 A Ihold Radial2500.7500
MS3476-1MS3476-L12-3S Connector MIL C-26482 Circular SKT 3 POS Crimp ST Cable Mount 3 Terminal 1 Port60.0000
1-794620-0AMP 1-794620-0 CONNECTOR HEADER 10POS DUAL R/A GOLD00.0000
MPSR-203RMPSR203R AMP/TYCO Switch Push Button DPDT Square Button 3A 115VAC 28VDC Momentary Contact Wire Lug Panel Mount Loose00.0000
6-1393243-1Schrack 6-1393243-1 Power Relays00.0000
320553TE Connectivity 320553 Ring Tongue Terminal 16-22AWG 17.07mm 5.54mm Tin Loose Piece00.1300
5-104809-7TE-CONNECTIVITY 5-104809-7 CONNECTOR, HEADER, 8POS, 1ROW, 2.54MM ROHS00.0000
1-103240-2TYCO 1-103240-2 BREAKAWAY HEADERS MODII .100 24POS STR312.4600
1-480692-0TE Connectivity / AMP 1-480692-0 Connector 12P CMNL PLUG HSG D/L NATL2730.4000
1462034-21462034-2 TE Connectivity RELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 4.5V ROHS3003.0000
1650162-2TE Connectivity / AMP 1650162-2 Contact Crimp Pin #20 5A Gold Plated Copper Alloy700.5000
202C611-51-0-CS5325202C611-51-0-CS5325 TE Connectivity / Raychem Cable Boots1500.8500
21756778AMP 2-175677-8 CONNECTOR 68 POS GOLD PLATED516.0000
21761605-92-1761605-9 TE Connectivity / AMP Pin Header 26 Positions186.9800
280358-0TE Connectivity / AMP 280358-0 Connector Housing 2 Position 2.54mm4000.5500
292253-5TE Connectivity 292253-5 Connector Header 5 Position 2mm Pitch8000.4000
293545-2TE Connectivity 293545-2 Splice Terminal 18AWG 36.4mm 11.4mm Box52.0100
3-640440-6AMP 3-640440-6 Connector RECEPT 6 Position 22AWG MTA1002700.3800
3-643817-8TE Connectivity / AMP 3-643817-8 Connector Receptacle 8 Position 18 AWG2470.6300
3-770060-13-770060-1 TE Connectivity Contact Mini Crimp 18-14AWG00.0700
30695TYCO 30695 Ring Tongue Terminal 14-16AWG 16.15mm 8.71mm Tin Loose Piece1200.1100
31894TE Connectivity / AMP 31894 Insulated Ring Lug Terminal 1/4" Stud Size 22-16 AWG Red Nylon PIDG Faston1000.2800
34119AMP / Tyco 34119 Ring Lug Terminal 14-16AWG #4 Tin Plated RoHS15,0860.1000
4-1625886-4TE Connectivity 4-1625886-4 Metal Oxide Resistor 82.0 Ohms 1W 5% AXIAL RoHS2,0000.1800
4-640440-6AMP/TYCO 4-640440-6 CONNECTOR 16POS 22AWG MTA100501.0000
499141-3AMP/TYCO 499141-3 HEADER RT/A 16POS .100 30AU, LATCH CONNECTORS122.7700
5-146256-7TE Connectivity 5-146256-7 Connector Header 2.54mm Pitch 14 Way 3A, Dual Row2,0001.7600
5-146274-45-146274-4 TE Connectivity / AMP Breakaway Headers 4P500.1700
51864-3TE Connectivity 51864-3 Ring Lug Terminal 14-16 AWG Blue Nylon5,0000.2000
5747193-2TE Connectivity 5747193-2 DSUB Connector 50 Pin Right Angle GOLD Plated RoHS520.0000
644486-2TE Connectivity 644486-2 Vertical Shrouded Pin Header 0.10" 2 Position Tin Plated4000.5500
66506-3AMP/TYCO 66506-3 CONNECTOR PIN 20-24AWG GOLD CRIMP500.0800
7-215079-4AMP 7-215079-4 Connector, Vertical, Micro-MaTch Series, 4 Contacts, Receptacle, 1.27 mm100.0000
745174-1AMP 745174-1 Connector Accessories Clamp Die-Cast10.0000
74596741-745967-4 TE Connectivity / AMP D-Sub Standard Connector 25 RCPT SP/FMS HD100.0000
747275-2TE Connectivity / AMP 747275-2 Ribbon Cable Strain Relief for D-Sub 25 Pin720.6000
747846-6AMP/TYCO 747846-6 CONNECTOR D-SUB RCPT R/A 25POS 30GOLD10.0000
747872-8TYCO 747872-8 D-Subminiature Connector 15 Position D-Sub Plug, Male Pins100.0000
748481-5TYCO 748481-5 CONNECTOR D-SUB RCP 26 POS 2.29MM SLDR RA TH 26TERM70.0000
749609-1TYCO 749609-1 Connector D-Sub Backshell Kit; 26; 0.270 in1017.4100
770156-5770156-5 TE-CONNECTIVITY Connector IDC PLUG 4POS 94V-2 16AWG20.0000
7702811TE Connectivity / AMP 770281-1 Socket Connector 10P10020.0000
825437-5TE Connectivity 825437-5 Connector Unshrouded Header HDR 5 POS 2.54mm10.0000
9-1437652-59-1437652-5 TE Connectivity AMP Connector 6 POS 9.53mm51.7000
926495-4TE Connectivity 926495-4 Connector Keying Strip For Eurocard Series Type C, D, R502.1000
927768-3927768-3 AMP Contact Crimp Socket 13-17 AWG Tin50.0000
B485B485 Thomas & Betts 450182 Ring Lug, Terminal1500.5000
CNT-35-96CNT-35-96 AMP/TYCO RELAY TIME-DELAY 10A 24-240VAC00.0000
M81044/12-20-9M81044/12-20-9 Raychem White Hook-up Wire 20AWG00.0000
M81044/12-22-9M81044/12-22-9 RAYCHEM / TE Connectivity White 22 AWG Kynar Wire131,493949.9900
M83519/2-3M83519/2-3 TE Connectivity / Raychem Solder & Shield Tubing100.0000
RE030012SCHRACK RE030012 PCB Relay 12 VDC, 6A402.7900
RT334024FTE Connectivity RT334024F Relay 24VDC 16A SPST-NO (1 Form A)602.1250
RXE010Raychem TE Connectivity RXE010 PTC Resettable Fuse 60V 100mA Radial500.4200
583853-3TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP 5-583853-3 CONTACT, SOCKET, 24-20AWG, CRIMP340.1100
ry611024TYCO RY611024 General Purpose Relay 24VDC SPDT 8A Wash tight04.2000
746611-1Tyco 746611-1 Connector IDC Connector PL 8 POS 2.54mm IDT121.6600
52291-4AMP 52291-4 Ring Tongue Terminal 8AWG 43.08MM 14.9501.2500
102584-3AMP 102584-3 Connector MOD II Assembly 50 Position55.2500
747322-1AMP 747322-1 Connector LP A/P 37 POS W/STRL607.3500
1-103311-0TYCO 1-103311-0 CONNECTOR HEADER LOPRO R/A 50P OS 30AU502.0000
770281-1AMP 770281-1 Connector 10 Terminal 1 Port213.0800
640444-4Amp 640444-4 Connector Header 04P MTA1561000.2200
640445-3AMP/TYCO 640445-3 Connector Header, 3 Contacts, 3.96 mm550.1400
CRG0805-F360KCRG0805F360K TE Connectivity / Neohm Thick Film Resistor 360k Ohms 0.125W 1% SMD 080510,0000.0850
2386AMP 102154-1 CONN CONN HEADER VERT 10POS .100 GOLD01.1600
M55302/128-CB1AABLECONN M55302/128-CB1A Connector MIL-DTL-553022110.0000
552306-1AMP 552306-1 I/O Connectors 36 PIN SCR/BAIL RECP26.7800
33461TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP 33461 Ring Terminal Connector 1/4 Stud Circular 8 AWG Crimp00.5800
770281-2770281-2 AMP CONNECTOR RCPT CIRC PWR 10POS STYE P013.0800
1217126-1AMP 1217126-1 Quick Disconnect Terminal Tab Tin St01.5000
31887AMP 31887 PIDG Terminals & Splices : PIDG | TE Connectivity00.2300
499116-1TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP 499116-1 Ribbon Cable, Flat, Grey, 14 Conductor, 28 AWG3000.7500
175363-3TYCO CONNECTOR DYNAMIC D-3500 Housing FH 4 way Rec 5.08mm D-300.3500
4-1393560-34-1393560-3 TE Connectivity D-Sub Backshells & Clamps00.0000
5-103673-7TE Connectivity / AMP 5-103673-7 Connector Header 8 position121.3200
520465-1AMP/TYCO 520465-1 Connector Shield, Bottom BOTTOM HALF 8WAY RoHS101.7500
5206393-15206393-1 TE Connectivity / AMP D-Sub Backshell70.0000
520853-1520853-1 TE Connectivity / AMP Connector Boot For SDL Connectors102.5000
601107-000TE Connectivity - TYCO 01107-000 D-621-0001 Connector Plug SUB Triaxial90.0000
926209-3 TE Connectivity AMP/TYCO 926209-3 CONNECTOR HOUSING DUAL-ROW LOCKING CLIP 6 POS 2.54mm Crimp00.0000
2-87456-22-87456-2 TE Connectivity Connector 26 Position00.0000
51565-1AMP 51565-1 CONNECTOR SOCKET COAX AWG 26 GOLD00.0000
EP3WS100RJEP3WS100RJ RESISTOR, 100R, 3W, 5%, SMALL RoHS250.1600
V23105-A5305-A201SIEMENS / PB /Tyco V23105A5305A201 Electromechanical Relay 24VDC 2.88KOhm 3A DPDT02.0000
5-146250-3TYCO 5-146250-3 Connector Header 6 position 0.100" (2.54mm) Through Hole00.6500
6450123-36450123-3 TE Connector Header, Male Blades 3 Position Through Hole,04.4500
5499206-95499206-9 TE Connector Header 40 position 0.100" (2.54mm) Through Hole00.0000
S1045Alcoswitch TRD23N10WL Rocker/Paddle Switches DPDT ON-NON138.8000
A101J1AV2Q0Alcoswitch A101J1AV2Q004 Rocker Switch 5A 250V SPST1123.2500
OMI-SS-112LOMI-SS-112L TE Connectivity / OEG Relay 12V 10A SPDT01.9000
1-881545-11-881545-1 TE Connectivity CONNECTOR SHUNT F 2 POS 2.54MM ST LOOSE PIECE RoHS00.0000
5499206-25499206-2 TE Connectivity HEADER, UNIVERSAL EJECTION PIN, AMP-LATCH, 14 POS, 2.54 X 2.54, PCB, VERTICAL ROHS00.0000
5499206-35499206-3 TE Connectivity HEADER, UNIVERSAL EJECTION PIN, AMP-LATCH, 16 POS, 2.54 X 2.54, PCB, VERTICAL ROHS00.0000
5499206-85499206-8 TE Connectivity HEADER, UNIVERSAL EJECTION PIN, AMP-LATCH, 34 POS, 2.54 X 2.54, PCB, VERTICAL RoHS00.0000
1-103670-1TYCO 1-103670-1 CONNECTOR HEADER VERTICAL 0.100 12POS 15AU141.0000
102159-4AMP 102159-4 Connector Ejector Header HDR 20 POS 2.54mm592.0100
2-175677-22-175677-2 TE Connectivity / AMP Connector 50 Position Plug015.9900
281839-4281839-4 AMP Connector Housings Receptacle 8 Position Blue 0.100" (2.54mm)720.4300
4-520447-24-520447-2 TE Connectivity / AMP Terminal Ultra-Fast Quick Disconnect 12-10 AWG,00.2100
499141-4499141-4 TE Connectivity / AMP Ejector Header 20 POS 2.54mm1420.7200
54106UB54106UB Standard Barrel Copper Lug T&B 7862108687104.0000
8-330368-1AMP 8-330368-1 Splice Terminal 14-16AWG 14.4mm 4.19mm Tin Loose Piece00.1000
1909763-11909763-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Ultraminiature Coax RF Jack 2.00/2.55mm SMT00.0000
CRG0805-J-12RTyco Electronics CRG0805-J-12R Thick Film Resistor 12 Ohms 1/8W 5% SMD 08055,0000.0900
CRG1206-F-220RNEOHM TYCO CRG1206-F-220R RESISTOR 220 Ohm SMD 120610,0000.0500
SSRT-240D25Potter-Brumfield SSRT-240D25 Solid-State Relay 240VAC 24A Panel Mount252.9900
1393366-11393366-1 TE Connectivity Connector Crimp 18-20 AWG00.0000
5499206-1TE-CONNECTIVITY 5499206-1 Connector Header 10 position 0.100" (2.54mm)00.0000
3-1393486-4TYCO 3-1393486-4 Amp/Tyco Connector D-Subminiature SKT 9 POS 2.74mm IDT RA Cable Mount 9 Terminal 1 Port00.0000
W51-A152A1-15W51-A152A1-15 TE Connectivity Circuit Breaker Thermal 15A 250V AC 50V DC Rocker Panel Mount00.0000
172161-1172161-1, TE, Connector Housing RCP 9 POS 4.2mm Crimp ST Panel Mount Bag1400.8000
TFER-1/2-X-STKTFER-1/4-X-STK TE Connectivity Heat Shrinkable Tubing Teflon Polytetrafluoroethylene00.0000
435802-9AMP/TYCO 435802-9 Switch DIP SPST 8 Piano PC Pins122.3400
30695.TYCO 30695 Ring Tongue Terminal 14-16AWG 16.15mm00.2500
770967-1TYCO 770967-1 Universal MATE-N-LOK Connectors 3P1000.4200
640911-1TYCO 640911-1 CONNECTOR RECEPT FASTON 18-22AWG .2053000.1500
1-770849-8TE Connectivity / AMP 1-770849-8 Connector Housing Receptical 18 Position 3.96mm9401.1000
603329-2TYCO 603329-2 Cable Accessories Jacket Tubing Poly08.5000
60620-4TE Connectivity / AMP 60620-4 Terminal Pin 14-20AWG Wire Tin Plated Crimp5580.3000
583859-1TYCO 583859-1 Connector Housing RCP 28 POS 3.96mm Dual1311.5500
66180-1Tyco 66180-1 Contact, Multimate, Pin, 16, Copper Alloy, Signal, Gold over Nickel, 18-16 AWG00.7500
9-1437584-9TYCO 9-1437584-9 Switch DIP 10P 10 Flush Slide 20V08.7600
171637-1AMP 171637-1 Connector Contact Crimp 20-16AWG6500.1300
172159-1AMP 172159-1 Connector Housing RCP 4 POS 4.2mm Crimp ST Panel Mount Bag1201.0000
4-1437565-24-1437565-2 TE Connectivity Alcoswitch Switch Tactile 0.05A 24V SPST00.0000
35273AMP/TYCO 35273 PIDG, Rings & Spades, Ring Tongue, 12-10AWG00.0000
1-1419168-21-1419168-2 TE CONNECTIVITY Connector Housing RCP 6 POS Crimp ST Cable Mount Black Package00.0000
4-641190-04-641190-0 TE CONNECTIVITY Rectangular Receptacle Connector IDC 10 Position Gold 22 AWG00.0000
5748483-65748483-6 TE-CONNECTIVITY Connector D-Sub 2.41mm 78 Terminal 1 Port018.0000
5-554169-35-554169-3 TE Connector RJ-45 PL 8 POS 1.02mm Crimp ST Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port Box Cat 300.0000
4-1617059-74-1617059-7 TE Connectivity General Purpose Relays10.0000
1-1932355-31932355-1 TE Connectivity Connector Stacked USB 3.000.0000
6469083-16469083-1 TE Connectivity Hard Metric Connector Backplane 60POS 3PAIR00.0000
640901-1640901-1, TE Connectivity Connector Power SKT 5 POS 6.35mm Solder ST Thru-Hole 5 Terminal 1 Port00.0000
MINISMDC075F/24/2TYCO MINISMDC075F/24-2 PPTC Resettable Fuse 24V .75 SMD00.0000
RBE885ARaychem RBE885A-1 RBE885A Resettable Fuse POLYSWITCH85.0000
61831-161831-1 TE Connectivity Strain Relief Terminal 6.35mm 12.7mm Tin Strip00.0000
VERSAFIT-1-1/4-0-SPVERSAFIT-1-1/4-0-SP RaychemHeat Shrink Tubing00.0000
350873-3AMP 350873-3 Connector Contact PIN 1 POS Crimp ST Cable5,0000.1500
964972-1TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP 964972-1 Connector , Single Wire Seal, MCP 1.5K Contact Systems00.0000
644611-8AMP 644611-8 Housing Connectors and Headers 8 POS 3.96mm01.8300
WR1195RAYCHEM RNF-100-3/8" Clear Heatshrink Tubing3,1880.5800
216-ACB29D-N33AUGAT 216-ACB29D-N33 Socket / Component Carrier 16 Position3,9700.7000
520250-3520250-3 TE Connectivity / AMP Modular Connectors / Ethernet Connectors 6/62440.8700
52264-4AMP 52264-4 Ring Tongue Terminal 6AWG 48.41mm 15.88mm Tin3503.0000
87220-4AMP 87220-4 HEADER 0.100" AMPMODU CONNECTOR3850.8500
440247-1TYCO USB CONNECTOR 440247-1 5P MINI TYPE B01.3800
770971-2770971-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connector HDR 10POS R/A DUAL . 163 AU1001.2300
540-ag11fTYCO 540-AG11F Connector 40 POS CLFRM MACH IC SKT WWRAP00.0000
552725-3 TE Connectivity 552725-3 Connector IEEE 488 2.16mm 50 Terminal 1 Port56.1300
W58-XB1A4A-5W58-XB1A4A-5 P&B Circuit Breakers 5A PUSH TO RESET21.1200
714AG2DAUGAT 714-AG2D Connector DIP IC Economy Sockets 14P04.0500
650858-5650858-5 TE Connectivity Din Connector 32 Position Receptacle503.0500
640388-5TE Connectivity 640388-5 CONNECTOR HEADER VERT 5POS .156 TIN1970.3700
1-1825027-11-1825027-1 TE CONNECTIVITY SWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 24V RoHS00.4500
V23086C1001A303TE Connectivity V23086C1001A303 Automotive Relay 12VDC SPDT Through Hole Mount152.9900
RUEF250Raychem / TE Connectivity RUEF250 PTC Resettable Fuse 30V 100A 1.2W Radial00.0000
3-822271-1AMP 3-822271-1 Connector PLCC Socket SKT 28 POS 1.27mm Solder2000.9500
1-111492-61-111492-6 TE CONNECTIVITY Connector Plug 14 Position 2.54mm012.0000
1-1393644-61-1393644-6 TE Connectivity Eurocard Connector 96 Position Din Plug05.4800
104338-2TE Connectivity 104338-2 Connector 14 Position 2.54 mm Dual Row03.1600
927771-1927771-1 TE Connectivity Socket Contact Tin 17-20 AWG Crimp Power00.2100
M24308/2-13FAMP CONNECTOR M24308/2-13F D-SUB HD FEMALE 44 SOCKET1225.2400
2-2013310-2TE Connectivity / AMP 2-2013310-2 Connector Socket 204 POS 0.6mm02.0000
7875961AMP 787596-1 Connector SCSI237.6000
747052-4AMP 747052-4 Connector D-Subminiature RCP 9 POS 2.76mm34.9500
3-644457-53-644457-5 TE Connectivity Connector Header 5P 2.54mm00.3000
5-102567-25-102567-2 TE Connectivity / AMP Connector Shrouded Header 24 POS 2.54mm02.0000
TMSSCE1K3/322.09TE Connectivity TMS-SCE-1K-3/32-2.0-9 Wire Identification HS-SLV 3/32" White00.4900
ZT450024ZT450024 SCHRACK RELAY 5AMP 250VAC 14PIN COIL 24V00.0000
640663-1AMP 640663-1 Terminal Contact Crimp 1 POS 22-26AWG10,0000.0400
745230-5745230-5 TE Connectivity / AMP Connector Crimp Terminal 18-22AWG10,0000.0700
7-188275-4TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP 7-188275-4 Connector, Receptacle 4P, 1.27 mm43.1500
5787430-15787430-1 AMP Connectors Battery Header 5 POS 5mm Solder ST 1 Port00.0000
1-87309-4AMP 1-87309-4 Contact, 24 AWG, 20 AWG, Crimp3090.2200
1-292230-01-292230-0, TE / AMP, Connector Header 50V 2A, 1.5mm, 10P00.6500
292175-2292175-2, TE/AMP Connector Shrouded Header 2 POS 2mm 4A SMD00.5600
292230-7292230-7, TE/AMP, Connector Shrouded Header 7 POS 1.5mm SMD00.4200
747322-2AMP 747322-2 Connector 25 POS07.3500
1393310-3TE CONNECTIVITY VCF4-1000 Relay Socket350.0000
130230130230 TE Connectivity Connector Ring Tongue Terminal 10-12AWG00.0000
5104338-85104338-8 TE Connectivity Connector Shrouded Header 40 POS 2.54mm03.5200
5747846-35747846-3 TE Connectivity D-Sub Standard Connectors B25S RA31806.6100
533268-9AMP 533268-9 HEADER CONNECTOR HDI RCPT 180POS 3ROW R/A579.2000
641119-2AMP 641119-2 Connector Wire to Board HDR 2 POS 3.96mm1000.1100
826926-5826926-5 TE Connectivity / AMP Connector Unshrouded Header 5 POS 2.54mm00.3000
1648203-1TE CONNECTIVITY / ELCON 1648203-1 Rectangular Power Connector, Crimp, Plug, 29 Contacts, Pin08.4400
RP78602RP78602 TE Connectivity Relay Socket 400V 12A 8Pins702.7700
163555-6163555-6 TE Connectivity / AMP Pin Terminal 18.5-22AWG M 20.4MM TIN00.0000
6-1624108-26-1624108-2, TE Fixed Inductors 5.9nH +/-0.2nH 3640 SMD 040200.0600
1658628-11658628-1 TE Connectivity / AMP Connector SFP RCP 40 POS 1.6mm 2 Port018.0700
1057699-11057699-1 TE Connectivity RF / Coaxial Connector 0Hz to 15GHz 50Ohm00.0000
1734085-21734085-2 TE Connectivity USB Connector 4P01.2800
745171-5AMP 745171-5 Connector Accessories Backshell/Cable05.3100
747840-6TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP 747840-6 Standard D Sub Connector, 9 Contacts, Steel Body203.1200
7-188275-8AMP 7-188275-8 Connector Socket 8POS Vertical SMD45.5000
1-1478125-01-1478125-0 TE Connectivity Right Angle 75Ohm BNC Connector Plug, Solder Termination RG179 B/U, RG187 A/U Silver010.1100
206430-1TE Connectivity 206430-1 Connector CPC SKT 4 POS Crimp ST Panel Mount 4 Terminal 1 Port02.4100
822516-7822516-7 AMP Memory Sockets PLCC 32 POS SMD00.0000
2-520336-2TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP 2-520336-2 TERMINAL, FLAG DISCONNECT, 0.187IN, RED00.4800
2-6447232-32-6447232-3 TE Connectivity Connector Header 34 POS018.6900
770601-2TE Connectivity CST-100 PCB Connector Contact, Female, Crimp 22-26 AWG00.0000
1932258-11932258-1, TE, USB Connectors TYPE A RECEPTACLE 9P USB 3.003.0500
179518-1179518-1 TE CONN CONT RCPT 22-26AWG CRIMP ROHS00.0000
1571262-21571262-2 TE Tactile Switches 0.05A 12VDC Gull Wing00.0000
280530-1280530-1 TE Connectivity Crimp Socket 26-22 AWG Gold Finish00.3640
9-1462037-99-1462037-9 TE Connectivity Relay 12VDC 2A DPDT05.4600
0-0826629-3826629-3 TE Connector Header 3 position 0.100" (2.54mm) Through Hole00.6000
3-640441-23-640441-2, TE, MTA-100 2 Position 2.54 mm Pitch Single Row 24 AWG Closed End IDC Socket00.1000
1011-026-02051011-026-0205 TE Connectivity / Deutsch Connnector Clip Gray00.0000
182734-2182734-2 TE Connectivity Contact, Female, Crimp, Tin Plating 28 - 24 AWG00.0000
M39012/93-3003M39012/93-3003 TE Connector SMA RCP 0 to 18GHz ST Thru-Hole Gold055.0000
1825027-81825027-8 TE CONNECTIVITY SWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 24V RoHS00.1700
D-659-0003D-659-0003 TE-CONNECTIVITY Rectangular Contact Inserts00.0000
179227-1179227-1 TE/AMP Wire to Wire Crimp Receptacle Connector 22 - 26 AWG00.1260
EP9WS100RJEP9WS100RJ TE Connectivity Wirewound Resistor 100 ohm, 9W 5% 500V Axial01.5700
487545-5487545-5 TE Connectivity Connector Housing RCP 8 POS 1.27mm Crimp01.0000
5-104071-45-104071-4 TE Connectivity Connector Shrouded Header 20 POS 1.27mm03.4700
5-104074-45-104074-4 TE Connectivity 20 Position Single Row 1.27 mm89.4800
60465-160465-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Faston Tab Terminal M 17.93mm 7.49mm 0.250" RoHS00.1123
5-104074-15-104074-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connector 10 Positions Header40.0000
881545-2AMP - TE CONNECTIVITY 881545-2 Jumper (Busbar), Shunt, Shunt, 7600 Series Programmable Shunts, 2 Positions, 2.54 mm00.0000
5-103956-15-103956-1 AMP/TYCO Connector IDC Connector RCP 2 POS 2.54mm IDT1900.4700
3-350819-23-350819-2 TE Connectivity Connector Terminal 16-14 AWG00.1250
747043-2AMP 747043-2 Connector D-Subminiature PL 25 POS 1.27mm97.2000
42470-1AMP 42470-1 Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG F 1930.0700
640454-3AMP 640454-3 Connector Wire to Board HDR 3 POS 2.54mm980.1100
61793-161793-1 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue Terminal 14-18 AWG00.0510
1825002-51825002-5 TE Connectivity DIP Switch, SPST, DIP 100 mA, 24V , RoHS00.7400
3-640426-4TE CONNECTIVITY 3-640426-4 Wire-To-Board Connector, 3.96 mm, 4 Contacts, Receptacle IDC / IDT, 1 Rows00.0000
2199119-52199119-5 TE Connectivity PCI Express / PCI Connector01.7280
VERSAFLEX-3/4-0-SPVERSAFLEX-3/4-0-SP TE Connectivity Versaflex 19mm Black Sleeving00.0000
1-175194-51-175194-5 AMP Contact Crimp Socket 24-28 AWG Tin00.0000
DT04-3P-CE04DT04-3P-CE04 TE Connectivity Housing for male terminals01.5300
PCFN-124D2M,000PCFN-124D2M,000 TE Connectivity Relay PCB 24VDC 25 A02.8300
DRC12-24PDDRC12-24PD TE Connectivity Automotive Connector 24P00.0000
4153241532 TE Connectivity / AMP Quick Disconnect Terminal 12-18AWG RCP 17.01mm Tin Strip00.0700
3-917809-23-917809-2 TE Connectivity Connector Housing PL 4 POS 10.16mm02.4100
1-962915-11-962915-1 TE Connectivity Crimp 17 - 20 AWG00.2600
747275-4AMP 747275-4 Connector Accessories Strain Relief 990.4100
2032439-12032439-1 TE Connectivity RF Cable Assemblies UMCC to SMA Plug 200 mm Type III08.0000
175571-6175571-6 TE Connectivity Connector High Density RCP 26 POS Solder RA00.0000
176285-1176285-1 TE Connectivity Connector Receptacle 6 Position Rectangular00.0000
2031-5003-002031-5003-00 TE Connectivity Connector SMA PL 0Hz to 12.4GHz 50Ohm Solder ST Cable Mount Gold08.0600
1-5353190-01-5353190-0 TE Connectivity Connector 140 Position 0.6 mm Pitch00.0000
6-104071-06-104071-0 TE Connectivity Connector Shrouded Header 8 POS 1.27mm210.0000
1011-118-04051011-118-0405 DEUTSCH Sleeve Retainer00.0000
1571983-31571983-3 TE Connectivity DIP Switch, Half Pitch 2POS SMD00.6800
5747461-25747461-2 TE Connectivity Connector D-Sub Standard 25P RA59008.1900
1462042-81462042-8 TE Connectivity Signal Relay 5VDC 2A SPDT03.8300
SBP050143WE10SBP050143WE10 TE Connectivity Wire Identification Label00.1000
211624-000211624-000 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue Terminal 10-12AWG00.0000
3511135111 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue Terminal 10-12AWG00.0000
770210-1770210-1 TE Connectivity Contact PIN Crimp00.0000
1-794617-61-794617-6 TE Connectivity Connector Housing RCP 16 POS 3mm Crimp ST Cable Mount00.8800
1-794617-81-794617-8 TE Connectivity Connector, Soft Shell, Nylon, Receptacle, Black, 18, Dual, 0.118 in., UL 94V-000.9000
2-794617-42-794617-4 TE Connectivity Connecotr 24 Position Dual Row 3 mm Receptacle Housing01.5000
1-794611-11-794611-1 TE Connectivity Contact Crimp 30-26AWG00.1200
2-794617-22-794617-2 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 22 Pos Socket Micro Mate-n-Lok01.0500
2-382811-12-382811-1 TE Connectivity Shunt, 2 Position, Economy Version, Low Profile00.1100
RE717RE717 Thomas & Betts M6, 1/4" Ring Tongue Terminal00.0000
350922-3AMP 350922-3 Contact Crimp Pin 10-12 AWG Tin00.1300
W3PW3P TE Connectivity DT Wedgelock 3way receptacle50.1270
1740261-11740261-1 TE Connectivity Connector Ring Clip For Tube00.2400
1-1414761-01-1414761-0 TE Connectivity Relay 30A 12V SPDT02.1700
5-794632-25-794632-2 TE Connectivity Connector Power HDR 22 POS 3mm Solder05.7000
62395-162395-1 TE Connectivity / AMP Terminals 110 FAST TAB PCB00.0000
917805-2917805-2 TE Connectivity Crimp Contact 12-10AWG01.5000
GA10K3A1BGA10K3A1B TE Connectivity NTC Thermistor 10KOhm 0.5% 2-Pin Radial1,5000.0000
790319-3790319-3 TE Connectivity Contact Crimp 10-12AWG 0.25000.0000
350431-4350431-4 TE Connectivity Connector, Soft Shell, Nylon 6, Natural, 19A 600VAC02.5000
RN73C1J2K74BTDFRN73C1J2K74BTDF TE Connectivity Resistor Thin Film 2.74 KOhm 0.1% SMD00.6500
925575-2925575-2 TE Connectivity Standard Timer Contact00.2100
142259-1142259-1 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 9 POS Crimp00.0000
142259-2142259-2 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 9 POS00.0000
1-1825059-31-1825059-3 TE Connectivity DIP Switch 4P 0.1A 24VDC Gull Wing SMD00.8900
925575-1925575-1 TE Connectivity Contact Crimp 17-20AWG00.1000
1776555-5TE Connectivity AMP 1-1776555-5 Connector 15 Position Terminal Block00.0000
EC8456-000EC8456-000 TE Connectivity / Raychem Cutter00.0000
EC9926-000EC9926-000 TE Connectivity / Raychem Universal Reel Holder00.0000
EC6996-000EC6996-000 TE Connectivity Thermal Transfer Label Printer00.0000
EC9816-000EC9816-000 TE Connectivity Wintotal V600.0000
1746142-11746142-1 TE Connectivity Battery Interconnect 3 POS 3.2mm01.5000
1825910-61825910-6 TE Connectivity Switch Tactile OFF (ON) SPST Round Button PC Pins 0.05A 24VDC00.0000
1901600-21901600-2 TE Connectivity Premium Crimp Tool00.0000
222K152-25-0222K152-25-0 TE Connectivity HeatShrink Boot00.0000
DP-2-63DP-2-63 TE Connectivity Crimp, Red push-on, Sealed 6.3mm00.0000
553598-1553598-1 TE Connectivity Connector 24 Terminal 1 Port010.1835
2-746610-32-746610-3 TE Connectivity Amp-Latch Dip Plug, Preassembled, 0.100x0.100 centers 24POS01.3292
2-2042647-02-2042647-0, TE Card Connector 6 Position 2FF Mini SIM Right Angle Gold05.1100
TLM2HDR075FTETLM2HDR075FTE TE Resistor 75 mOhms 1% 0.75W SMD 201000.0000
5-87589-15-87589-1 TE Connectivity Header Connector 10 Positions 2.54mm00.0000
PT570024PT570024 TE Connectivity Relay 4PDT 12A 24VDC00.0000
5-104655-35-104655-3 TE Connectivity Connector Shrouded Header 20P 1.27mm00.0000
794772-2794772-2 TE Connectivity Seal Foam00.2800
B-106-3631B-106-3631 TE Connectivity Quick Connect Female 18-22 AWG Crimp, Insulated00.0000
5552726-35552726-3 TE Connectivity Connector 50 POS 2.16mm010.0000
1-480319-01-480319-0 TE Connector Housing RCP 2 POS 5.08mm00.0000
60620-160620-1 TE Contact PIN Crimp 14-20AWG00.0000
2-5102321-12-5102321-1 TE Connector Ejector Header HDR 10 POS 2.54mm00.0000
2157375-12157375-1 TE Connectivity Circular Connector Receptacle 8 Position00.0000
2157376-12157376-1 TE Connectivity Connector Circular 8 Terminal 1 Port00.0000
1734366-11734366-1 TE Connectivity USB Connector 1Port 4P 2.0 Black00.0000
SR4M4024SR4M4024 TE Connectivity Relay 24VDC 720Ohm 8A 3PST-NO/SPST-NC00.0000
206036-1206036-1 TE Connectivity Circular Connector Receptacle, 16Pin, 17-16 Flange Mount00.0000
206060-1206060-1 TE Connectivity Plug 4 Position Circular Plastic Connector 1 Free Hanging00.0000
206151-1206151-1 TE Connectivity Circular Connector Receptacle Housing 37 Position Panel Mount00.0000
29322932 Thomas & Betts Connector, Strain Relief, 0.500 to 0.750 in., 1.781 in., 1.375 in.00.0000
5414054140 Thomas & Betts Gray Lug, One Hole 3/8" 4AWG00.0000
66400-466400-4 TE Connectivity Connector, Contacts Pin 24-20AWG00.0000
W28-XQ1A-12W28-XQ1A-12 TE Connectivity Circuit Breaker Thermal 1Pole 12A 250VAC/32VDC 2-Pin RoHS00.0000
1-66504-01-66504-0 TE Connectivity Crimp Contact 20-24AWG00.0000
206138-8206138-8 TE Connectivity Circular Connector Clamp, Straight 23, Thermoplastic, 17.86 mm00.0000
206306-1206306-1 TE Connectivity Circular Connector Receptacle 37 Position Housing Panel Mount00.0000
3-520406-23-520406-2 TE Connectivity Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-16AWG RCP 21.7mm 10.38mm Tin Strip00.0000
SMD150F/33-2SMD150F/33-2 Raychem PTC Resettable Fuse 33VDC 40A SMD 342500.0000
SQMR7680RJSQMR7680RJ TE Connectivity Ceramic Resistor Metal Oxide 680 Ohm 5% 7W Radial00.0000
1-1462037-41-1462037-4 TE Connectivity Relay 5VDC 2A DPDT SMD00.0000
SQMW515RJSQMW515RJ TE Connectivity Ceramic Wirewound Resistor 15 Ohm 5% Radial00.0000
1445022-31445022-3 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 3 POS 3mm00.0000
1445048-21445048-2 TE Connectivity Panel Mount Plug Housing 2 Position 3mm00.0000
200389-2200389-2 TE Connectivity Stainless Steal Center Guide Pin 4-4000.0000
200390-9200390-9 TE Connectivity Connector, Stainless Steel Guide Socket, 4-40 UNC-2A, 19.81mm00.0000
206036-2206036-2 TE Connectivity Circular Connector Housing 3 Position00.0000
292207-6292207-6 TE Connectivity Connector Shrouded Header 6 POS 1.5mm00.0000
66262-266262-2 TE Connectivity Crimp Pin Contact 12-16 AWG, Gold Plated00.0000
1006015-11006015-1 TE Connectivity Vibration Sensor Analog 2-Pin10.0000
RTD34012FRTD34012F TE Connectivity Relay 16A 12VDC 360Ohm SPST-NO01.8000
1-170823-41-170823-4 TE Connectivity Insulation Boot & Sleeve00.0000
1-170823-81-170823-8 TE Connectivity Sleeve, Crimp Terminal Cover00.0000
170187-2170187-2 TE Connectivity Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG00.0000
170365-1170365-1 TE Connectivity Crimp Contact Socket 22-26 AWG Tin00.0000
170429-1170429-1 TE Connectivity Crimp, Pin Contact Tin 20-26 AWG00.0000
172211-3172211-3 TE Connectivity Connector 3 Position 2.5mm Pitch Receptacle00.0000
171822-2171822-2 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 2 POS 2.5mm00.0000
172211-2172211-2 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 2 POS 2.5mm00.0000
170205-1170205-1 TE Crimp Connector 30-26 AWG Contact F 1 POS00.0000
171630-1171630-1 TE Connectivity Crimp Socket Contact Tin 20-24 AWG00.0000
536272-8536272-8 TE Connectivity Connector Backplane 180 POS 1.27mm00.0000
TAT-125-1-1/2-2-STKTAT-125-1-1/2-2-STK TE Connectivity Heat Shrink Tubing, Flexible 38.10mm00.0000
6EHG1-26EHG1-2 TE Connectivity AC Power Entry Modules 6A IEC00.0000
7-5530843-57-5530843-5 TE Connectivity Connector Edge 6 Way 2.54mm Pcb Vert01.0200
RNF-100-3/8-BK-SPRNF-100-3/8-BK-SP TE Connectivity Heat Shrinkable Tubing 3/8" Polyolefin Black00.0000
640426-2640426-2 TE Connectivity Connector IDC Connector F 2 POS 3.96mm1000.0000
1623788-61623788-6 TE Connectivity Wirewound Resistor 150 Ohm 5% Radial00.0000
CTJ920E12NCTJ920E12N TE Connectivity Receptacle Module Contact Size 2000.0000
FPK-100MAFPK-100MA Optifuse Fuse 100mA 13/32" x 1 1/2"00.0000
701-65-02109701-65-02109 TE Connectivity Contact Pin 24 AWG00.0000
1-1734742-61-1734742-6 TE Connectivity FFC / FPC Connector 16 POS 0.5mm00.8034
1650155-11650155-1 TE Connectivity Pin Contact Size 2000.0000
SMS12GE53SMS12GE53 Souriau Combination Line Connector 12 Contact00.0000
5935-01-123-42755935-01-123-4275 Deutsch Connector00.0000
TLR3A20DR0045FTDGTLR3A20DR0045FTDG TE Connectivity Current Sense Resistor 4.5mOhm SMD 251200.0000
61198-261198-2 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminals 12-10 AWG .25000.0000
222K132-3-0222K132-3-0 TE Connectivity Heat Shrink Boot - 90 Black 32 RoHS00.0000
1-776267-11-776267-1 TE Connectivity Connector Shrouded Header RCP 14 POS 4mm00.0000
5555149-15555149-1 TE Connectivity Connector 50 POS 2.16mm00.0000
RP3SL024RP3SL024 TE Connectivity Power Relay 24VDC 25A SPST-NO30.0000
HB3100MFZREHB3100MFZRE TE Connectivity Thick Film Resistor 100M Ohm 1% Radial00.0000
5-146274-25-146274-2 TE Connectivity Connector Header 2 Position 8.08mm00.0000
3521220RFT3521220RFT TE Connectivity Thick Film Resistor 220Ohm SMD 352100.0000
M7928/1-11M7928/1-11 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue 22 AWG00.0000
M7928/1-17M7928/1-17 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue Terminal 22AWG00.0000
1-103783-21-103783-2 TE Connectivity Connector Header 24 position00.0000
KUMP-11D18-247-1393116-2 TE Connectivity Relay 24VDC 15A DPDT00.0000
35221K0FT35221K0FT TE Connectivity Thick Film Resistor 1K0Ohm SMD 352200.0000
3522300RFT3522300RFT TE Connectivity Thick Film Resistor 300 Ohm SMD 352200.0000
CRGS2010J10KCRGS2010J10K TE Connectivity Resistor 10 kOhms SMD 201000.0000
63119-163119-1 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 18-22AWG00.0000
AV1911P712Q04AV1911P712Q04 TE Connectivity Pushbutton Switch 12V 5A SPST00.0000
284506-5284506-5 TE Connectivity Terminal Block 5 Position Plug00.0000
5520260-45520260-4 TE Connectivity Cat3 RJ45 Jack Socket Modular, Unshielded, Straight00.0000
324043324043 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue 8AWG00.0000
3-520408-23-520408-2 TE Connectivity Crimp Connector 14-16 AWG00.0000
RN73C1J1K21BTDFRN73C1J1K21BTDF TE Connectivity Resistor Thin Film 1.21K Ohm SMD 060300.0000
3-390112-13-390112-1 TE Connectivity SODIMM Connector00.0000
5-1617753-05-1617753-0 TE Connectivity Electromechanical Relay 28VDC 25A 3PDT00.0000
1966-RIBBON1966-RIBBON TE Connectivity Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Black00.0000
1218434-11218434-1 TE Connectivity Connector D-Sub 9 POS 2.74mm360.0000
1650153-21650153-2 TE Connectivity Contact Pin00.0000
1-146277-25-146277-2 AMP Connector Header 2 position00.0000
SMD-100-08-1-CSMD-100-08-1-C TE Connectivity / Polamco D-Sub MIL Spec Connector00.0000
V23092-B1024-A201V23092-B1024-A201 TE Connectivity Relay 24V 10A SPDT00.0000
GPRT-350-3P(B6)GPRT-350-3P(B6) TE Connectivity Connector Housing RCP 3 POS ST Cable Mount00.0000
GPRT-350-4P(B6)GPRT-350-4P(B6) TE Connectivity Connector Housing RCP 4 POS ST Cable Mount00.0000
GPRT-350-6P(B6)GPRT-350-6P(B6) TE Connectivity Connector Housing RCP 6 POS ST Cable Mount00.0000
B07D932BC2-0348B07D932BC2-0348 TE Connectivity Relay 26.5V 10A DPDT00.0000
CPF0402B10RE1CPF0402B10RE1 TE Connectivity Thin Film Resistor 10OHM SMD 040200.0000
1318110-11318110-1 TE Connectivity Contact PIN Crimp 24-28 AWG00.0000
6PCV-03-0066PCV-03-006 TE Connectivity Barrier Block Connector 3 POS00.0000
RY611048RY611048 TE Connectivity Relay 48VDC 8A SPDT00.0000
M23053/4-104-0M23053/4-104-0 TE Connectivity Heat Shrink00.0000
M23053/4-106-0M23053/4-106-0 TE Connectivity Heat Shrink00.0000
1010-044-03061010-044-0306 TE Connectivity Internal Seal00.0000
1010-130-04061010-130-0406 TE Connectivity Automotive Seal00.0000
FCA-325-BZ4FCA-325-BZ4 TE Connectivity Relay 28V 25A 3PDT00.0000
2-178128-22-178128-2 TE Connectivity Connector Housing Receptacle 2Positions 5.08mm00.0000
103309-5103309-5 TE Connectivity Connector Header 20 position 0.100"00.0000
222K142-3-0222K142-3-0 TE Connectivity Heat Shrink Boot00.0000
5650462-45650462-4 TE Connectivity Din Connector Receptacle 96 Position00.0000
103635-7103635-7 TE Connectivity Connector Header RA 8Pos 2.54mm00.0000
5536501-25536501-2 TE Connectivity Connector Header 48Pos00.0000
557721-000TMS-RJS-RIBBON-4RPSCE Raychem Printer Ribbon00.0000
B-155-3806B-155-3806 TE Connectivity Shield Sleeve Clear 5.97mm00.0000
AV1910R312Q04AV1910R312Q04 Alcoswitch Pushbutton Switch 3A 250VAC SPST00.0000
ES2000-NO.1-C1-0-STKES2000-NO.1-C1-0-STK Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing00.0000
1-917657-21-917657-2 TE Connectivity Connector Header 10 position00.0000
1-1470107-61-1470107-6 TE Connectivity Connector Receptacle 16 Pos00.0000
1470223-11470223-1 TE Connectivity Contact Crimp 22-28 AWG00.0000
3414834148 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue Terminal 16AWG00.0000
440129-2440129-2 TE Connectivity Connector Housing, Socket, 2 Positions 2mm00.0000
350215RJT350215RJT CGS Thick Film Resistor 15 Ohms SMD 201000.0000
RW-175-1/2-X-STKRW-175-1/2-X-STK Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing00.0000
RW-175-1/4-X-STKRW-175-1/4-X-STK Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing00.0000
RW-175-3/16-X-STKRW-175-3/16-X-STK TE Connectivity Heat Shrink Tube00.0000
RW-175-3/32-X-STKRW-175-3/32-X-STK Raychem Heat Shrink00.0000
794939-1794939-1 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 4 Position00.0000
640445-4640445-4 AMP Connector Header 4 position00.0000
27E16327E163 Potter & Brumfield Relay Socket, 10A 16 Pins00.0000
6-1437012-16-1437012-1 TE Connectivity D-Sub Connector 15Pos00.0000
RLP73N1ER10JTDRLP73N1ER10JTD TE Connectivity Film Resistor 0.1 Ohm SMD 040200.0000
222K132-25-0222K132-25-0 Raychem Heat Shrink Cable Boot00.0000
222K142-25-0222K142-25-0 Raychem Heat Shrink Cable Boot00.0000
62109-262109-2 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 14-18AWG00.0000
RP820024RP820024 Schrack Relay 8A 24VDC DPDT00.0000
0460-220-12310460-220-1231 TE Connectivity Contact Pin00.0000
114017-ZZ114017-ZZ TE Connectivity Connector00.0000
DTP04-4P-LE07DTP04-4P-LE07 TE Connectivity Connector00.0000
DTP4P-L012-GKTDTP4P-L012-GKT TE Connectivity Deutsch Gasket00.0000
W4PW4P TE Connectivity Wedge Lock00.0000
WP-4PWP-4P TE Connectivity Deutsch Connector00.0000
0460-202-161410460-202-16141 Deutsch Circular Contact Pin00.0000
172683-2172683-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connector00.0000
708-68-01109708-68-01109 Elcon Brand Contact Pin00.0000
794617-4794617-4 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 4 Position00.0000
1-1827876-21-1827876-2 TE Connectivity Connector Power Header 4 POS00.0000
1-770901-01-770901-0 TE Connectivity Contact Crimp 22-26AWG7,0000.0000
RLP73K2AR51JTDRLP73K2AR51JTD TE Connectivity Current Sense Resistor 0.510 Ohms SMD 080500.0000
171822-6171822-6 TE Connectivity Connector Receptacle 6 Position00.0000
172211-5172211-5 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 5 Position00.0000
172211-6172211-6 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 6 Position00.0000
1981568-11981568-1 TE Connectivity / TYCO USB B Connector00.0000
EP5WS47RJEP5WS47RJ Neohm Resistor 47 Ohms Radial00.0000
1-1534127-11-1534127-1 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 21 Position00.0000
1-794607-21-794607-2 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 26-30AWG00.0000
353907-1353907-1 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 24-28AWG00.0000
208101-8208101-8 TE Connectivity D-Subminiature Latch00.0000
1-770902-01-770902-0 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 22-26AWG00.0000
1375820-51375820-5 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 5 Position00.0000
867052-2867052-2 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 20AWG00.0000
5145300-25145300-2 TE Connectivity Connector Smart Card 8 Posistion00.0000
1982738-21982738-2 TE Connectivity Connector Backplane 96 Posistion00.0000
2042088-22042088-2 TE Connectivity Connector Header00.0000
2042162-12042162-1 TE Connectivity Connector Header00.0000
555052-1555052-1 TE Connectivity Connector Ethernet RJ-45 Coupler00.0000
KPN500B1/8KPN500B1/8 TE Connectivity Straight Knob00.0000
834333-3834333-3 TE Connectivity Circular Connector 1 Position150.0000
1551012-11551012-1 TE Connectivity Connector Card Edge 96 Position00.0000
1551099-11551099-1 TE Connectivity Connector Backplane 96 Position00.0000
223969-7223969-7 TE Connectivity Guide Pin00.0000
TCAN1042DQ1TCAN1042DQ1 Texas Instruments CAN Interface 8-SOIC00.0000
926329-1926329-1 TE Connectivity Connector Polarizing Device (Key, Plug, Post)00.0000
1-2013928-61-2013928-6 TE Connectivity FPC Connector 41 Position250.0000
2305018-22305018-2 TE Connectivity Connector Usb 3.1 Type C Receptacle50.0000
CRGCQ0402F180KCRGCQ0402F180K Holsworthy Thick Film Resistor 180Kohm SMD 0402500.0000
RN73C2A49K9BTDFRN73C2A49K9BTDF Holsworthy Thin Film Resistor 49.9Kohm SMD 080500.0000
1-2013928-51-2013928-6 TE Connectivity FPC Connector 39 Position00.0000
1-2013928-71-2013928-7 TE Connectivity FPC Connector 43 Position00.0000
1-1625892-5ROX3SJ150R Neohm Metal Oxide Resistor 150 Ohm Axial00.0000
177916-1177916-1 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 22-26AWG00.0000
179464-1179464-1 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 3 Position00.0000
2-520193-22-520193-2 TE Connectivity Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG00.0000
M83723/71W8036M83723/71W8036 Deutsch Circular Connector 3 Contacts00.0000
2-520181-22-520181-2 TE Connectivity Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG00.0000
1-1318119-31-1318119-3 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 6 Position00.0000
1-1318118-91-1318118-9 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 20 Position00.0000
1-1318116-31-1318116-3 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 6 Position00.0000
280359280359 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 4 Ways00.0000
5413854138 T&B Copper One-Hole Lug 4 AWG #10 Bolt Size00.0000
100616-2100616-2 TE Connectivity Connector Cat3 RJ45 Ethernet Jack00.0000
T4041017031-000T4041017031-000 TE Connectivity Circular Connector 3 Contacts1840.0000
6-1437012-26-1437012-2 TE Connectivity Connector D-Sub Shell00.0000
2-1761607-72-1761607-7 TE Connectivity Connector Ejector Header 20 Position20.0000
207120-4207120-4 TE Connectivity Connector Header 12 position00.0000
207120-9207120-9 TE Connectivity Connector Header 12 position00.0000
207120-8207120-8 TE Connectivity Connector Header 12 position00.0000
9-1394050-19-1394050-1 TE Connectivity Automotive Connector Caps & Covers00.0000
2201855-12201855-1 TE Connectivity Ethernet Modular Connector00.0000
2-5747704-02-5747704-0 TE Connectivity D-Sub Standard Connector 25 Position00.0000
5-103908-35-103908-3 TE Connectivity Connector Shrouded Header 4 Position00.0000
6921669216 TE Connectivity Tool Die Set00.0000
5-2301995-25-2301995-2 TE Connectivity Connector Cat5 RJ45 Jack00.0000
3413034130 TE Connectivity Parallel Wire Splice Connector 22-16 AWG00.0000
2-1194483-22-1194483-2 TE Connectivity Heat Shrink Tubing00.0000
M17/176-00002M17/176-00002 Cinch Twinaxial Cable 24 AWG 500.0' (152.40m)00.0000
350079-5350079-5 TE Connectivity Pin Contact 22-30 AWG00.0000
5-87579-45-87579-4 TE Connectivity Connector 14 Position00.0000
5499345-85499345-8 TE Connectivity Connector Ejector Header 34 position00.0000
205720-1205720-1 TE Connectivity Connector Receptacle 104 Position00.0000
142-TB142-TB T&B 3/4" Steel Locknut00.0000
170376-1170376-1 TE Connectivity Connector Crimp Terminal 20-26AWG00.0000
745563-1745563-1 TE Connector Jackscrew Socket00.0000
RA10SKRA10SK T&B Nylon-Insulated Red Female Disconnect 22-18AWG00.0000
MTC100-JH2-R34MTC100-JH2-R34 Raychem Connector Backshell00.0000
205720-2205720-2 TE Connectivity Connector Rectangular Socket 104 Position00.0000
1-1969688-51-1969688-5 TE Connectivity Connector Power Header 5 Position00.0000
2RA182RA18 T&B Splice Butt Splice Connector 22-18AWG00.0000
4-521098-24-521098-2 TE Connectivity Quick Connect Terminal 10-12AWG00.0000
281934-2281934-2 TE Connectivity Yellow Wire Seal00.0000
DT04-12PA-C015DT04-12PA-C015 Deutsch, DT Automotive Connector Socket 4 Position00.0000
DT04-4P-CE02DT04-4P-CE02 Deutsch, DT Automotive Connector Socket 4 Position00.0000
TAT-125-1/2-0-STKTAT-125-1/2-0-STK Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing 0.5" Black00.0000
1-583616-01-583616-0 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 24-28AWG3,5000.0000
ERG4004ERG4004 Thomas & Betts Crimping Tool00.0000
8-320861-18-320861-1 TE Connectivity Spade Tongue Terminal 14-16AWG00.0000
RB2207200MRB2207-200M T&B Vinyl Insulated Locking Fork Terminal 18-14AWG00.0000
LEV200H5ANALEV200H5ANA TE Kilovac Contactor 24VDC 500A SPST00.0000
1-2176070-91-2176070-9 TE Connectivity Thick Film Resistor 56 Ohm SMD 352100.0000
35212K7FT35212K7FT Holsworthy Thick Film Resistor 2.7KOhms SMD 251200.0000
160292160292 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue Terminal 10-12AWG00.0000
66098-966098-9 TE Connectivity Circular Contact Pin 18-16AWG00.0000
66741-566741-5 TE Connectivity Socket Contact Crimp Terminal 10 AWG00.0000
91501-191501-1 TE Connectivity Hand Crimp Tool00.0000
480763-9480763-9 TE Connectivity Rectangular Connector 5 Position00.0000
1-354940-11-354940-1 TE Connectivity Hand Crimp Tool00.0000
354940-1354940-1 TE Connectivity Hand Crimp Tool00.0000
2-35476-12-35476-1 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue Terminal 10-12AWG00.0000
216602-2216602-2 TE Connectivity Connector Header 2 Position00.0000
66740-666740-6 Te Connectivity Socket Crimp 12 AWG00.0000
1703062-11703062-1 TE Connectivity Connector PCB Header 2 Way 1 Row00.0000
175286-3175286-3 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 16-20AWG00.0000
640456-3640456-3 TE Connectivity Connector Header 3 Position00.0000
KUP11A15-120VACKUP-11A15-120 TE Connectivity Power Relay 120VAC 10A DPDT00.0000
1-350945-01-350945-0 TE Connectivity Rectangular Connector Header, Plug 5 Position00.0000
1586037-61586037-6 TE Connectivity Connector Header 16 Position00.0000
1586039-21586039-2 TE Connectivity Connector Headers Wire Housing Header 2 Position00.0000
1558661-31558661-3 TE Connectivity Power Relay 30A 250VAC SPST-NO00.0000
1-321235-11-321235-1 TE Connectivity Splice Terminal 10-22AWG Brass Natural RCP 66.67mm Tin Loose00.0000
1-321235-01-321235-0 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal Adapter Faston Splice00.0000
1062-20-02221062-20-0222 Deutsch Crimp Terminal, Socket Contact 16-22AWG00.0000
170430-1170430-1 TE Connectivity Crimp Terminal 26-30 AWG00.0000
DTM06-4SDTM06-4S Deutsch Automotive Connector Housing 4 Position00.0000
1-480698-01-480698-0 TE Connectivity Connector Housing Plug 2 Position00.0000
10RC-1010RC-10 Thomas & Betts Ring Tongue Terminal 10AWG Yellow00.0000
5-147384-15-147384-1 TE Connectivity Connector Socket Strip 10 Position00.0000
6EF1F6609015-5 Corcom Power Entry Module Filtered 250V 6A 3 Position00.0000
RNF-100-1-25-BLKRNF-100-1-25-BLK TE Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing ST Black Thin Spool00.0000
1586000-81586000-8 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 18 Position00.0000
174480-1174480-1 TE Connectivity Connector Wire to Board 42 Position00.0000
3189031890 TE Connectivity Ring Tongue Connector 16-22 AWG00.0000
342126-1342126-1 TE Connectivity Wire Pin Terminal Connector 16-22AWG00.0000
170780-1170780-1 TE Connectivity Connector Ring Tongue 18-22AWG00.0000
2112300-12112300-1 TE Connectivity Connector Cap Cover9870.0000
160866-2160866-2 TE Connectivity Connector Crimp Terminal 13-17AWG00.0000
5-1814832-15-1814832-1 TE Connectivity RF Coaxial Connector 50 ohm SMA Jack00.0000
6609015-36609015-3 Corcom Power Entry Module Filtered 250V 6A 3 Position00.0000
826926-6826926-6 TE Connectivity Connector Pin Header 6 Position00.0000
HSC10010RJHSC10010RJ Holsworthy Wirewound Resistor 10 Ohms Chassis Mount00.0000
1-103783-0TE Connectivity / AMP 1-103783-0 Conn Unshrouded Header HDR 20 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole431.4100
1-103958-4TE Connectivity / AMP 1-103958-4 IDC Connector RCP 4 POS 2.54mm IDT ST Cable Mount Strip101.0800
1-104257-0TE Connectivity / AMP 1-104257-0 Conn Housing RCP 11 POS 2.54mm Crimp ST600.8600
1-1437665-0TE Connectivity / AMP 1-1437665-0 Barrier Terminal Strip 9 Position 9.53mm Solder Tabs 20A / Contact502.9900
1-1634688-6TE Connectivity / AMP 1-1634688-6 Connector Header 16 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole91.0900
1-281838-01TE Connectivity / AMP 1-281838-01 Connector Housing 10 POS 2.54mm01.0000
1-292161-0TE Connectivity / AMP 1-292161-0 Connector Shrouded Header 10 POS 2mm3000.6400
1-350943-01TE Connectivity / AMP 1-350943-0 Connector Power Header 6.35mm 3 Terminal 1 Port01.3600
1-440247-1TE Connectivity / AMP 1-440247-1 Mini USB B Connector 5P Recepticle SMT W/O POSTS9000.9500
1-480426-0TE Connectivity / AMP 1-480426-0 Connector, Soft Shell, Commercial MATE-N-LOK, 4, Nylon, 0.084, Receptacle (Cap)00.5200
1-480700-0TE Connectivity / AMP 1-480700-0 Plug & Socket Connector Housing 3 POS00.2700
1-57040-6TE Connectivity / AMP 1-57040-6 Ribbon Cable, Flat, 16 Conductor, 28 AWG2,1000.4200
1-640250-7TE Connectivity / AMP 1-640250-7 Connector, Receptacle, 7, Crimp, Locking Ramp, 180 deg, Nylon, SL-156 Housings1510.9600
1-640383-8TE Connectivity / AMP 1-640383-8 Conn Unshrouded Header HDR 18 POS 3.96mm Solder ST Thru-Hole842.1500
1-640426-0 TE Connectivity / AMP 1-640426-0 IDC Connector 10 POS 3.96mm130.7900
1-640426-1 TE Connectivity / AMP 1-640426-1 IDC Connector F 11 POS 3.96mm IDT RA Cable Mount1200.8800
1-644752-8TE Connectivity / AMP 1-644752-8 Connector Wire to Board Header 18 POS 3.96mm Strip4001.3300
1-770849-81TE Connectivity / AMP 1-770849-8 Conn Housing RCP 18 POS 3.96mm Crimp ST Cable Mount00.8900
1-87309-3TE Connectivity / AMP 1-87309-3 Crimp Terminal for AMPMODU IV/V Socket3090.1800
1-87309-2TE Connectivity / AMP 1-87309-2 Contact SKT Crimp ST Cable Mount00.2800
1-87523-5 TE Connectivity / AMP 1-87523-5 Socket Contact Crimp 20-24 AWG Gold00.0900
102159-41 TE Connectivity / AMP 102159-4 Conn Ejector Header HDR 20 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole02.0900
102160-8TE Connectivity / AMP 102160-8 Connector Header 34 Position 2.54mm1404.1300
102387-1TE Connectivity / AMP 102387-1 Wire Housing Receptacle 10 Position 2 Rows of 5 0.1" (2.54mm) Spacing5002.1700
103169-4 TE Connectivity / AMP 103169-4 Conn Shrouded Header HDR 12 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole422.3000
103185-3TE Connectivity / AMP 103185-3 Connector Unshrouded Header 3 Position 2.54mm Solder Straight Thru-Hole500.2100
103670-4TE Connectivity / AMP 103670-4 Connector Shrouded Header 5 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole150.7100
103670-5TE Connectivity / AMP 103670-5 Connector Shrouded Header 6 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole101.0200
103670-9TE Connectivity / AMP 103670-9 Connector Shrouded Header 10 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole11.6100
103673-1TE Connectivity / AMP 103673-1 Connector Shrouded Header 2 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole60.8100
103906-6TE Connectivity / AMP 103906-6 Connector Shrouded Header 7 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole100.9100
104069-5AMP 104069-5 Connector Shrouded Header 30 POS 1.27mm Solder RA Thru-Hole154.3300
104074-1TE Connectivity / AMP 104074-1 Shrouded Header AMPMODU 12 Position .05 inch161.7500
104196-5TE Connectivity / AMP 104196-5 Connector Socket Strip 20 POS 1.27mm Right Angle Thru-Hole3804.9900
104257-1TE Connectivity / AMP 104257-1 Connector Housing 2 Position 2.54mm Crimp ST5000.3000
1123215-1TE Connectivity / AMP 1123215-1 Connector Card Edge RCP 150 POS 0.6mm Solder ST SMD Tray507.1600
146130-2 TE Connectivity / AMP 146130-2 Connector Header 6 POS 2.54MM SMD160.5300
1375819-1 TE Connectivity / AMP 1375819-1 Connector Crimp 26-22AWG1000.1000
1375820-2TE Connectivity / AMP 1375820-2 Connector Receptacle, 2.54 mm350.1200
1658621-5TE Connectivity / AMP 1658621-5 IDC Connector F 24 POS 2.54mm IDT RA Cable Mount02.7000
1658621-6TE Connectivity / AMP 1658621-6 Conn IDC Connector F 26 POS 2.54mm IDT RA Cable Mount02.2200
1658623-2TE Connectivity / AMP 1658623-2 Connector 14POS, 2.54MM501.5600
1658657-1TE Connectivity / AMP 1658657-1 D-Sub Standard Connectors DSUB A15P CRIMP KIT213.3300
166570-1TE Connectivity / AMP 166570-1 Conn Housing PL 48 POS 5.08mm Crimp ST Cable Mount157.4800
2-1761605-9TE Connectivity / AMP 2-1761605-9 Connector Shrouded Header 26 POS 2.54mm06.9800
2-175677-8TE Connectivity / AMP 2-175677-800.0000
154511-2TE Connectivity / AMP 154511-2 Connector 0.110" FASTON RECEPTACLE HOUSING3,9890.1500
170204-1.TE Connectivity / AMP 170204-1 CONN RECEPT 26-20AWG, PRE-TIN00.1000
170262-1170262-1 TE Connectivity / AMP EIS Contact Crimp Connector 600V 9.5A Tin Plated Brass9,8840.0850
206838-3TE / AMP 206838-3 Circular? Connector 24Position47.4400
170263-1TE Connectivity / AMP 170263-1 Female Crimp Terminal 26-30 AWG10,0000.1500
206708-1TE Connectivity / AMP 206708-1 Circular Connector 9 Position 1 Port33.6300
206705-3AMP 206705-3 Connector Sealed CPC PIN 9 POS ST Panel Mount26.9100
206390-1TE Connectivity / AMP 206390-1 Plastic Backshell for DB25 Connector925.2500
170362-1TE Connectivity / AMP 170362-1 Contact SKT Crimp ST Cable Mount Strip2,3250.1100
206061-1TE Connectivity / AMP 206061-1 Conn CPC PIN 4 POS Crimp ST Panel Mount 4 Terminal 1 Port1962.5500
205735-7TE Connectivity / AMP 205735-7 Connector D-Subminiature PIN 15 POS 2.74mm Solder ST Thru-Hole 15 Terminal 1 Port175.9200
171639-1TE Connectivity / AMP 171639-1 Connector, Contact Crimp 20-16 AWG550.1000
205204-4TE Connectivity / AMP 205204-4 Connector, D-Sub, Cable Plug, 9Pos, MetalShell00.9500
171822-3 TE Connectivity / AMP 171822-3 Conn Housing RCP 3 POS 2.5mm Crimp ST Cable Mount3000.1200
171822-4TE Connectivity / AMP 171822-4 Connector Housing 4 POS 2.5mm600.2700
200277-4AMP 200277-4 Connector 50 Position Blue Panel Mount318.6000
2-745129-6TE Connectivity / AMP 2-745129-6 Connector302.3900
2-644018-32-644018-3 TE Connectivity / AMP DIP Socket 32 Pin2240.1400
2-641932-1TE Connectivity / AMP 2-641932-1 Dual Inline Package (DIP) Socket 24 Pin1,0670.2400
172165-1TE Connectivity / AMP 172165-1 Connector Housing 2POS 4.2mm200.6200
2-641615-3TE Connectivity / AMP 2-641615-3 Dual Inline Package (DIP) Socket 28 Pin1,4000.3700
172233-11TE Connectivity / AMP 172233-1 Conn Housing RCP 2 POS 4.2mm Crimp ST Individual00.6800
2-641267-3TE Connectivity / AMP 2-641267-3 Connector DIP Socket SKT 28 POS 2.54mm1000.6400
2-640551-0AMP 2-640551-0 Dust Cover 20 Position MTA-156 Connector1000.4700
2-640463-3TE Connectivity / AMP Connector 2-640463-3 DIP Socket 8Pins3280.4500
2-520194-2TE Connectivity / AMP 2-520194-2 Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG RCP 21.71mm 8.53mm Tin1000.2400
2-520184-2TE Connectivity / AMP 2-520184-2 Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG RCP 21.71mm 10.38mm Tin40.2100
2-520182-2TE Connectivity / AMP 2-520182-2 Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG RCP 21.97mm 8.53mm Tin1000.2000
25201842TE Connectivity / AMP 2-520184-2 Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG RCP 21.71mm 10.38mm Tin00.2100
2-520129-2AMP 2-520129-2 Quick Disconnect Terminal 0.25" x 0.032"1250.4200
2-520128-2TE Connectivity 2-520128-2 Red Insulated Faston Flag Terminal 18-22 AWG 0.250" (1/4")00.2800
2-406549-1TE Connectivity / AMP 2-406549-1 Conn RJ-45 F 8 POS 2.03mm Solder RA Thru-Hole 12 Terminal 1 Port Tray Cat 5262.7800
2-36152-1AMP 2-36152-1 CONNECTOR RING 16-22 AWG #6 RED PIDG3000.3400
2-34852-1AMP 2-34852-1 Ring Tongue Terminal 10-12AWG 24.21m500.7500
2-323914-1TE Connectivity / AMP 2-323914-1 Yellow Insulated Ring Lug Terminal 26-22AWG #4 Bolt Size1,0000.0700
2-32051-1TE Connectivity 2-32051-1 Spade Tongue Terminal 16-22AWG 23.06mm 9.53mm Tin3000.3400
535541-8AMP 535541-8 CONN RECEPT 10POS .100 VERT AU121.2700
5-555179-3AMP 5-555179-3 MODULAR PLUG ASSEMBLY 8 POSITION53.1800
61407-361407-3 TE Connectivity FASTON .187 Series , 90 Mount Angle Stud Mount Tab Terminal, 4.75 x 0.51mm Tin Plated4,0000.1500
102943-4AMP 102943-4 Connector CON 04 MODII HDR SRST B/A .100CL1000.1800
RUEF090-2AMP/Tyco RUEF090-2 FUSE 40A 30V FAST ACTING 2PIN00.2200
RXE185RXE185 AMP Resettable Fuses 1.85A 72V Radial30.1100
0-0320565-0AMP 320565 Connector Ring 14-16 AWG #8 BLUE PIDG00.1500
6609061-4TE Connectivity / AMP 6609061-4 Printed Circuit Mount Power Line Filter Y Series 4 Amp 250 VAC14022.5000
320749TE Connectivity / AMP 320749 Flanged Spade Tongue Terminal 16-22AWG 13.06mm 7.52mm Tin00.1600
SO96-4-01TE Connectivity / AMP SO96-4-01 Cable Accessories Solder Sleeve Shield Terminator Black Nickel03.9800
1-480700TE Connectivity / AMP 1-480700 Connector Mate-N-Lok 3 Position 6.35 mm2000.1500
1-87516-1TE Connectivity / AMP 1-87516-1 30 MODII HDR DRRA SHRD .100 CL424.4900
1462050-2TE Connectivity 1462050-2 Relay SPDT 5VDC 2A SMD HF3031,01411.6800
148370-1TE Connectivity / AMP 148370-1 EUROCARD DIN 41612 CONNECTOR TYPE M 24 POSITION1206.0000
1727981TE Connectivity / AMP 172798-1 CONTACT MINI AMP-IN Terminal 26-22 PTPBR3,5780.4500
2041021-4TE Connectivity / AMP 2041021-4 SD CARD Connector 9 Position Header 2.42MM2343.0000
3-640440-5TE Connectivity / AMP 3-640440-5 Connector Receptacle 5 Position 22AWG MTA100 RoHS1100.3500
3-747579-23-747579-2 TE Connectivity / AMP FERRULE STEPPED DB9/15/25100.3000
3180731807 TE Connectivity / AMP Solistrand Uninsulated Ring Terminal 8 AWG to #10 Stud1700.4800
31886TE Connectivity / AMP 31886 Red Insulated Crimp Lug Terminal #8 Stud 22-16 AWG2000.2800
320565TE Connectivity / AMP 320565 Ring Lug Terminal 14-16 AWG to #8 Stud Insulated Blue Nylon5000.1900
329966TE Connectivity / AMP 329966 Ring Tongue Terminal 16-22 AWG Stud Size 1/2" (12.7mm) Non Insulated6950.2100
33460TE Connectivity / AMP 33460 Non-Insulated Ring Tongue Terminal 8 AWG to #10 Stud Tin Plated2000.5200
34168TE Connectivity / AMP 34168 Insulated Ring Tongue Terminal #6 Stud 10-12 AWG Tin Plated Yellow Vinyl900.3000
34567TE Connectivity / AMP 34567 Ring Lug Terminal #10 Stud 14-16 AWG2300.3500
3507111TE Connectivity / AMP 350711-1 Receptacle Housing 600V 19A 6 Position Through Hole Mount921.2600
3615736157 TE Connectivity / AMP Nylon Insulated Ring Lug 16-14 AWG Blue for #6 Screw7,9250.3000
390088-2TE Connectivity / AMP 390088-2 Pin Header Shunt / Jumper 0.1" (2.54mm) Spacing5000.5000
440260-2TE Connectivity / AMP 440260-2 Connector , Vertical USB 2.0 Port With Post 4 Position1,9620.3500
499910-9AMP/TYCO 499910-9 MALE HEADER SHROUDED VERT 40POS .100 15AU 0.100" x 0.100"206.7800
4999228AMP 499922-8 Header, Shrouded Connector 34 Positions224.5000
5-102617-3TE Connectivity / AMP 5-102617-3 CONNECTOR 0.100 INCH AMP MODULAR HEADERS ROHS472.2000
5-104361-2TE Connectivity / AMP 5-104361-2 Shrouded Connector Header 3 Position 2.54mm Spacing420.9500
5-1393788-7TE Conectivity / AMP 5-1393788-7 Sealed Relay 12V Coil 2A DPDT Contacts V23079-D1003-B3016643.7900
51863TE Connectivity / AMP 51863 Crimp On Ring Lug #6 Stud 0.25" Outside Diameter3000.1900
520250-2TE Connectivity / AMP 520250-2 Modular / Ethernet Connector RJ11 4 Positions251.1500
520252-4TE Connectivity / AMP 520252-4 Modular RJ45 Jack CAT3 8 Position Single Port Through Hole1001.5000
52951TE Connectivity / AMP 52951 Crimp Terminal Spade, Lug 16-22 AWG #10 PG1,1500.2000
5406904-1TE Connectivity / AMP 5406904-1 Connector RJ11 6P4C RJ14 Jack2002.8600
5747470-2TE Connectivity / AMP 5747470-2 Right Angle PC Mount Male D-Sub Connector 37 Pins5614.9900
6-87523-9TE Connectivity / AMP 6-87523-9 Terminal Housing Crimp Contact 24-20 AWG Gold Plated1000.4600
61397-1TE Connectivity / AMP 61397-1 Crimp On Ring Lug Terminal # 10 Stud 14-18 AWG3000.1700
640309-3TE Connectivity / AMP 640309-3 Tin Plated Crimp Pin 10-12AWG5000.2100
640383-9TE Connectivity / AMP 640383-9 Vertical Single Row Pin Header 9 Pins Through Hole Mount 3.96 mm Pitch1460.5000
640452-2TE Connectivity / AMP 640452-2 Unshrouded Pin Header Single Row 2 Positions 2.54mm Vertical1,0000.3500
640454-2TE Connectivity / AMP 640454-2 Unshrouded Vertical Pin Header 2 Position 5A 2.54mm Pitch6150.1000
640456-2TE Connectivity / AMP 640456-2 Connector Header 2 Position 0.10" Spacing350.1000
6404572TE Connectivity / AMP 640457-2 Connector Wire to Board 2 Position Header 2.54mm Right Angle Thru-Hole2,0000.1000
643813-2AMP/TYCO 643813-2 Connector MTA-100 and Headers Closed End With Tabs IDC - Closed End100.0000
650297-1Connectivity / AMP 5-650297-1, Card Edge, 2.54 mm, 20P, Gold708.2500
7455362TE Connectivity / AMP 745536-2 DB-25 Connector Right Angle27018.9900
747459-6TE Connectivity / AMP 747459-6 D-Sub Connector 9 Position 2 Row1253.5000
747461-6AMP 747461-6 CONNECTOR D-SUB RCPT R/A 25POS PCB AU1510.7500
7479052TE Connectivity / AMP 747905-2 D-Sub Connector 9 Pin Female Through Hole Mount1002.0000
7702331TE Connectivity / AMP 770233-1 Commercial MATE-N-LOK DUST COVER1000.2500
770783-1770783-1 TE Connectivity / AMP CONN PLUG POSI-LOC .25" 3POS .093200.3800
770785-1770785-1 AMP Receptacle Connector POSI-LOC 6.35mm 3 Position 0.093"140.5500
822277-1TE Connectivity / AMP 822277-1 PLCC Socket 52 POS 1.27mm511.9900
87160-8TE Connectivity / AMP 87160-8 Vertical Connector Header 7 Position 0.156" Spacing252.4900
26412623AMP 2-641262-3 IC SOCKET DIP16 2.54mm4120.1100
1-480215-0TE Connectivity / AMP 1-480215-0 AMP-LOK 12 Circuit Natural Nylon Wire Housing1,7240.4500
745988-1AMP 745988-1 Sockets Connector 09 Position MSFL RCPT RA 590 (FM)510.3200
WR1199Raychem RNF100-3/4" Black Heat Shrink Tubing 3/4" 2:1 Shrink2,4950.7000
2446AMP 8-329966-1 Ring Tongue Terminal 16-22AWG 27.18mm00.1500
350711-1350711-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connector Header 6POS VERT .250 TIN01.8000
2141AMP 745536-2 Connector D-Subminiature RCP 25 POS 2.029.1400
350779-1AMP 350779-1 Rectangular Housing Connector 4 Position Plug 94V-0 UNI-MATE00.4800
172233-1AMP 172233-1 PLUG HOUSING100.6800
281284-2TE Connectivity / AMP 281284-2 Connector 34 Positions 2.54 mm502.7500
504021-1TE Connectivity / AMP 504021-1 Singlemode Duplex Fiber Optic Connector02.1900
520437-1520437-1 TE Connectivity / AMP SDL FERRULE 5.69-6. 20MM CABLE Polycarbonate Gray102.1500
520464-1520464-1 TE Connectivity / AMP Connector Shield, 8 Position101.6800
5499922-35499922-3 TE Connectivity / AMP Connector AMP-LATCH 16 Position 2.54 mm Dual Row162.9900
5-5179009-3AMP/TYCO 5-5179009-3 Board to Board Connector 2X40Position20.0000
390088-1AMP 390088-1 PITCH 0.1" (2.54MM) CONTACT FINISH 30 GOLD00.0000
435704-4435704-4 TE Connectivity / AMP DIP Switches / SIP Switches 4P1440.1600
794186-1TE Connectivity / AMP 794186-1 Nylon Pin Housing Plug 3 Position 600V 9.5A00.7000
1-281838-0AMP 1-281838-0 Connector Housing RCP 10 POS 2.54mm Crimp ST Cable Mount181.0200
205090-1AMP 205090-1 SOCKET CONTACT 24-20 gold over copper00.4000
3505361TYCO 350536-1 350536 SOCKET [20-14] mm [AWG] 600V 19- 300.0200
640457-2640457-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Header 2 position 0.100" (2.54mm)00.2800
3615836158 TE Connectivity Terminals RIDG RING 16-1400.2700
170204-1TE Connectivity / AMP 170204-1 Crimp On Female (Socket) Terminal 26-20 AWG2,9580.1300
281698-8TE Connectivity / AMP 281698-8 Shrouded Connector Header 8 Position 2.54mm Pitch1,7901.0000
3-520140-4TE Connectivity / AMP 3-520140-4 Female Quick Connect Terminal 0.25" 14-16 AWG Blue Nylon Insulation1,5000.4800
350735-1350735-1 TE Connectivity Connector Housing, Universal MATE-N-LOK Series, Plug, 12 Positions, 6.35 mm00.1300
350777-4TE Connectivity / AMP 350777-4 Nylon Connector Housing 2 Position 600V 19A6680.2900
350923-3AMP 350923-3 Connector Contact SKT 1 POS Crimp ST Cable00.1500
172160-1TE Connectivity / AMP 172160-1 Receptacle Terminal Housing 2 x 3 Configuration 6 Position 600V 9.5A400.7800
770565-2770565-2 TE Connectivity / AMP Tin Plated Crimp Pin Terminal 18-22 AWG7,0000.2000
1-4804261-480426-0 AMP Connector 4 Position Natural 5.08mm3000.3200
770040-1TE Connectivity / AMP 770040-1 MATE-N-LOK Plug Housing 9 Position Plug Housing 6.35 mm Pitch RoHS2500.6000
5-104362-6TE Connectivity / AMP 5-104362-6 Connector 7 Positions Header, Shrouded 0.100" (2.54mm) Gold3851.3300
530153-2TE Connectivity / AMP 530153-2 Shunt / Jumper Block 2 Position 0.1" (2.54mm) Spacing5000.7500
640426-3AMP CONNECTOR RECEPTACLE 640426-3 3POS 18AWG MTA156900.0600
640551-3AMP 640551-3 CLOSE END DUST COVER 3POS USED W/MTA-156900.2500
350536-1AMP/TYCO 350536-1 SOCKET [20-14] mm [AWG] 600V 19- 36A MAX.00.0200
826936-6826936-6 TE Connectivity 6 Way 1 Row Straight Pin Header 2.54mm Pitch8030.3700
292171-2TE Connectivity / AMP 292171-2 Connector Header Single Row 2 Position 125V 4A400.4800
M24308/2-13AMP M24308/2-13 SOCKET 44 PIN HEADER MIL SPEC012.0000
640909-1TE Connectivity / AMP 640909-1 Quick Connect Female 22-18 AWG Red Insulated Female 0.187"00.1800
5-103946-1TE Connectivity / AMP 5-103946-1 Shrouded Connector 2 Position IDC Plug1,1041.4500
66471-9TE Connectivity / AMP 66471-9 Connector Pin1,0000.3500
PL5-66506-9TE Connectivity / AMP PL5-66506-9 Contact PIN Crimp 20-24 AWG7500.1400
60619-1TE Connectivity / AMP 60619-1 Crimp Pin Connector 14-20 AWG6700.2000
747051-2TE Connectivity / AMP 747051-2 D-Sub Standard Connector 25 Pin 2 Rows HDF-205746.9900
0-0350547-1TE Connectivity / AMP 0-0350547-1 Centerline Crimp 0.250" 600V5000.2000
583857-8TE Connectivity / AMP 583857-8 Centerline Connector 0.100, 0.125, 0.1562,5700.1500
749267-1AMP 749267-1 Shielded Miniature Circular DIN Connector26.0000
5-146278-3TE Connectivity / AMP 5-146278-3 Breakaway Header, 0.100 in 2.54mm, 3Position 3 A3,0000.1800
66169-025AMP 66169-025 Connector D-Subminiature108.0000
640385-91-640385-9 TE Connectivity AMP Connector Header 9POS .156 TIN1000.2700
5747840-4TE Connectivity / AMP 5747840-4 Right Angle D-Sub Connector 9 Pin Through Hole02.5500
2-292175-22-292175-2, TE / AMP BLACK CONNECTOR HEADER 2POS SMD TIN00.6800
292230-6292230-6, TE / AMP Wire to Board Shrouded Header, Mini CT 6 Position00.4000
1-350942-0TE Connectivity / AMP 1-350942-0 Connector Power Header 2 POS 6.35mm 1 Port01.3600
170362-3TE Connectivity / AMP 170362-3 Contact Crimp00.1100
745781-4AMP 745781-4 Connector 9-Pin D-SUB Receptacle202.6700
534245-2AMP 534245-2 Connectors Shrouded Header HDR 30 POS 2.54m373.9600
499206-4AMP 499206-4 Connector Ejector Header HDR 20 POS 2.54mm360.2400
350736-1AMP 350736-1 Connector Housing PL 15 Position 6.35mm Straight500.5000
2-520334-22-520334-2, TE, Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22AWG00.0792
499206-9499206-9 AMP-Latch Connectors 40P UNIVERSAL HEADER54.5000
745189-1AMP 745189-1 Standard D-Subminiature Connector510.0200
3-435668-4AMP 3-435668-4 Switch DIP OFF-ON SPST 4 Recessed R1000.1300
822473-3AMP 822473-3 Conn PLCC Socket SKT 32 POS 2.54mm100.7000
MAX3221ECPWRMAX3221ECPWR Texas Instruments Single Transmitter/Receiver RS-232 16-TSSOP21.6000
520963-1520963-1 AMP Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-18AWG00.1700
33457AMP 33457 Ring Tongue Terminal 12-10AWG, Stud Size 1000.0000
794617-2794617-2 TE Connectivity Connector Housing 2 Position00.0000
42840-3AMP 42840-3 Contact Crimp Terminal 18-22AWG00.2000
1-745172-3AMP 1-745172-3 Connector Accessories 15 POS Backsh010.3500
745172-2AMP 745172-2 Connector D-Sub Backshells 15 POS010.3500
350778-1AMP 350778-1 Connector Housing 2 Positions00.0000
TPS568215RNNRTPS568215RNNR Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 0.6V 8A 18-VFQFN1,4990.0000
TPS40170RGYRTPS40170RGYR Texas Instruments Switching DC/DC Controller 4.5-60V 20A 20-VQFN00.0000