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Tecate offers the broadest capacitor product line-up, coupled with superb technical support.Tecate’s wide-ranging capacitor line-up makes it easy to find the product that fits your needs.


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The Tecate Group is a global supplier of electronic components and assemblies. The company is comprised of three operating divisions: ultracapacitors, capacitors and electronic assemblies. From its corporate headquarters and distribution center in San Diego, California, as well as from stocking locations in Asia and Europe, the Tecate Group supplies high quality ultracapacitors, capacitors and electronic assemblies to customers worldwide.

ULTRACAPACITOR SOLUTIONS – Tecate Group offers a broad range of ultracapacitors that include the Maxwell Boostcap® ultracapacitors, the CAP-XX low profile, low ESR super capacitors and a wide range of standard and custom PowerBurst® ultracapacitor cells and modules, allowing designers to select the voltage and capacitance combinations that fit their applications.

CAPACITOR SOLUTIONS – Tecate’s wide-ranging capacitor line-up makes it easy to find the product that fits your needs including ceramic, film, aluminum electrolytic, tantalum, and conductive polymer capacitors.

MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS – Tecate Group is a full-service manufacturing resource, areas of expertise include turnkey design, PCB assemblies, final product assemblies, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electronic components. Additionally, we offer a wide array of custom components. Tecate’s capabilities include plastic molding, metal stamping, extrusions, and die-casting.