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Tokyo Denpa Co., Ltd.(TEW) Tew logo

TEW was founded in 1934, and started production of quartz crystal units. In 1977, TEW started production of synthetic quartz crystals. In 1994, TEW developed a platinum autoclave and established mass production technology for dislocation-free synthetic quartz crystals. TEW, as a specialist in quartz crystals, has been providing the crystal products with superior quality and added value based on high-quality quartz crystals and unique process technology. TEW contributes to the society by developing and providing crystal products and electronics equipment and ZnO.

On February 13, 2013, Murata became the wholly-owning parent company of TEW, and TEW became the wholly-owned subsidiary of Murata. Murata acquired crystal device products and technologies, and going forward, Murata will work to expand this product lineup and reinforce the development, production, and sale of crystal devices.