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Thermometrics is now Amphenol Advanced Sensors.

GE Measurement & Control Solutions (MCS)’ Thermometric product line plays a vital role in the measurement, control, and protection of automobiles, medical devices, telecommunications systems, fluorescent lights, domestic appliances, and countless other applications. GE Measurement & Control Solutions (MCS) recently acquired Thermometrics, a leader for nearly 60 years in the design and manufacture of high quality thermistors and varistors. GE Measurement & Control Solutions (MCS) offers a wide array of thermistors and industrial temperature and humidity sensors through their Thermometric product lines.

Thermometrics Global Business was a major provider of thermistors, primarily to the automotive and biomedical sectors. Keystone Carbon’s thermistor division in St. Marys, PA was acquired by Thermometrics in 1995. In November 2001, GE acquired the Sensing Solutions Group of Spirent plc. The Sensing Solutions Group was comprised of three divisions: temperature (Thermomnetrics Global Business); humidity (which includes General Eastern (Wilmington, MA), Protimeter, and Sontay); and pharmaceutical (Kaye Instruments).

December 2013, Amphenol Corporation has completed the acquisition of the Advanced Sensors business from GE. The acquisition of The Advanced Sensors business, including the entire product portfolio (Thermometrics, NovaSensor, Telaire, Kaye, and Protimeter), will operate as part of Amphenol Corporation under the name of Amphenol Advanced Sensors.

One of the most comprehensive ranges of temperature sensor and probe products in the world today are offered in the category of measurement and sensing products driven by temperature technologies. These include high temperature thermistors, gauge drivers, sensors, and elements. Amphenol Advanced Sensors provides solutions to temperature sensing challenges faced by the various industry segments – such as medical, automotive, and telecommunications – across the globe.

NTC Thermistors – Glass Thermistor & Temperature Probes

Harsh Environment Chip Thermistor
NTC Type CR-1 harsh environment chip thermistors from Thermometrics® are Sn-coated Alloy 52 leads with high performance acid and moisture resistant coating.

NTC Thermistors – Cryogenics
Cryogenic thermistors designed for use in extreme temperature ranges to boiling point of Liquid Nitrogen.

SMD Thermistors
Surface mount devices. Choose from a wide selection of resistances and beta values.

NTC Thermistors – Assemblies
Combine the best features of our thermistors in a custom assembly.

NTC Thermistors – Radial lead
Radial leaded NTC Thermistors offer wide resistance, beta and dimensional image.

NTC Thermistors – Epoxy
Epoxy coated thermistors offer good stability and robustness.

NTC Thermistors – Glass
We offer a wide range of hermetically sealed glass thermistors.