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Varistor stands for Variable Resistor It’s a voltage nonlinear resistor/voltage-dependent resistor. It is an element that changes its resistance value depending on applied voltage. This is the ceramic electronic component the character of which is used to protect electronic devices from the abnormal voltage, such as lightning surge and static electricity.

Varistors, also called metal-oxide varistors (MOVs), are used to protect sensitive circuits from a variety of overvoltage conditions. Essentially, these voltage-dependent, nonlinear devices have electrical characteristics similar to back-to- back Zener diodes. Varistors are often used to protect circuits against excessive transient voltages by incorporating them into the circuit in such a way that, when triggered, they will shunt the current created by the high voltage away from the sensitive components. A varistor is also known as Voltage Dependent Resistor or VDR. A varistor’s function is to conduct significantly increased current when voltage is excessive.

Metal oxide Varistors ( MOVs or VDRs ) are voltage dependent resistors with symmetrical voltage-current characteristics which are designed to protect all kinds of electronic devices or elements from switching pulse or induced lightening surges. Its non linear characteristic with broad application range, mass production feasibility are gradually being used in various level of electric and electronic device from low to high voltages level protection

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