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Vesper Corporation

vesper-technologies logoVesper Technologies Inc. provides MEMS microphones. The Company offers microphones for various microphone array applications in mobile handsets, tablets, and other products. Vesper Technologies serves customers worldwide.

At Vesper, their mission is to deliver voice-powered products to every market, around the world. Vesper’s revolutionary piezoelectric mems microphone technology ensures our microphones are immune to dust, water, solder flux vapors and other similar environmental contaminants. As if that weren’t enough, Vesper’s game-changing zero-power listening technology enables end consumers to have battery-powered devices that can always respond to them.

Vesper is a developer of piezoelectric microphones designed to improve the reliability of the voice user interface for smartphones, smart speakers, connected automobiles and any connected device. The company’s microphones are developed with an acoustic-sensing technology with voice capture, sound-recording signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and can withstand water, dust and particle contaminants thus providing free in response to sound waves to capture the maximum signal and provide better performance.
Vesper’s ZeroPower Listening (ZPL) technology uses the piezoelectric effect to make the acoustic transducer operate as an acoustic switch. When a soundwave hits a piezoelectric cantilever, it moves the cantilever. This motion creates a voltage via the piezoelectric effect. This voltage is sensed by a very low-power comparator circuit, which sends a wake signal to the rest of the system.

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