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Wickmann – A Littelfuse Brand

Wickmann Logo
Wickmann is a well-known, leading developer and manufacturer of innovative circuit protection products for the automotive, electronic and power industries. For over 80 years, Wickmann circuit protection products have solved both overcurrent and overvoltage issues for the widest range of applications.

Wickmann was a leading manufacturer of circuit protection components for the consumer electronics, industrial electronics, telecommunications and data processing markets. Littelfuse acquired the Wickmann brand as part of its acquisition of Heinrich Industrie AG of Witten, Germany, in 2004.

The Wickmann product line includes miniature, sub-miniature, surface mount and other fuses that are used in a variety of electronic devices. Wickmann has a strong position with consumer electronic and power supply manufacturers. The acquisition added TR and TE fuse technology to Littelfuse and strengthened Littelfuse position in Europe. The TR and TE fuse category, which is used in power supplies for portable products such as mobile phones and laptops, was not manufactured by Littelfuse at that time.

    Wickmann Fuse Product Line:

  • Miniature Fuses
  • Subminiature Fuses
  • Surface Mount Fuses
  • Automotive Fuses
  • Fuseholders
  • And More

Wickmann has been engineering circuit protection solutions to set quality and performance standards for more than 80 years. Advancing innovation in fusing technology to contribute to our customer’s success has always been their objective. The Wickmann’s product line includes fuses for a variety of electronic devices in the consumer, data and telecom markets. Automotive products sold under the Pudenz name included blade fuses, bolt down fuses, fuse-holders and aftermarket fuse products for vehicles and automotive equipment. Products for the electrical business are marketed under the Efen name and include power fuses and fuse switches for electric power distribution equipment and other industrial applications. Wickmann has facilities in Germany, Hungary and China, and sales offices in key regions throughout the world.