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Wiha Tools

wihaWiha is a world leader in the production of fine quality professional hand tools. Wiha uses state of the art technology and special tool steels to produce products consistent with their reputation for outstanding performance. Wiha is well known for their precision tools, screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, bits, insulated tools and more. All Wiha tools are high quality and produced under strict ISO standards.

With over 70 years of manufacturing experience Wiha has become a world leader in the production of fine quality professional hand tools. With Facilities located in Germany, United States, Great Britain, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, China, Vietnam and Singapore as well as stocking sales agents offering Wiha Products in over 65 countries around the world, Wiha is firmly established as a world leader in the production and design of professional quality tools. Our commitment is to highest quality products, customer satisfaction and constant continuous improvement in our designs and production efficiency.

Most of the tools are made in Germany and some are made in their other facilities in Switzerland, Poland, and Vietnam. As a general rule, the screwdrivers, nut drivers, wrenches, ratchets, tweezers, hex tools and many others are made in Germany. Their pliers and cutters are forged in Vietnam. Their Measuring tools are made in Switzerland and some of the molding and assembly is done in Poland.