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Yokowo Connector

As the world’s largest spring loaded connector (Pogo pin) manufacturer, and with over two decades of experience researching and developing spring contact technology, Yokowo designs and produces connectors that respond to the technical demands of advanced electronic devices. Yokowo offers hundreds of exceptionally reliable and compact standard products (as well as the option to customize) for virtually unlimited applications, including AV equipment, mobile phones, automotive, data communication devices, health care equipment, data collection terminals, wireless equipment and more. Yokowo also includes a full range of high quality board to board, compression connectors, two piece connectors and spiral connectors.

A specialist in fine connector, antenna, and microwave technologies, Yokowo offers innovative high-tech products to manufacturers worldwide in the rapidly advancing electronics, medical, machinery, and automotive industries. Yokowo remains committed to swiftly identifying next-generation needs, and offers a framework of complete pre-sales and post-sales services.