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Elmwood Sensors / Honeywell

Honeywell Sensors Elmwood is a key global supplier of sensors and controls used in the medical, office automation, aerospace, HVAC, automotive and heavy truck, off-road vehicle, and consumer appliance industries. Elmwood’s products include sensors for temperature, position, speed, and pressure; thermostats; flexible heaters; electronic control valves; pressure switches.

Elmwood was acquired by Honeywell. Honeywell serves customers worldwide in the aviation, information technology, industrial, automotive on-board, and consumer appliance industries. Honeywell offers a wide range of sensors for diverse measurands, including silicon micromachined pressure sensors; RTD and silicon-based RTD temperature sensors; capacitive relative humidity sensors with integrated electronics; Hall effect and magnetoresistive sensors; current sensors; force sensors; air flow sensors; and solid-state pH electrodes.

Bi-metal, Snap Switch, and Snap Action Thermostats

Honeywell Elmwood

Honeywell Sensing and Control, formerly Elmwood Thermostats, lines of precision and commercial snap action thermostats.

Snap Action thermostat

Redi-Temp® Thermostats: a line of standard Elmwood thermostat products offered in a range of pre-set temperatures.


  • Redi-Temp Subminiature 3600 Series Thermostats in a TO-5 Package
  • Redi-Temp Series 3100 SPST Hermetic Series
  • Redi-Temp 3455 RC 15 A High Temperature Series

Precision Thermostats

Hermetic and non-hermetic devices for use in dispensing equipment, scientific instruments, aircraft, radar equipment, medical equipment and electronic control systems. Also available are custom-packaged thermostats for application flexibility and industrial-grade thermostats designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions.


  • 3100
  • 3106
  • 3150
  • 3156
  • 3000
  • 3001/3004
  • 3450, 3455R & 3455RBV
  • 3450RC & 3455RC
  • 3455RM & 3450CM

Commercial Thermostats

For use in a wide array of appliances, automotive applications, office machines, heat and smoke detectors and HVAC equipment. Snap action thermostats include automatic or manual reset options, phenolic or ceramic housings, and a variety of mounting brackets and terminal options. Commercial

  • 2450R, 2450HR, 2455R
  • 2450RC, 2450RCH, 2455RC
  • 2455RM, 2450CM
  • 2455RBV
  • 2450A, 2455RA
  • 2450R, 2455R, 2450RC, 2455RC