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IBS Electronics is registered to ISO9001:2008. Our commitment to quality shown through ISO certification is to demonstrate to our customers that top management is committed to providing customers with authorized genuine components with the least risk of counterfeit. At IBS we can provide full traceability on the commercial components sold. From sales to shipping IBS Electronics is committed to meeting your requirements for the right product, on time. Our mission is to be the source most preferred by engineers and buyers to design, prototype, test and manufacture electronics. See our Quality Policy, Quality Manual and Certificate.


IBS Electronics is committed to gratifying and astonishing customers with our customer service excellence, order accuracy and on-time delivery. This is accomplished through our commitment to continual improvement of our processes, services, products and our people. We are constantly working towards improvement of our procedures and processes, thus providing our customers with products that meet or exceed all requirements, are delivered on-time and function reliably throughout their useful life.

IBS’s Quality Manual

IBS ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Please send your questions about quality or request for Corrective Actions to Quality E-mail.

IBS is committed to:

  • Being a supplier of products of the highest quality.
  • Advancing state-of-the-art technology to support our products.
  • Enhancing our competitive position with superior products.


IBS’s Quality Policy Recognizes Responsibilities for Every Individual to:

  • Take the initiative to promote quality.
  • Create an environment where the highest quality standards are maintained.
  • Participate in continuous improvement practices.