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The widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components from your favorite brands and alternatives, all in one place. 
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We're here to help you find the right products for your designs and discover the latest component technology from our Franchise Manufacturers.
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Whether you need a drop-in-replacement or a custom solution, our engineers can propose alternative products that meet form, fit, and function.
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IBS Electronics Group is an ISO 9001:2015, AS9120B & AS6081 certified distributor.
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IBS Electronics Group is a global distributor founded in 1980 in Southern California, USA. We have been providing our customers with unparalleled service and support for over 40 years.

Our goal is to support the electronics manufacturing and industrial industries by providing a wide range of services, including inventory management, vendor consolidation, engineering services, prototyping, and custom design support built into the cost of the components and products distributed globally. 

IBS offers the widest selection of alternative semiconductor and electronic component brands for your AVL to help our customers improve their designs and supply chains, resulting in faster lead times and reduced costs.

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Quality Starts Here 

IBS  is an ISO 9001:2015, AS9120B & AS6081 certified global distributor with over 40 years of experience. We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a leading provider of high-quality, reliable products and services by providing authorized franchise distribution, full traceability on components, and testing capabilities to ensure quality and reliability, providing immediate stock solutions from our seamless global procurement network. 

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our Quality Management System (QMS), which ensures that we are consistently meeting the highest standards in the electronics industry. Our QMS is based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard and it is regularly audited by an accredited third-party to ensure that it meets the requirements.

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Shortage for Automotive Chips Remains a Bottleneck for 2023

The automotive industry is currently facing an unprecedented shortage of integrated circuits (ICs), causing parts shortages at auto plants, extended wait times for certain makes and models, and higher prices for cars not yet considered. To address the issue, automakers have begun stockpiling ICs, shifted production plans, and implemented incentives for suppliers who increase production. IBS Electronics is a reliable provider of alternative components for automotive applications, offering quality products and services at competitive prices. This shortage is expected to constrain auto production well into 2023, and only an improvement in chip manufacturing capacity will mitigate this increasingly critical issue.
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6G Network: Ushering a New Era of Digital Transformation

6G, the latest generation of cellular network technology, is quickly becoming the talk of the telecom industry, with executives from Nokia, Microsoft, and Qualcomm discussing the most promising use cases and making plans to establish research laboratories to develop the technology. This new technology promises faster connections, increased speeds, improved device autonomy, ultra-low latency applications, and improved security protocols, with potential applications ranging from virtual classrooms or workplaces to remote medical treatment sessions. 6G has the potential to revolutionize the world, ushering in a new era of digital transformation.
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