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Founded in 1902 with a mission to mine corundum, 3M's journey took a turn when they discovered anorthosite instead. Rather than conceding defeat, they embraced innovation and collaboration, laying the groundwork for what 3M represents today.

From this humble beginning, 3M has evolved into a global powerhouse of innovation, with over 60,000 products utilized across various industries worldwide. Scientific breakthroughs and technical ingenuity have propelled 3M to the forefront of the Fortune 500 list, with a third of its sales stemming from products developed within the past five years.

With operations spanning 70 countries and sales in 200, 3M remains committed to advancing technology and improving lives. Their diverse range of products, including adhesives, abrasives, personal protective equipment, and medical supplies, finds application in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and beyond.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a spirit of innovation, 3M continues to shape the future by enhancing every industry, every home, and every life they touch.



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