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IMP IMP5241CPW Low Voltage Differential (LVD) terminators PDSO24

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Imp IMP5241CPW IC Multimode Ultra2 SCSI Terminators and Low-Voltage Differential

IMP IMP5241CPW  Low Voltage Differential (LVD) terminators PDSO24


the IMP5245/5246 ICs are Low Voltage Differential (LVD) terminators designed to comply with the LVD termination specification in the SPI-2 document. The IMP5245/5246 are designed specifically for LVD appli- cations. Because the IMP5245/5246 support only LVD, they have lower output capacitance than multimode terminators

The IMP5241/42 delivers the ultimate in SCSI bus performance while saving component cost and board area. Elimination of the external capac- itors also mitigates the need for a lengthy capacitor selection process. The individual high bandwidth drivers also maximize channel separation and reduce channel to channel noise and cross talk. The high bandwidth architecture insures ULTRA2 performance while providing a clear migra- tion path to ULTRA3 and beyond.

This application note defines and describes the Ultra2 SCSI physical interface and discusses differential signaling. The advantages of the parallel SCSI interface and the evolution from parallel SCSI to Ultra2 SCSI are also discussed.

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