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Kamaya INC. – Passive Components

Kamaya Electric Co., Ltd was established in 1957 and today it manufactures the broadest selection of carbon composition resistors in the industry. To be the most dependable source and to maintain the highest standards, Kamaya manufactures their own products.

With headquarters in Japan, Kamaya’s global network includes the USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and China. Kamaya brand products primarily include resistors, fuses and attenuators. Quality certifications of Kamaya include ISO/TS 16949 automotive certification, ISO 14001 environmental certification and ISO 9001 quality certification.


Kamaya offers the carbon composition resistor, RC series, that improves pulse endurance characteristics compared to carbon-film devices. Resistance ranges vary widely from 1O to 22MO. The RC carbon composition resistor is available in 0.25W, 0.5W, and1.0W.  

Kamaya products are widely used in amplification, high frequency and power source circuit land also in general purpose electric applications.



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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
RMC1/8-27K-5%Kamaya RMC1/8-27K-5% Resistor 27k Ohms 1/8W 5%5,0000.0850
RMC1/161003FT04KAMAYA RMC1/161003FT04 Resistor 10KOhm SMD 060300.0700
RMC1/10-103JTPKamaya RMC1/10-103JTP Thick Film Resistor 10k Ohms 100 mW 5% SMD 0805 ROHS5,0000.0800
30R715130R7151 Kamaya Thick Film Resistor 7.15k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 080510,0000.0850
RMCKamaya Fixed Thick Film Chip Resistor Rectangular Type, General Purpose RMC Series00.0000
RGCKamaya Fixed Thick Film Chip Resistor Rectangular Type & Precision, General Purpose RGC Series00.0000
RNCKamaya Fixed Thin Film Chip Resistor Rectangular Type, General Purpose RNC Series00.0000
RVCKamaya Fixed Thick Film Chip Resistors Rectangular Type & High Voltage RVC Series00.0000
RMC1/16-3904FTPRMC1/163904FTP Kamaya Resistor Thick Film 3900K Ohm 1% 0.33W SMD 060300.0000