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Bourns Electronics – Active Components

BournsBourns® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive sensors, circuit protection solutions, magnetic products, microelectronic modules, trimming and precision potentiometers, panel controls, encoders, and resistive products. Headquartered in Riverside, CA, Bourns serves a broad range of markets, including telecommunications, computer, industrial, instrumentation, automotive, consumer, non-critical life support medical, audio, and various other market segments. Bourns® products are manufactured according to ISO-9000 standards under Six Sigma quality programs. Bourns® automotive products are manufactured in accordance with the TS16949 standard.

Bourns, Inc. is an American private, global electronics corporation that develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of electronic components for a variety of industries including automotive, industrial, instrumentation, medical electronics, consumer equipment, computers and peripherals, telecommunications, portable electronics and more.

Bourns sells a broad range of passive components, including trimming potentiometers, overcurrent protection devices, sensors, modular contacts, resistive networks, switches, encoders, panel controls, linear motion potentiometers, dials, precision potentiometers, inductive components, chip resistors and chip resistor arrays, and more. In addition, our Circuit Protection offering continues to expand to include thyristor surge protectors, resettable and telecom fuses, gas discharge tubes, line protection modules, chip diodes and ESD protection products. Outside Plant products include central office, station and multi-stage protectors as well as network interface devices (NIDS) and digital subscriber line (DSL) products. More recent product line additions include DC/DC converters, microelectronic modules, specialty resistors and power semiconductors.





    Automotive Sensors

    Commercial Vehicle Sensors

    Product Focus





    TS 16949

    ISO 26262



Circuit Protection


    ChipGuard® ESD Suppressors

    Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Surge Arrestors

    Hybrid Protectors - MSP®

    LED Shunt Protectors (LSPs)

    Line Protection Modules

    Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV)

    Resettable Fuses - Ceramic PTC

    Resettable Fuses - Multifuse® PPTC

    Power TVS Products

    SinglFuse™ Thin Film Chip Fuses

    Telefuse™ Telecom Protectors

    Thyristor Surge Protectors

    TBU® High-Speed Protectors (HSPs)

    Transient Current Suppressors

    TVS Diodes

    TVS Diode Arrays


CO & Outside Plant Products


    Protection Plug-In Modules - 3-Type

    Protection Plug-In Modules - 4-Type


    Central Office Special Protectors

    Protection - Station

    Network Interface Devices

    Network Interface Devices Enclosures

    Network Interface Devices Accessories

    Digital Subscriber Line Products (DSL)

    Protection Connector Blocks

    Protector Panels

    Terminal Blocks

    Connector Accessories

    Test Sets



 Modular Contacts


  Bridge Rectifier Diodes

    Fast Response Rectifier Diodes

    High Voltage Rectifier Diodes

    Power TVS Products

    Schottky Rectifier Diodes

    Small Signal Schottky Barrier Diodes

    Small Signal Switching Diodes

    Steering Diode Arrays

    TVS Diodes

    TVS Diode Arrays

    Ultra Fast Response Rectifier Diodes

    Zener Diodes



Contacting Encoders

    Magnetic Encoders

    Optical Encoders

    Pro Audio



LED Shunt Protectors

LED Shunt Protectors (LSPs)


Magnetic Products


    Chip Beads

    Chip Inductors - Multilayer

    Chip Inductors - Wirewound

    Chip Inductors - Common Mode

    Common Mode Chokes


    Transformers - ISDN

    Transformers - Lan

    Transformers - Line Matching

    Power Inductors - SMD Non-shielded

    Power Inductors - SMD Semi-Shielded

    Power Inductors - SMD Shielded

    Power Inductors - SMD Dual-Winding Shielded

    Power Inductors - SMD High Current, Shielded

    Power Inductors - Through-Hole

    Transformers - RF

    Transformers - xDSL

    J.W. Miller® - Through-Hole Axial Lead RF Chokes

    J.W. Miller® - Through-Hole Common Mode Chokes

    J.W. Miller® - Through-Hole Ferrite Beads / EMI Filters

    J.W. Miller® - Through-Hole High Current Chokes

    J.W. Miller® - Through-Hole Radial Lead RF Chokes

    J.W. Miller® - Through-Hole Toroid Inductors

    J.W. Miller® SMD Products


           Microelectronic Modules

    Microelectronic Modules


Position Sensors


    Contacting Multiturn

    Contacting Single-turn

    Contacting Linear Motion

    Non-Contacting Single-turn

    Non-Contacting Multiturn




    Commercial Panel Controls

    Industrial Panel Controls

    Linear Motion Potentiometers

    Precision Pots Multiturn

    Precision Pots Single-turn

    Slide Potentiometers

    Trimpot® Trimming Potentiometers - Military Qualified

    Trimpot® Trimming Potentiometers - Multiturn

    Trimpot® Trimming Potentiometers - Single-turn

    Turns-Counting Dials


    Pro Audio


 Resistive Products


    Chip Resistor Arrays

    Chip Resistors

    Current Sense, Pulse Power & High Power Resistors

    RF Power Resistors

    Standard Thick Film Networks


 Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)


    AC Surge Protective Devices

    DC Power Surge Protective Devices

    Signal and Data Line Surge Protective Devices

    Coaxial Surge Protective Devices and Enclosures

    Test Sets




    Push Switches

    Rotary Switches

    Tact Switches


 Switching Spark Gap


    Sparctube™ Switching Spark Gap Devices


 Transistors & Thyristors


    Fluoractor® Fluorescent Lamp Starter Switch

    NPN Switching Transistors

    NPN - Transistors

    NPN - Darlingtons

    PNP - Darlingtons

    PNP - Transistors

    Silicon Controlled Rectifier

    Silicon TRIACs



 Microelectronic Modules


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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
PEC12R-2017F-S0024Bourns PEC12R-2017F-S0024 Rotary Encoder01.2800
PEC12R-2020F-S0012Bourns PEC12R-2017F-S0024 Rotary Encoder01.2800
3266W-1-5013266W-1-501 BOURNS Resistor 500Ohms 10% 1/4W Axial2953.2000
3009Y1202009Y-1-202 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 2Kohms 10% 3/4inch Rectangular3003.5000
3386P001201Bourns 3386P-1-201 Trimmer Potentiometer 3/8" Square 200 Ohms 10% 500mW Through Hole1,0931.9800
3386P15033386P-1-503 Bourns Resistors 50Kohms 10%501.6000
4116R001104BOURNS 4116R-001-104 Resistor Thick Film NET 100K Ohm220.5000
3299W1503BOURNS 3299W-1-503 Resistor Trimmer 50K Ohm 10% 1/2W 25493.7500
3299X15023299X-1-502 Bourns Resistor Trimmer 5K Ohm 10% 1/2W 25Turn391.5000
3299P11023299P-1-102 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 1Kohms Horizontal Adjust Standoffs34.1200
3386X15033386X-1-503 Potentiometer 50K Ohm 10% 1/2W 1Turn2180.9500
3386P1101Bourns 3386P-1-101 Cermet Trimmer Potentiometer 100 Ohms 500mW 10% 3/8" Square1,5752.1500
3386P11033386P-1-103 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 1KOHMS 10% 0.5WATTS01.9200
4610X1012224610X-101-222 Bourns Resistor Network 2.2K Ohm 2% 10Pin Bussed1000.3200
3299W-1-2023299W-1-202 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 2Kohms Vertical Adjust 3/8" PC Pins210.9000
3329P-1-1033329P-1-103 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 1/4" Round 10KOHMS 10% 0.5W PC Pins1943.5400
3386B1501BOURNS 3386B-1-501 Potentiomet Trimmer 500 Ohm 10% 0.5W2001.2000
4114R2102Bourns 4114R-2-102 Resistor Network 1Kohms 2% 2W 14pin200.4800
4608X-102-103Bourns 4608X-102-103 Resistor, Network 10 KOhms 8SIP2750.0900
3386X1102Bourns 3386X-1-102 Square Trimmer Cermet Potentiometer 1.0k Ohms 1/2W 3/8" Through Hole5901.7500
3299W1201BOURNS 3299W-1-201 Resistor Network 200 OHM 3/8" Square Ceramic172.7000
4609X-101-4734609X-101-473 Bourns Resistor Network 47KOhm 2% Bussed 9Pin00.2000
3386X1202Bourns 3386X-1-202 Resistor Cermet Trimmer 2K Ohm 10% Thru-Hole751.2000
3374X1202EBOURNS 3374X-1-202E Trimmer Resistor 2k Ohms 20%4500.8000
MF-SM150/33-2Bourns MF-SM150/33-2 Resettable Fuse 3A SMD 29208000.6500
CM453232-221KBourns CM453232-221K Fixed Inductor 220uH 10 Ohms 0.1A 10% SMD 1812860.3600
3359W11033359W-1-103 Bourns Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer 10K Ohm 20% 0.5W PC Pin2,6381.1400
3362P-1-204BOURNS 3362P-1-204 POT 200K OHM 1/4" SQ CERM SL ST2471.6500
3362P-1-503BOURNS 3362P-1-503 RESISTOR SINGLE TURN 0.5 WATT 10% 50KOHM2941.1800
CAY16-513J4Bourns CAY16-513J4 Resistor 51Kohm 5%5,0000.0800
4610X-101-472BOURNS 4610X-101-472 RES NET BUSSED 4.7K OHM 10-SIP00.2000
3224W-1-102EBOURNS 3224W-1-102E Multiturn Cermet Linear Trimmer Resistor 1k Ohms 1/4W 10% SMD5504.7800
3386P1501BOURNS 3386P-1-501 Trimmer Resistors 3/8"SQ 500OHMS 10% 0.5W3800.2300
4816P-T01-6804816P-T01-680 Bourns Resistor Networks & Arrays 68ohm 2% 16Pin SMD500.3400
3362R-1-5013362R-1-501 Bourns Potentiometers, Variable Resistor 1/4 SQUARE1000.8300
4308R101471BOURNS 4308R-101-471 Resistor Network 470 Ohms 1W 2% SIP-84700.4000
3386P1102Bourns 3386P-1-102 Potentiometer Trimmer Resistor 1.0kOhms 10% 0.5W1,5952.1000
4308R-104-221/3314608X-104-221/331 Bourns Resistor Networks & Arrays 8Pin 2% 220/330ohm Dual Terminator3000.4200
4816P-001-470BOURNS 4816P-001-470 Resistor Array 8 X 47 Ohms 2% 1.28W 16-SOIC2,0000.8000
3006Y-1-202Bourns 3006Y-1-202 Trimmer Potentiometers 2.0KOhm 10% 0.75W PC Pins3000.7000
3310P-001-1033310P-001-103 Bourns Resistor Potentiometer 10Kohms 0.25W 3 Pins3002.5000
CR0805FX1821CR0805-FX-1821 Bourns Resistor 1.82kOhm 1% 1/8W 080580,0000.0850
PEC16-4220F-S0024Bourns PEC16-4220F-S0024 Mechanical Rotary Encoder 20mm Shaft Through Hole 24 Pins RoHS1003.6500
4608X102331Bourns 4608X-102-331 Isolated Resistor Network 4 x 330 Ohms 2% SIP-85000.2500
4606X102681BOURNS 4606X-102-681 Resistor Network 680 OHM 6-SIP960.0900
4306R102103BOURNS 4306R-102-103 Resistor Thick Film Network 10K Ohm 2% 6-SIP1550.5000
4816P001BOURNS 4816P-001-101 Resistor Netwok 100ohm 2% 16Pin500.7500
3006P12043006P-1-204 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 200Kohm 3/4" 10% Sealed Multi Turn PC Pins1631.1000
3006P1202BOURNS 3006P-1-202 Trimmer Resistor 2K Ohms Multiturn (15) PC Pins1310.4600
4610X101272Bourns 4610X-101-272 Thick Film Resistor Network 2.7k Ohms 1/8W 2% SIP-105000.3000
3266W-1-102LFBourns 3266W-1-102LF Vertical Board Mount Trimmer Potentiometer 1.0k Ohms 250mW 10%1503.9800
3266W-1-502LFBourns 3266W-1-502LF Vertical Board Mount Trimmer Potentiometer 5k Ohms 250mW 10%1503.7800
3269W-1-103BOURNS 3269W-1-103 Trimmer Resistor 10k Ohms 1/4W 10% Linear Cermet SMD5505.5900
3329H-1-254LF3329H-1-254LF Bourns Potentiometer 250k Ohms 0.5W 10% ROUND TRIMMING POT102.9900
3329S-1-5023329S-1-502 Bourns Resistors 5Kohms 10%503.4000
3364X-1-103EBourns 3364X-1-103E Cermet Trimmer Resistor 10k Ohms 25%,4MM Square1,0000.5500
4605X-101-1044605X-101-104 Bourns Resistor Networks 100Kohms 2% 0.125W 5pins Bussed2000.3500
4605X-101-4744605X-101-474 Bourns Resistor Networks & Arrays 5pins 470Kohms Bussed500.2500
4606X-101-104Bourns 4606X-101-104 Resistor Network 100k Ohms 2% 0.125W SIP-61500.3000
4609X-101-104BOURNS 4609X-101-104 Trimmer Resistors 100k Ohms 2% 0.125W SIP-92000.4000
5219-RC5219-RC BOURNS/JW MILLER INDUCTOR CHOKE 4.9uH 20% 15A100.0000
5248JW MILLER 5248 Inductor 68uH 5A 20% Axial3001.4000
91D2D-B16-C20/C20BOURNS 91D2D-B16-C20/C20 Potentiometer 100k Ohms, 5/8" Square, 6Pins40010.0000
CAY16-222J4LFBourns CAY16-222J4LF Thick Film Resistor Array 2.2k Ohms 5% SMD 12062,0000.0900
MF-USMF110-2Bourns MF-USMF110-2 Resettable Fuse PPTC 1.10A 6V SMD 12102,3800.1700
RJR26FW253RRJR26FW253R Bourns Resistor Trimmer 25K Ohm 10% 1/4W 12Turn53.7500
3296w-1-102BOURNS 3296W-1-102 Resistor Trimmer 1Kohms Sealed 3/8" SQ PC Pins00.0000
RJR24FX503MRJR24FX503R Bourns Trimmer Resistor 100ppm 50Kohms 25 Turns103.0000
4610x-101-391BOURNS 4610X-101-391 Resistor Network 390 Ohm 200mW00.0000
RJR26FW503RBourns RJR26FW503R Resistor Trimmer Potentiometer 50k Ohms 1/4W 10% Radial245.2500
4610X101181Bourns 4610X-101-181 Bussed Thick Film Resistor Network 9 x 180 Ohms 1/8W 2% SIP-10700.2900
3400S-1-501Bourns 3400S-1-501 Precision Potentiometers 500 Ohms 5W00.0000
3059Y15043059Y-1-504 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 500Kohms 10% 1-1/4 PC Mount Through Hole91.1800
3364W-1-104EBOURNS 3364W-1-104E Resistor Trimmer 100K Ohm 25% 1/5W30.8400
3006P1203BOURNS 3006P-1-203 Cermet Trimmer Potentiometer 20KOhms PC Pins191.2000
3057J-1-101MBOURNS 3057J-1-101 Resistor 100ohms 5% 1 1/4 Panel Mount00.0000
3309P1501BOURNS 3309P-1-501 Trimmer Resistor 500 OHM 9MM RD ST Thru-Hole00.4300
3359W15023359W-1-502 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 5Kohms Standoffs Horizontal Adjust Through Hole1201.1400
3386H15033386H-1-503 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 3/8"SQ 50KOHMS 10% 0.5W - Through Hole780.9000
4306R-101-4714306R-101-471 Bourns Resistor Network BUSSED 470 OHM 2% 6-SIP2800.4500
4310R-101-1034310R-101-103 Bourns Resistor Network 10K Ohms 10Pin 2% 10-SIP400.6000
4310R-102-103BOURNS 4310R-102-103 RESISTOR NETWORK 10 KOHMS 2% 10-SIP1500.5700
4605x-101-103Bourns 4605X-101-103 Resistor Network 10K Ohms 2% 0.63W 5Pin Bussed1000.0400
4606X102103BOURNS 4606X-102-103 SIP Resistor Network 10Kohm 6 PIN200.4900
4608X-101-1034608X-101-103 Bourns Resistor Networks & Arrays 8pins 10Kohms Bussed1000.2000
4608X1023324608X-102-332 Bourns Resistor Network 3.3K Ohm 2% 1W 8-SIP300.2400
4610X1011024610X-101-102 Bourns Resistor Networks & Arrays 1K Ohm 2% 10Pin Bussed00.0000
3006P-1-104LF3006P-1-104LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor 100K 3/4" 10% Sealed Multi Turn00.0000
3006P-1-502LFBourns 3006P-1-502LF Resistor Trimmer 5K Ohm 10% 0.75W00.0000
3224W-1-201EBOURNS 3224W-1-201E, Trimmer Resistor 200ohms 10% 4mm Square00.0000
3266W-1-203LFBOURNS 3266W-1-203LF Trimmer Resistors - Through Hole 1/4" 20Kohms 10% SQ W/Standoff Sealed02.8700
PWR221T-30-5R00JPWR221T-30-5R00J Bourns Resistor 5.00 OHM 5% 30W TO-22000.0000
CM453232-221K.BOURN CM453232-221K Ind Chip Wirewound 220uH 10% 79600.1400
3224W-1-103EBOURNS 3224W-1-103E Trimmer Resistor 10Kohms 10% 4mm Square1994.9900
3501H-1-103L3501H-1-103L Bourns Variable Resistor 10KOhm 10% 2W 10Turn10.0000
CG0402MLC-05LGBourns CG0402MLC-05LG ESD Suppressor 5V 0.5PF 2PIN SMD 0402 RoHS00.0000
3386W1253BOURNS 3386W-1-253 Trimmer, Cermet, Single Turn, .5 Watt, 10%, 25K Ohm1240.4300
SDR0503-471KLSDR0503-471KL Bourns Fixed Inductors 470uH 10% SMD 050300.0000
3314J1203EBOURNS 3314J-1-203E RESISTOR CERMET TRIMMER 20K OHM 20% 0.25W(1/4W) 1(ELEC)/1(MECH)TURN 2.45MM (5 X 5 X 2.55MM) J-HOOK SMD EMBOSSED T/R RoHS00.0000
4816P-001-220BOURNS 4816P-001-220 Network Resistor 22ohm SMD 16 PINS1900.2500
91U1D-T14-EA0/260LBourns 91U1D-T14-EA0/260L Potentiometer 2.5k Ohms 20% Linear Taper03.2500
FB43-226FB43-226 JW Miller / Bourns Ferrite Cylindrical 200 MHz36,8880.1200
3362P-1-102LFBourns 3362P-1-102LF Trimmer Resistor 1k Ohms 1/2W 10% 1/4" Radial00.9700
MF-SM200-2Bourns MF-SM200-2 PPTC Resettable Fuse 2A 15VDC 1.9W SMD 342500.4800
3006P-1-103LF3006P-1-103LF BOURNS Trimmer Resistors 10Kohm 3/4" 10% Sealed Multi Turn00.0000
MF-R500MF-R500 Bourns Resettable Fuses - PPTC 5A 30V Radial00.0000
MF-USMF010-2MF-USMF010-2 BOURNS FUSE, PTC RESET, 30V, 100mA, 1210 ROHS00.2000
MF-SM100-2Bourns MF-SM100-2 Resettable Fuse 1.0A 30V SMD RoHS00.4000
MF-MSMF075-2MF-MSMF075-2 BOURNS FUSE, PTC RESET, 13.2V, 750mA, 1812 RoHS00.1600
MF-PSMF050X-2MF-PSMF050X-2 Bourns Polymeric PTC Resettable Fuse 6V 500mA SMD 08053,0000.6800
SDR0503-102KLSDR0503-102KL Bourns Fixed Inductors 1000uH 10% SMD 050300.8000
CRA2512-FZ-R100ELFCRA2512-FZ-R100ELF BOURNS RESISTOR SMD 0.1 OHM 1% 3W 2512 RoHS00.6000
MF-R040Bourns MF-R040 PTC Resettable Fuse 60V Bulk Radial00.1000
SRP6540-100MSRP6540-100M BOURNS INDUCTOR FIXED 10UH 4A 78.5 MOHM SMD RoHS01.1800
MF-MSMF110/16-2MF-MSMF110/16-2 BOURNS PTC RESETTABLE 1.10A 16V 1812 RoHS00.1900
3310C-001-502L3310C-001-502L Bourns Potentiometer Resistor 5Kohms 9mm32.5900
4816P-T01-102BOURNS 4816P-T01-102 Resistor Networks & Arrays 1Kohm 2% 16Pin100.3600
SRU5016-100YBourns Inc SRU5016-100Y Fixed Inductors 10uH 30% SMD 501600.6800
SRN4018-4R7MSRN4018-4R7M BOURNS INDUCTOR 4.7UH 1.9A 84 MOHM SMD RoHS00.3600
3296Y-1-502LFBourns Inc 3296Y-1-502LF Resistor Cermet Trimmer 5K Ohm 10% 0.5W02.4100
3359P1501Bourns 3359P-1-501 Trimmer Resistor 3/8" 500 Ohms 0.5W 20% Vertical490.9900
4310R-102-562LF4310R-102-562LF Bourns Resistor Network 5.6K Ohms 300mW 2% 10-DIP200.6500
3362P-1-202LF3362P-1-202LF Bourns Trimmer Resistors 1/4"SQ 2Kohms 10% 0.5W00.0000
4816P-T01-1034816P-T01-103 Bourns Resistor Network 10Kohm 2% 16Pin2200.2500
SRF0504-191YSRF0504-191Y, BOURNS, Common Chokes 600 nH 5000mA 70-1200MHz00.6000
3329H-1-502LF3329H-1-502LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor 5Kohms 10% 0.5W302.0600
3329H-1-504LF3329H-1-504LF Bourns Resistor Trimmer 500K Ohms 0.5W 10%01.7400
CRA2512-FZ-R080ELFCRA2512-FZ-R080ELF Bourns Resistor 0.08 Ohm 1% 3W00.6000
3006P-1-202LF3006P-1-202LF Bourns Trimmer Resistors 2KOhms 3/4" 10% , 15 Turn00.0000
4308R-101-151-LFBourns Inc. 4308R-101-101LF Resistor Network 150ohm 8Pin Bussed00.5600
MF-SM100/33-2MF-SM100/33-2 BOURNS Resettable Fuses - PPTC 1.10A 33V 0.12ohm MAX (R)00.9000
3006P15023006P-1-502 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 5Kohms 3/4" 10%200.9900
CAY16-562J4LFCAY16-562J4LF Bourns Resistor Network 5.62K Ohm 1% 0.25W 8-Pin 120600.0270
MF-SM050-2BOURNS MF-SM050-2 PTC Resettable Fuse 40A 60V00.0000
MOV-10D471KMOV-10D471K Bourns Varistors 210pF 470V 70J 10%00.1700
2035-09-SM-RPLF2035-09-SM-RPLF Bourns Gas Discharge Tubes 90VDC 10KADC 10AAC 1pF Solder Pad SMD01.1200
SRN6045-221MSRN6045-221M Bourns Fixed Inductor 220uH 20% SMD 604500.4200
4608X-102-103LF4608X-102-103LF Bourns Resistor Network 10Kohms Isolated 8pins400.0000
3214W-1-102E3214W-1-102E Bourns Trimmer Resistor 1K Ohm, 10% 4mm SQ SMD00.0000
3306F-1-2013306F-1-201 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 200ohm Single Turn PC Pin00.4980
3306F-1-5013306F-1-501 Bourns TRIMMER 500 OHM 0.2W PC PIN RoHS00.5120
3386P-1-103LF3386P-1-103LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor 3/8" 10Kohms 10% 0.5W00.8300
TBU-CA065-300-WHTBU-CA065-300-WH, Bourns Bi-Directional TVS Diode 650V 300MA 12-Pin DFN01.7500
3262W-1-2033262W-1-203 Bourns Trimmer Resistors - Through Hole 1/4" 20Kohms 10% Square Cermet Sealed025.0100
SRN1060-101MSRN1060-101M Bourns Fixed Inductors 100uH 20% SMD 106000.6800
CDSOT23-SM712CDSOT23-SM712 Bourns TVS Diode Arrays SOT-23 7V 600W01.6200
MF-MSMF030-2MF-MSMF030-2 Bourns Resettable Fuses - PPTC 0.30A 30V 0.30ohm00.0000
MF-MSMF050-2MF-MSMF050-2 Bourns Resettable Fuses - PPTC 0.50A 15V 0.15ohm AEC-Q20000.0000
4308R104331Bourns 4308R-104-331/471 Resistor Network DUAL 330/470 OHM 8-SIP700.7000
4605X-101-103LF4605X-101-103LF Bourns Resistor Thick Film NET 10K Ohm 2% 1/16W 5-Pin SIP00.0000
4609X-101-1034609X-101-103 Bourns Resistor Thick Film NET 10K Ohm 2% 1.13W BUS 9-Pin SIP00.0000
3362R-1-202LF3362R-1-202LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor 2K Ohm 10% 1/2W Leaded01.0200
PWR221T-30-10R0JPWR221T-30-10R0J Bourns Resistor Thick Film 10 Ohm 5% TO-22002.3700
3296W-1-502LF3296W-1-502LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor 3/8" 5Kohms Sealed02.4000
MF-FSMF035X-2MF-FSMF035X-2 Bourns Resettable Fuses - PPTC 6V 40A00.0000
SMBJ58CASMBJ58CA BOURNS Diode TVS Bi-Dir 58V 600W SMB00.0000
PM3700-80-RCPM3700-80-RC Bourns Common Mode Chokes Dual 20mH 1kHz 1A 250mOhm DCR SMD T/R02.5500
SDR1006-270KLSDR1006-270K Bourns Fixed Inductor 27uH 10% SMD 100600.0000
CD1206-S01575CD1206-S01575 Bourns Diode Small Signal Switching 100V 0.15A 2-Pin Case 120600.1500
CG0603MLC-05ECG0603MLC-05E Bourns ESD Suppressor 25KV 2-Pin Case 060300.2170
MF-MSMF150-2MF-MSMF150-2 Bourns Resettable Fuse PPTC 1.5A 6V 0.03ohm AEC-Q20000.0000
MF-R010-2MF-R010-2 Bourns PPTC Resettable Fuse 0.10A 60V 2.5ohm Disc3,0000.2000
SRN2512-1R0MSRN2512-1R0M Bourns Inductor Wirewound 1uH 20% 1MHz Ferrite 3.5A SMD 251200.2500
SRR6028-3R3YSRR6028-3R3Y Bourns Fixed Inductors 3.3uH 30% SMD 602890.0000
SRU8028-6R8YSRU8028-6R8Y Bourns Wirewound Inductor 6.8uH 30% 100KHz 2.8A SMD 313100.7000
3266X-1-103LF3266X-1-103LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor 10Kohms 10% Through Hole04.1500
MF-MSMF020-2MF-MSMF020-2 Bourns PPTC Resettable Fuses 0.2A 30V 0.40ohm SMD 181200.0000
FW30A10R0JAFW30A10R0JA Bourns Wirewound Resistor 10 Ohm 5% 3W Axial00.5700
MF-MSMF010-2MF-MSMF010-2 Bourns Resettable Fuses - PPTC 0.10A 60V SMD 181200.0000
3266P-1-503LF3266P-1-503LF Bourns Resistor Cermet Trimmer 50KOhm 10% 12Turn Pin00.0000
CM453232-471KLCM453232-471KL Bourns Wirewound Inductor 470uH 62mA 26Ohm SMD 181220,0000.0000
70ABJ-3-M0E70ABJ-3-M0E Bourns Battery Contacts 1.27mm 3Pin Male00.0000
70AAJ-4-F1G70AAJ-4-F1G Bourns Connector Battery Contacts 2.54mm 4Pin Female Locating Pins00.0000
PM125SH-151M-RCPM125SH-151M-RC Bourns Fixed Inductors 150uH 20% 20Q-Factor00.0000
3362F-1-102LF3362F-1-102LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor Cermet 1K Ohm Pin00.0000
CAY10-103J4LFCAY10-103J4LF Bourns Resistor Network 10Kohm 5% SMD 080400.0000
RL622-150K-RCRL622-150K-RC Bourns Fixed Inductors 15uH 10% 2.52MHz 2.3A Radial00.0000
4609X-101-562LF4609X-101-562LF Bourns Resistor Network 5.6Kohms 9Pins00.0000
H-115PH-115P Bourns Potentiometer Hardware00.0000
3312J-1-203E3312J-1-203E Bourns Trimmer Resistor 20Kohm 2mm Single Turn Sealed SMD00.0000
CRM2010-FX-R100ELFCRM2010-FX-R100ELF Bourns Current Sense Resistor 0.1 Ohm SMD 201000.0000
3223W-1-202E3223W-1-202E Bourns Resistor Trimmer 2K Ohm 20% J-Hook SMD00.0000
3223W-1-501E3223W-1-501E Bourns Resistor Trimmer 500 Ohm 20% J-Hook SMD00.0000
SRN3015-1R0YSRN3015-1R0Y Bourns Inductor 1uH SMD 301500.2500
SDR0403-2R2MLSDR0403-2R2ML Bourns Inductor 2.2uH 20% SMD 040300.0000
4308R-102-102LF4308R-102-102LF Bourns Resistor Network & Arrays 1Kohm 8-SIP00.0000
CR0603-JW-101ELFCR0603-JW-101ELF Bourns Thick Film Resistor 100 Ohms SMD 060300.0000
SRP5015TA-4R7MSRP5015TA-4R7M Bourns Inductor 4.7uH 2.7A SMD 202000.4518
CRE2512-FZ-R005E-3CRE2512-FZ-R005E-3 Bourns Current Sense Resistor 0.005 Ohm SMD 251200.0000
3262W-1-104LF3262W-1-104LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor 100Kohms Pin00.0000
3299W-1-103 3299W-1-103 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 10K Ohm 25(Elec)Turn Thru-Hole20.0000
3006P0011043006P-1-104 Bourns POT Trimmer Resistor Potentiometer 100 kOhms 0.75W PC Pins11.5000
3362F-1-503LF3362F-1-503LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor Cermet 50K Ohm Pin00.0000
3362F-1-103LF3362F-1-103LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor Cermet 10K Ohm Pin00.0000
3362F-1-104LF3362F-1-104LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor Cermet 100K Ohm Pin00.0000
3362F-1-202LF3362F-1-202LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor Cermet 2K Ohm Pin00.0000
SRP5030T-5R6MSRP5030T-5R6M Bourns Inductor 5.6uH SMD 503000.0000
SF-1206S500-2SF-1206S500-2 Bourns Fuse 5A 24V SMD 120600.0000
SRP6540-4R7MSRP6540-4R7M Bourns Inductor 4.7uH 6A SMD 654050.0000
SMAJ48CA.SMAJ48CA Bourns TVS Diode Single 400W 48V 5.2A SMA00.0000
CR0402-FX-2001GLFCR0402-FX-2001GLF Bourns Thick Film Resistor 2KOhms SMD 0402500.0000
SRR1280-101MSRR1280-101M Bourns Inductor 100uH SMD 128000.0000
SRP1270-6R8MSRP1270-6R8M Bourns Wirewound Inductor 6.8uH 12A SMD 127000.0000
3361P-1-501GLF3361P-1-501GLF Bourns Potentiometer 500 Ohm 1 Turn SMD00.0000
70AAJ-4-M0G70AAJ-4-M0G Bourns Battery Contacts 4Pin Male1500.0000
SDR0604-470KLSDR0604-470KL Bourns Wirewound Inductor 47uH 0.72A SMD 060400.0000
SRP2512-2R2MSRP2512-2R2M Bourns Wirewound Inductor 2.2uH 2.1A SMD 100800.0000
PM3604-10-RCPM3604-10-RC JW Miller Coupled Inductor 10uH 2.7A SMD00.0000
3361P-1-202GLF3361P-1-202GLF Bourns Potentiometer 2KOhm 1 Turn SMD00.0000
3361P-1-253GLF3361P-1-253GLF Bourns Potentiometer 25KOhm 1 Turn SMD00.0000
CDSOT23-T24CANCDSOT23-T24CAN Bourns TVS Diode 40V Clamp 8A 24V SOT-2300.0000
SF-2410FP1000T-2SF-2410FP1000T-2 Bourns Fuse Board Mount 10A 125V SMD 241000.0000
3296W-1-202LF3296W-1-202LF Bourns Trimpot 2Kohms 25 Turns PC Pins00.0000
3362X-1-2033362X-1-203 Bourns Trimmer Resistor 20K Ohm 10% 0.5W 1/4SQ00.8500
SRP7050TA-100MSRP7050TA-100M Bourns Shielded Inductor 10uH 4A SMD00.0000
3252W-1-502LF3252W-1-502LF Bourns Trimmer Resistor 5KOhms Thru-Hole50.0000
SF-1206HH10M-2SF-1206HH10M-2 Bourns Fuse 10A 24V SMD 120610.0000
SRR5028-221YSRR5028-221Y Bourns Wirewound Inductor 220uH SMD 502800.0000
CAT16-1002F4LFCAT16-1002F4LF Bourns Networks Resistor 10Kohm SMD 120600.0000
70ADH-6-ML070ADH-6-ML0 Bourns Battery Contacts 6 Position00.0000
MF-NSMF020X-2MF-NSMF020X-2 Bourns Polymeric PTC Resettable Fuse 30V 200mA SMD 120600.0000
CR1206-FX-1002ELFCR1206-FX-1002ELF Bourns Thick Film Resistor 10KOhms SMD 12065,0000.0000