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Hynix Semiconductor – Active Components

SK Hynix Inc. is a South Korean memory semiconductor supplier of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips and flash memory chips. Hynix is the world’s second-largest memory chipmaker (after Samsung Electronics) and the world’s sixth-largest semiconductor company. Hynix is now leading industry efforts to develop next generation DRAM products. Significant investments in R&D has given Hynix a head start in the development of very high density DRAMs in small packages that enable the design of unique end-use applications. A family of Graphic DRAMs(GDDR3 and GDDR4) are also available. Hynix also offers low-power DRAM products optimized for use in mobile applications such as cell phones.

Hynix also offers a wide range of memory modules for PCs, notebooks and servers. Through its global manufacturing and sales support network, Hynix has emerged as a leading DRAM supplier to major OEMs worldwide. Hynix plans to continue its industry leading development of new products and technologies to meet industry requirements