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JKL Components – Passive Components

JKL Components is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of cold cathode fluorescent lamps, DC-AC inverters, LEDs, ultraviolet lamps, miniature and sub-miniature lamps and lighting accessories. They offer a wide selection of standard lamps and sockets. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and consistently high levels of customer service and support.

JKL Components Corporation offers LED, fluorescent, incandescent and ultra-violet technologies. A wide assortment of standard products are available for fast delivery and technical support is available for customized requirements. Products include components, sockets and replacement lights as well as assembled linear systems. JKL serves the architectural, signage, gaming, aerospace, display and automotive markets and is ISO 9001 registered.

JKL Components Products

  • Visible LEDs Visible LEDs
  • LED Indicator Lamps LED Indicator Lamps
  • Lampholders Lampholders
  • Lighting Connectors Lighting Connectors
  • Automotive LED Lamps Automotive LED Lamps
  • Indicator Lampholders Indicator Lampholders
  • LED Linear Arrays LED Linear Arrays
  • LED Holders LED Holders
  • LED Cables LED Cables
  • LED Flexible Arrays LED Flexible Arrays