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Paralight Leds – Active Components


Founded in 1987, with over twenty years of continuous product innovation and technical development, PARA LIGHT is now a leader in the opto-electronic components world market. PARA LIGHT is ISO14001 and TS16949 certified, and has approximately 1500 employees, including a quality control staff of 80 and R&D staff of 50 dedicated to serving customers needs.

PARA LIGHT standard product line includes led lamps, led seven segment displays, dot matrix displays, led light bar, lcd back light & smd led, which have created great turnover and the confidence of our customers. PARA LIGHT produces, on average, more than 150 million LED lamps and 15 million LED displays per month.

Product offerings include: LED Lamps, SMD LED’s, LED Displays, Enhanced Power LED’s, Infrared LED, Circuit Board Indicators, LED Light Tubes, LED Commercial Lighting, LED Light Bulbs, LED Light Strips, and LED Back Lights.

IBS Electronics is a Paralight components distributor. As a ISO 9001:2008 certified distributor of electronic components you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you the best prices on Paralight and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.


  • LED Lamp
  • LED Display
  • Enhanced Power LED
  • Infrared LED
  • Circuit Board Indicator
  • LED Light Tubes
  • LED Commercial Lighting
  • LED Light Bulb
  • LED Light Strip
  • LED Back Light

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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
L513HT PARALIGHT L513HT Red Diffused LED 5mm 490 0.1400
L-314HD PARALIGHT L-314HD Led Lamp 3mm 20mA 2.3V 300 0.0800
L-9451UW5C L-9451UW5C Paralight LED Ultra White 0 0.0000
L-314 PARALIGHT L-314 Led Lamp 3.0mm 0 0.0800