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CAMTEC Germany manufactures Switch Mode Power Supplies SMPS and assemblies for the Automation Sector, Machine Building and Electronics Industry. The product range comprises AC/DC Power and DC/DC Converter for DIN-Rail, Chassis Mount, Open Frame and Rack Mount Power. Camtec fabricates Programmable DIN-Rail Power Supplies for the Test Automation, similar to a Laboratory Power Supply.

A Camtec Switch Mode Power Supply SMPS is designed for pro-applications like infrastructure, railway, traffic control or military use. Camtec’s products provide outstanding data. Camtec power products achieve CE, RoHS and REACH, as well as the new European (Energy-Using Products) EuP Eco-Design Directive.

Their portfolio includes Unbreakable Power Supplies, DC-UPS, Battery Chargers and Charging Rectifiers for the modular DC-UPS, up to 60KW.
Camtec also provides Redundant-Modules, Inrush Current Limiters and Electronic DC-MosFET Relays for the Automation Powertrain

Since 1995 Camtec has been a leading German supplier of demanding power supply systems. The product portfolio includes one-phase and three-phase embedded power, DIN rail power supply, enclosed box power supply, base plate cooled power, FET-based DC power switches, programmable power supply and a family of very exact electronic AC inrush current limiters for capacitive loads.

Custom power supply systems

camte power-supplies products
Camtec is a specialist in creating demanding power supply systems, particularly for natural cooled AC/DC power supplies.

Camtec’s products are used in various outdoor applications, such as traffic control systems, infrastructure and high-power LED lighting, railway, armed forces and automotive and in high-power DC-UPS chargers up to 100kW.

Camtec Power Supplies is no mass manufacturer. Camtec’s profession is the demanding application of high-end integrated systems.

Camtec’s standard products already provide a smooth C/V characteristic to start very complex loads such as LED lighting, DC/DC-converters and serious DC motor drives. Camtec’s DIN rail power supplies are designed for base plate cooling on a hard mount. All switch mode power supplies are designed for natural cooling and with a standard ambient temperature between -20°C to 70°C.

The mechanical design of Camtec’s products is extremely robust and is made for long-term use. Camtec’s design standard is 17-18 years and uninterrupted service at 40°C. Camtec uses only high-end brand electronic parts from the best manufacturers in the world.

Camtec’s quality management integrates an ISO9001:2008 certification and a UL-controlled production.

Electronic inrush current limiters

camte esb products
The Camtec ESB-series is the second generation of cost-effective electronic AC inrush current limiters. The limiters ESB101, ESB201 and ESB00351 are made for one-phase 115/230Vac 16-30A networks. The ESB00163 and ESB00323 are designed for three-phase 200/400/500Vac 16-32A networks.

The line frequency range varies from 16.5Hz – 440Hz. The ESB-limiter is located between the line-switcher/contactor and the load. The ESB-models are designed for inductive and capacitive loads.

The main use is to protect the installed MCB from tripping. It protects power relays and contactors from burned contacts while switching various switch mode power supplies. The ESB is used to protect AC-UPS converters to operate into the current limiting mode and undesired overpower shutdown.

When switching-on the system, the inrush current of the installed load will be limited for the defined time Ton. Independent from the previous inrush level, the current limiting is always strict to the selected peak level. After Ton elapses the current limiting circuit of the ESB will be bypassed. The electrical network can be stressed with current loads as normal. If an AC dump overshoots the defined time Toff, it will be detected by the ESB. As soon as the AC recovers the inrush will be limited, again. The limiting occurs in each phase independently. The ESB-family provides an internal temperature control.

In case of a failure the device shuts down to safely prevent overheating or burning. The standard ambient temperature varies from -40°C up to 70°C without derating. Electrical parts are fixed against shock and vibration. The operation altitude is up to 13,123ft (4000m) above sea level.
AC/DC switch mode power supplies on DIN-rail

Camtec is known for exceptional lifetime and high-performance SMPS on DIN Rail. Customers in 50 countries worldwide rely on Camtec’s products in demanding applications. The product range of the HSW, HPW, HPV and HSE families provide 10W to 1,500W output power. The voltage ranges from 5Vdc to 400Vdc. 95% of the SMPS are designed with natural cooling -20°C to 70°C. The HSEUreg- and the HSEUireg-series is an interface programmable DIN rail power supply family from 0 to 400Vdc. Its operation quality easily reaches the level of demanding laboratory power supplies.

The Camtec DIN rail SMPS are designed for critical loads like DC-drives, DC/DC-converters, piezo drives, LED-drivers and battery charging. The products combine high-density packaging and an exceptional lifetime performance. 3kV or 4.2kV electrical isolation is a standard. Fixed parts to resist vibration and shock, e.g. optional coating for each product, are standard.

The power supply is used in a large variety of applications, including traffic control systems, railway, defence, offshore, plant building, test benches, science, infrastructure and cities.

Battery chargers and DC-UPS

Camtec offers various rectifiers ranging between 480W DIN Rail to 3kW embedded power modules. Camtec can deliver a complete custom-made DC-UPS system from a simple KISS-UPS to a complex charger for railway or IT systems. A setup of a maximum of 100kW controlled DC-charger is possible. All chargers perform fixed parts and optional coating as standard.

References are available for railway, automotive plants, IT centers, government facilities and nuclear plants.






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Product List

Part NumberProduct NameMFGQty 
HPV04801.110THPV04801.110T CAMTEC 480 WATT SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLY -20C TO 70C SINGLE OUTPUT: 110 VDC, 4.4 A, 200 mV, 93 % ROHSCamtec0.00
PSM00604PSM00604 Camtec AC/DC power supply / switch-mode / 19-" rack 5 - 24 V, 60WCamtec0.00
ESB00163B-TESB00163B.T Camtec inrush Current Limiter 3PHASE 4 WIRE SYSTEM, 200/400/500VAC 16ACamtec0.00
ESB101.LED.230VacCamtec ESB101.LED.230Vac Inrush Current Limiter (ESB) DIN-Rail TS35mmCamtec3.00
DCV00081-200Camtec DCV00081-200 DC/DC ConverterCamtec0.00
ESB101.33ESB101.33 CAMTEC Inrush Current Limiter (ESB) TS35MM 230VAC 16A 33A PEAK 300MS RoHSCamtec29.00
HSE01201.110TCAMTEC HSE01201.110T DIN-Rail 1phase Fixed Output TS35mm DIN EN 50022Camtec0.00
ESB101.16CAMTEC ESB101.16 Inrush Current Limiter (ESB) DIN-Rail TS35mmCamtec7.00
ESB101.LEDCAMTEC ESB101.LED Inrush LimiterCamtec0.00
ESB201.LEDCAMTEC ESB201.LED Inrush LimiterCamtec0.00
ESB00323CAMTEC ESB00323 Inrush Current Limiter 3PHCamtec0.00
HPV10001.072THPV10001.072T CAMTEC Power Supply 115 / 230VAC - 1000W, 1-phase AC / DC high voltage RoHSCamtec0.00
HSW00901CAMTEC HSW00901 Power SupplyCamtec0.00
CPS-EC480CAMTEC CPS-EC480 DIN-Rail Battery Charger & Industrial Precision PowerCamtec0.00
DCUPS2UCAMTEC DCUPS2U Unbreakable DC Power SupplyCamtec0.00
35200373520037 CAMTEC SCREW TERMINAL 2 PINS ROHSCamtec0.00
HSEUREG04801.15TCamtec HSEUreg04801.15T power supply 480 W 15 VDC @ 0.001 mV 0-15 Vdc Bench PSU (adjustable voltage) RoHSCamtec0.00
ESB101.23ESB101.23 CAMTEC ESB Current Limiter 230VAC 23A PEAK 300MS 16A TS35MMCamtec5.00
ESB00163A.TESB00163A.T CAMTEC Power SupplyCamtec0.00
HSEUREG04801.130THSEUREG04801.130T Camtec programmable Power supply 0 to 130 VDC, 3.7 A, 200 mVppCamtec0.00
HSEUREG04801.18THSEUREG04801.18T Camtec programmable Power supply 0 to 18 VDC, 26 A, 40 mVppCamtec0.00
CPS-EX3000Camtec CPS-EX3000 Embedded & Wallmount AC/DC Power SupplyCamtec0.00
CPS-EP3000Camtec CPS-EP3000 Embedded & Wallmount AC/DC Power SupplyCamtec0.00
CPS-EX2000Camtec CPS-EX2000 Embedded & Wallmount AC/DC Power SupplyCamtec0.00
HPV10001.110THPV10001.110T CAMTEC PowerSupply 110 VDC 9.1 A, 250 mV, 93 %Camtec0.00
HSEUIREG10001.30THSEUIREG10001.30T Camtec Lab Power Supply DIN-RailCamtec0.00
HSEUIREG04801.30TCAMTEC HSEUIREG04801.30T Lab Power Supply 480W; 115V/230VACCamtec0.00
HPW02401.60THPW02401.60T CAMTEC DIN-Rail Power SupplyCamtec0.00
RED00202A.TARED00202A.TA CAMTEC Power Supply 1000W Continuous LoadCamtec0.00
ESB101.LED.115VACESB101.LED.115Vac Camtec Thermistor ESB 110-120Vac 16ACamtec5.00
ESB00351ESB00351 CAMTEC CAMTEC Inrush current limiter 220-240V 30ACamtec1.00
CPS-I3000CPS-i3000 Camtec Laboratory Power Supply Embedded & Wallmount, 12W/CUI, PFC0.99 3000W 230VacCamtec0.00
HSEUREG10001.130THSEUREG10001.130T CAMTEC Power Supply Programmable 115/230VACCamtec0.00
UMS00050.40TSFUMS00050.40TSF CAMTEC DC Power Relay 30V/40ACamtec0.00
ESB101.23SESB101.23S CAMTEC Inrush Current Limiter (ESB) 16A 2000uF DIN-Rail TS35mmCamtec0.00
ESB101.23S.115VACESB101.23S.115VAC CAMTEC Inrush Current Limiter (ESB) 110-120Vac 16A DIN-Rail TS35mmCamtec0.00
HSEUREG04801.30THSEUREG04801.30T CAMTEC Power supply, programmable, 0 - 30Vdc 16A 480W No. of outputs 1, Bench PSUCamtec0.00
ESB00323A.TESB00323A.T Camtec Inrush Current Limiter DIN-Rail TS35mmCamtec0.00
ESB00323B.TESB00323B.T Camtec Inrush Current Limiter DIN-Rail TS35mmCamtec0.00
HSEUIREG04801.50THSEUIREG04801.50T Camtec DIN Rail Power SupplyCamtec0.00
HSEUREG04801.50THSEUREG04801.50T CAMTEC Programmable Power Supply 50VDC 19ACamtec2.00
UMS00025.20TUMS00025.20T Camtec DC Power SwitchCamtec0.00
ADTW201ADTW201 CAMTEC DC Repeater DC/DC Converter for electrical isolation, 90V, 130V, 180VCamtec0.00
HSEUIREG07201.30TPSHSEUIREG07201.30TPS CAMTEC Lab Power Supply DIN-Rail 720W; 115V/230VACCamtec0.00
ESB201.LED.230VacESB201.LED.230Vac CAMTEC Inrush LimiterCamtec0.00
ESB201.LED.115VacESB201.LED.115Vac CAMTEC Inrush LimiterCamtec0.00
UMS00100.20UMS00100.20 Camtec Solid state relay, 20A, 120VdcCamtec0.00
UMS00050.30TUMS00050.30T Camtec Solid state relay, 30 A, 40 V, 24 VCamtec0.00
HPV10001HPV10001 CAMTEC Power SupplyCamtec0.00
OSW00301OSW00301 CAMTEC AC/DC Converter Open FrameCamtec0.00
OSE01201OSE01201 CAMTEC AC/DC Converter Open FrameCamtec0.00
APW00803SAPW00803S CAMTEC Enclosed AC Power SupplyCamtec0.00
PSM02202PSM02202 Camtec Power Supply, 12V, 220 W, 12 ACamtec0.00
HSEUIREG04801.18THSEUIREG04801.18T CAMTEC Switching Power Supplies 480W 0-18V/0-40A DIN-RailCamtec0.00
RED00202CRED00202C Camtec Power Supply Module 1000W Continuous LoadCamtec0.00
HPV04801.220THPV04801.220T Camtec Power Supply, Adjustable 2.2A 480WCamtec0.00
HSEUIREG10001.90THSEUIREG10001.90T Camtec Power SuppliesCamtec0.00
HPW02401.12THPW02401.12T CAMTEC Power SupplyCamtec0.00
HSE10001.12THSE10001.12T Camtec Power Supply, 12V, 1kW, 50 A Din RailCamtec0.00
HPV10001.150THPV10001.150T Camtec Power SupplyCamtec0.00
3041093001CA3041093001CA Camtec USB2.0-UI.Drive-InterfaceCamtec0.00
HSEUIREG10001.90TPSHSEUIREG10001.90TPS Camtec Power SuppliesCamtec0.00
HPV04801.110TPGHPV04801.110TPG Camtec Power SupplyCamtec0.00
HSEUIreg10001.400THSEUIreg10001.400T Camtec Power SuppliesCamtec0.00
ESB00351.TESB00351.T CAMTEC DIN rail mount limiterCamtec0.00
GLP16H1.B06ESB101.23 CAMTEC Inrush current limiterCamtec0.00
GLP16H1.B13ESB101.LED.230VAC Camtec inrush current limiters ESB DIN TS35mmCamtec0.00
GLP35H1.B13ESB00351.T Camtec Inrush current limiter Din RailCamtec0.00
HSE03201.15THSE03201.15TLIRC Camtec Power SupplyCamtec0.00
30410810023041081002 Camtec Current Limiter 115/230V 16A DIN RailCamtec0.00
HPV04801.150THPV04801.150T Camtec Power Supply 480W 3.2A 150V Rail MountingCamtec0.00
ESB303.LED.200/400ESB101.LED.230VAC Camtec inrush current limiters ESB DIN TS35mmCamtec1.00
UMS00100.60TUMS00100.60T Camtec Solid State Relay 60A 40VDC DIN railCamtec0.00
UMS00100.80TUMS00100.80T Camtec Solid State Relay 80A 30V DIN railCamtec0.00
UMS00100.40TUMS00100.40T Camtec Solid State Relay 40A 60V DIN railCamtec0.00
HSW00751.24THSW00751.24T Camtec Power Supplies 24V 3.2A DIN RailCamtec0.00
HSW00751.05THSW00751.05T Camtec Power Supplies 5V 7.5A DIN RailCamtec0.00
HSW00751.15THSW00751.15T Camtec Power Supplies 15V 5A DIN RailCamtec0.00
HSEUIREG04801.18TPSHSEUIREG04801.18TPS Camtec Power Supplies 480W DIN-RailCamtec0.00
HSD04801.24THSD04801.24T Camtec 480W DIN-Rail Power SupplyCamtec0.00
HSEUIREG07201.18THSEUIREG07201.18T Camtec Programmable Power Supply 18V 720WCamtec0.00
CPS-EC480.048CPS-EC480.048 Camtec AC/DC Power Supply 115/230VAC 480W Din RailCamtec0.00
RED00202CCRED00202C Camtec Power Supply Module 1000W Continuous LoadCamtec0.00