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Everlight Electronics

Everlight Electronics is a leading Optoelectronics provider of LEDs, LED Displays, Optical Sensors, Fiber Optic, Infrared, and Optocoupler components serving various applications in the consumer, computing, automotive, telecommunication and industrial market segments. In addition to offering a broad portfolio of products and high installed manufacturing capacities, Everlight Electronics is also vertically integrated by investing in LED optical chip manufacturing to maintain a stable supply of chips.

Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese company which is the world’s seventh largest LED (light-emitting diodes) manufacturer. Its headquarters are in the city of Taipei.

Product Categories

    LED   LED Displays Segmented
    Transistor and Photovoltaic Output PhotoCouplers   Phototransistor
    Photointerrupter   LED Light Bars, Arrays and Bar Graphs
    Fiber Optic Transceivers   Photodiode
    LED Displays Dot Matrix   IR Remote Receiver
    IrDA Transceiver   Ambient Light Sensor
    Logic Output Photocouplers   Photodetector