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JAN2N6788 MOSFET Transistor

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Military specification Jan2N6788 MOSFET; Transistor Type:MOSFE

JAN2N6788 MOSFET Transistor


RCA semiconductor JAN2N6788 MOSFET N-CH TO-205AF TO-39

These 2N6788 and 2N6790 devices are military qualified up to a JANTXV level for high-reliability applications. Microsemi also offers numerous other products to meet higher and lower power voltage regulation applications.

Electrical Rating      Symbol      Min      Typ      Max      Unit
 Body Diode Forward Voltage     VSD               1.80     V
 Breakdown Voltage, Drain-Source (Gate Short-Circui     VBR(DSS)     100.00               V
 Gate Charge, Turn-On     Qg(on)               18.00     nC
 Gate to Drain Charge     Qgd               9.00     nC
 Gate to Source Charge     Qgs               4.00     nC
 Gate-Source Threshold Voltage     VGS(th)     2.00          4.00     V
 Reverse Recovery Time     trr               240.00     ns
 Turn Off Time (nS)     toff               40.00     ns
 Turn On Time (nS)     ton               40.00     ns
  Maximum Electrical Rating      Symbol      Min      Typ      Max      Unit
 Drain Current (dc)     ID               6.00     A
 Junction Temperature (°C)     TJ     -55.00          150.00     °C
 Operating and Storage Temperature (°C)     TSTG/Top     -55.00          150.00     °C
 Power Dissipation (W)     PD               0.80     W
 Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case (°C/W)     RθJC               6.25     °C/W

RCA Semiconductors manufactured transistors, analog ICs, digital ICs, diodes and regulators. RCA Semiconductors was acquired by Fairchild.

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