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KEC Semiconductor Corp

KEC semiconductor

KEC CORPORATION is a Korea-based company engaged in the manufacture of semiconductors. The Company’s products consist of metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), including high and low voltage MOSFETs, radio frequency (RF) MOSFETs and small signal junction FETs; bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), including general purpose transistors, low noise transistors and darlington transistors; diodes, including small signal switching diodes, band switching diodes, varactor diodes and personal identification number (PIN) diodes; integrated circuit (IC) products, including comparators, voltage stabilizers, voltage detectors and others; automotive device products, including alternator diodes and surge absorbers, as well as insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) products, pressure sensors and obsolete products.

KEC was established in 1969 as Korea Electronics, and has steadily expanded into the nine-company KEC Group, one of the world’s leading general electronic component manufacturers, with annual sales of over US$1.2 billion.

Focusing on bipolar technology, the KEC Research and Development center designs both integrated circuits and discrete circuits for a diverse number of public, power, automotive and telecommunications applications. Other devices include next-generation compound semiconductors, component modulization, SAW devices for telecommunications applications, ceramic capacitors, LCDs and RF modules for home and car audio equipment.

  IGBT Module
  DIODE Module
  MOSFET Module

Automotive Device
  Alternator Diode
  Power Zener Diode (Surge Absorber)

  Rectifier Diode
  RF Diode
  Schottky Barrier Diode
  Switching Diode
  TVS Diode
  Zener Diode

  Low Voltage MOSFET
  High Voltage MOSFET

  1200V IGBT
  600V IGBT
  1350V IGBT

  Positive Voltage Regulators
  Negative Voltage Regulators
  LDO Voltage Regulators
  Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)
  Voltage Reference
  Transistor Arrays
  Logic MOS
  Relay Driver
  USB Power Switch
  Operational Amplifiers
  DC/DC Converter
  Telecommunication IC

  Bipolar Junction Transistor
  Transistor with Built-in Bias Resistor
  Complex Device
  Junction Field Effect Transistor
  USA/European specification models type

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