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KEC Corporation is a Korean semiconductor manufacturer of small signal transistors, switching diodes, rectifiers, ICs, and TRIACs. KEC was founded in 1969 as Korea Electronics. Since then, KEC has expanded into the nine-company KEC Group, one of the world's leading general electronic component manufacturers.

Focusing on bipolar technology, the KEC research and development (R&D) center designs integrated circuits and discrete circuits for a diverse number of public, power, automotive and telecommunications applications. Other devices include next-generation compound semiconductors, component modularization, SAW devices for telecommunications applications, ceramic capacitors, LCDs and RF modules for home and car audio equipment.


KEC also offers a variety of MOSFETs (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor), including standard, high and low voltage, and radio frequency (RF). A MOSFET is a field effect transistor with a thin layer of silicon oxide between its gate and channel. It works by varying the width of a channel along which charge carriers flow. A MOSFET generally has two functions. One is known as “depletion mode,” which means there is no voltage at the gate and the channel exhibits maximum conductance. As the  voltage on the gate increases, the channel conductivity decreases. The other mode is called “enhancement mode,” occurs when there is no voltage on the gate and the MOSFET does not conduct. The greater the voltage to the MOSFET gate, the better the device conducts. 

Multi-Application Components

Aside from semiconductors and MOSFETs, KEC also manufactures transistors, diodes, stabilizers, surge absorbers, pressure sensors, and other obsolete products. Are you looking for KEC semiconductor components? IBS Electronics operated a global sourcing and distribution network for electronic components, indirect materials, and more. With offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, IBS Electronics is your one-stop distributor for any procurement needs. Contact us today.



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