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ElectroswitchElectroswitch has been a leading manufacturer of rotary and miniature switches for over 50 years. With efficient production processes Electroswitch has a strong commitment to on-time delivery. All products are currently manufactured in the USA and Electroswitch is ISO 9001 certified.


Electroswitch Producst
Rotary Switches; Miniature Toggle, Paddle, Rocker, Power Toggle, and Pushbutton Switches; Optical, Hall Effect, and Mechanical Encoders; Solenoids; Illuminated Switch Products; and Power Transformers

Digital and rotary products

Digital and Rotary Switch Products designed for aviation, defense, and industrial switch applications.

ARGA Controls
Measurement and Control Instrumentation
Electric utility, industrial and military-grade Power Meters, Battery Monitors, and Transducers for precision measurement applications.

Sunrise Technologies
Outdoor Lighting Controls & Monitoring
Wireless Communication Systems for Smart Grid applications and a complete line of Streetlight Monitoring and Control Solutions<