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Ohmite Resistors and Rheostats – Passive Components

OhmiteOhmite Manufacturing Company has been a leading provider of resistors for high current, high voltage and high energy applications for over 80 years. Their full complement of products includes wirewound potentiometers, wire element, thick film, and ceramic composition resistors, in addition to variable voltage controls.
Ohmite has recently introduced a comprehensive line of board-level heat sinks for both surface mount and thru-hole applications. Ohmite heat sinks not only compliment Ohmite’s heat sinkable thick film power resistors, but can also be used in conjunction with any of the following resistor or semiconductor packages: TO-220, TO-247, TO-263 (D2), TO-264, TO-268 (D3), TO-252 and DT2. Ohmite heat sinks feature innovative patent-pending designs, which enhance thermal management performance over traditional heat sinks.


Ohmite | Knobs & Dials 
Ohmite | Mounting Hardware 
Ohmite | Rotary Switches 
Ohmite | Carbon Composition Resistors 
Ohmite | Carbon Film Resistors - Through Hole 
Ohmite | Ceramic Composition Resistors 
Ohmite | Current Sense Resistors - SMD 
Ohmite | Current Sense Resistors - Through Hole 
Ohmite | Fixed Inductors 
Ohmite | Metal Film Resistors - Through Hole 
Ohmite | Metal Oxide Resistors 
Ohmite | Planar Resistors - Chassis Mount 
Ohmite | Potentiometer Tools & Hardware 
Ohmite | Potentiometers 
Ohmite | Precision Potentiometers 
Ohmite | Resistor Hardware 
Ohmite | Resistor Kits 
Ohmite | Rheostats 
Ohmite | Thick Film Resistors - SMD 
Ohmite | Thick Film Resistors - Through Hole 
Ohmite | Thin Film Resistors - Through Hole 
Ohmite | Wirewound Resistors - Chassis Mount
Ohmite | Wirewound Resistors - SMD 
Ohmite | Wirewound Resistors - Through Hole 
Ohmite | Power Transformers 
Ohmite | Heat Sinks 
Ohmite | Heat Sinks - LED 
Ohmite | Bench Top Tools



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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
25J25KOhmite 25J25K RESISTOR, WIREWOUND, 25KOHM, 5W, 5%102.3700
D225K25KOHMITE D225K25K Adjustable Tap Power Resistors 225watt 25Kohm 10%228.2900
TA305PA10R0JTA305PA10R0J Ohmite Power Resistor 10 Ohms 5W 5% Radial5,8001.5500
45J10R45J10R Ohmite Wirewound Resistor 10 Ohms 5W 5% Axial5,0001.1500
41F1R0OHMITE 41F1R0 Silicone Coated Resistor 1watt 1ohm 1% Axial202.5100
42R1103Ohmite 42R1103 Metal Film Resistor 110k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial8000.1400
571S4R400JOHMITE 571S4R400J WireWound Resistor 4.4 Ohm 5% Axial3002.7500
571S4R700JOhmite 571S4R700J Resistor 4.7Ohm Axial4282.0000
95J2K7Ohmite 95J2K7 WireWound Resistor 2.7KOhm 5% 5W Axial1004.1000
59R103OHMITE L25J10K RESISTOR POWER 10.0 KOHM 25W1495.1300
TA305PA300RJOHMITE TA305PA300RJ Thick Film Power Chip Resistor 300 Ohms 5W 5% Radial11,4902.5700
TA305PA1K00JOhmite TA305PA1K00J Thick Film Resistors 5watt 1KOhm 5%2551.1000
13R33113R331 Ohmite Resistor 330 Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial7,6500.2000
571S22R00JOHMITE 57-1-S-22R00J Resistor 22Ohm 5%3501.7500
42R1050Ohmite 42R1050 Metal Film Resistor 105 Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial7000.0850
42R1051Ohmite 42R1051 Metal Film Resistor 1.05k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial1,1000.0400
42R105242R1052 Ohmite Metal Film Resistor 10.5k Ohms 1% 1/4W Axial1,0000.0850
42R1053Ohmite 42R1053 Metal Film Resistor 105k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial1,2000.1200
42R1071Ohmite 42R1071 Metal Film Resistor 1.07k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial4,9000.0850
42R1072Ohmite 42R1072 Metal Film Resistor 10.7k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial4,2000.1300
42R107342R1073 Ohmite Metal Film Resistor 107k Ohms 1% 1/4W Axial4000.0850
42R1100Ohmite 42R1100 Metal Film Resistor 110 Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial6000.0850
42R1101Ohmite 42R1101 Metal Film Resistor 1.10k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial1,0000.1400
42R1102Ohmite 42R1102 Metal Film Resistor 11k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial6700.3500
R2167038225W5K Ohmite Resistor 0382, 25W, 5Kohm Axial20.0000
85F2R7485F2R74 Ohmite Resistor 2.74 Ohms 5W 1% Axial00.9900
56R150Ohmite 42F15R Wirewound Resistor 15 Ohms 3W 10% Axial300.7500
5710S22R00JOhmite 57-10S-22R00J Wirewound Resistor 22 Ohms 3W 5%921.4900
93J220Ohmite 93J220 Wirewound Resistor 220 Ohms 3.25W 5% Axial3143.8000
93J220EOhmite 93J220E Wirewound Resistor 220 Ohms 3.25W 5% Axial343.1200
L50J150OHMITE L50J150 Resistor, Wirewound, 150 ohm, 50 W, 5%, 1.625 kV010.0500
OF22GJEOhmite OF22GJE Carbon Composition Resistor 2.2 Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial1000.7500
TA305PA75R0JOhmite TA305PA75R0J Thick Film Resistor 75 Ohms 5W 5% Radial671.4500
R2166D25K15K Ohmite Wirewound Resistors - Chassis Mount 25watt 15K 10% Tubular Ceramic211.0000
R2169962 OHMITE D100K1K0 Adjustable Tap Power Resistor 1Kohm 100W Tubular Ceramic211.7300
RW79U41R00FRW79U41R00F RESISTOR 41Ohm 1% Axial1470.5600
42R6342Ohmite 42R6342 Metal Film Resistor 63.4k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial7000.0850
55R621-1Ohmite 55R621-1 Wirewound Resistor 620 Ohms 2W 5% Axial4540.2000
MCS3264R025FERMCS3264R025FER Ohmite Resistor 0.025 OHM 1% 2W SMD 3264 RoHS00.0000
13R300Ohmite 13R300 Carbon Film Resistor 30 Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial5,0000.0850
42R365342R3653 Ohmite Metal Film Resistor 365k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial5,7670.0850
OX102KEOX102KE OHMITE Ceramic Composition Resistor 1K Ohm Axial01.2400
13R368Ohmite 13R368 Carbon Film Resistor 3.6 Ohms 5% 1/2W Axial2810.0850
42R1022Ohmite 42R1022 Metal Film Resistor 10.2k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial1,9900.3200
13R338Ohmite 13R338 Carbon Film Resistor 3.3 Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial1,8880.1500
13R39113R391 Ohmite Carbon Film Resistor 390 Ohms 5% 1/2W Axial1,3000.0850
13R333Ohmite 13R333 Carbon Film Resistor 33k Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial1,1990.1000
13R363Ohmite 13R363 Carbon Film Resistor 36k Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial1,1980.1000
13R36113R361 Ohmite Carbon Film Resistor 360 Ohms 5% 1/2W Axial1,1000.0850
13R27213R272 Ohmite Resistor 2.7k Ohms 1/2W 5%1,0050.0450
14R910Ohmite 14R910 Carbon Film Resistor 91 Ohms 1W 5% Axial1,0000.1700
54R620Ohmite 54R620 Metal Oxide Resistor 62 Ohms 1W 5% Axial1,0000.1700
42R102342R1023 Ohmite Metal Film Resistor 102k Ohms 1% 1/4W Axial1,0000.0850
43R9532Ohmite 43R9532 Metal Film Resistor 95.3k Ohms 1/2W 1% Axial1,0000.1300
13R335Ohmite 13R335 Carbon Film Resistor 3.3M Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial7450.0850
13R301OHMITE 13R301 Carbon Film Resistor 300 Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial7600.0850
13R278Ohmite 13R278 Carbon Film Resistor 2.7 Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial9000.0850
13R270Ohmite 13R270 Carbon Film Resistor 27 Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial8380.0850
14R911Ohmite 14R911 Carbon Film Resistor 910 Ohms 1W 5% Axial8000.1500
13R332Ohmite 13R332 Carbon Film Resistor 3.3k Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial8000.0850
13R364Ohmite 13R364 Carbon Film Resistor 360k Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial7800.0850
42R1021Ohmite 42R1021 Metal Film Resistor 1.02k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial7000.0850
13R303Ohmite 13R303 Carbon Film Resistor 30k Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial6110.0850
SM104021004FESM104021004FE OHMITE SLIM-MOX104 RESISTOR 1 MOHM 1.5W 10.0KV 2PIN DISC00.0000
HS25-4K7-JHS25-4K7-J Arco Wirewound Resistor 4700 Ohms 5% Axial00.0000
30J100E30J100E Ohmite Wirewound Resistor 100 ohm 1kV 5% Axial00.0000
HS50-2K2-JHS50 2K2 J ARCOL Wirewound Resistor 2200 Ohms 5% Axial00.0000
HS50-2R2-JHS50 2R2 J Ohmite Wirewound Resistor 2.2 Ohms 5% Chassis Mount1000.0000
HS100-50K-FHS100 50K F Ohmite Wirewound Resistor 50Kohm 1% Aluminum Housed00.0000
RC1R0EA100RKERC1R0EA100RKE Ohmite Resistor 100 Ohms 10% 1W SMD J-Lead00.0000
HS15-68R-JHS15 68R J HS15 68R J ARCOL / Ohmite Aluminium Housed Resistors - 15W 68Ohms 5%05.0100
OD221JEOD221JE Ohmite Carbon Resistor 220ohm Axial00.0000
12FR100E12FR100E Ohmite Current Sense Resistor 100 mOhms Axial00.0000
23J25R23J25R Ohmite Wirewound Resistor 25ohm Axial00.0000
23J25RE23J25RE Ohmite Wirewound Resistor 25ohm Axial00.0000
SM102032004FESM102032004FE Ohmite Resistor 2 Mohms Radial00.0000
AX10GKEAX10GKE Ohmite Resistor 1 Ohm Radial00.0000
AY470KEAY470KE Ohmite Ceramic Resistor 47ohm Radial00.0000
30J50RE30J50RE Ohmite Wirewound Resistor 50ohm Axial00.0000
SM104032005FESM104032005FE Ohmite Thick Film Resistor 20MOhms Radial00.0000
SM104031007JESM104031007JE Ohmite Thick Film Resistor 1000M ohms Radial00.0000
SM104031006DESM104031006DE Ohmite Thick Film Resistor 100M Ohm Radial00.0000
SM104031007FESM104031007FE Ohmite Thick Film Resistor 1G Ohms Radial00.0000
30J2R0E30J2R0E Ohmite Wirewound Resistor 2 Ohms 5% Axial00.0000
HS10-R5-JHS10 R5 J Ohmite Aluminium Resistor 0.50 Ohms Chassis Mount00.0000