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Richco – Essentra Components

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Since 1954 Richco Inc. has specialized in manufacturing quality plastic fasteners, wire management devices, circuit board hardware, and custom components. They have always adhered to their three tenets of commitment to design, price competitiveness and prompt delivery. Richco, Inc. designs and manufactures engineered component solutions. The Company specializes in fasteners, cable management, circuit board hardware, wire routing products, cable ties, clips, clamps, fiber optics, and telecommunications accessories. Richco markets its products globally to industries including consumer electronics, appliances, and telecommunications.

Richco has been in the foreground of the plastics industry since the mid-20th Century. As innovative designers and manufacturers, Richco specialized in fasteners, circuit board hardware, wire routing products, cable ties, clips, clamps, fiber optics and telecommunication accessories, providing a global presence with local support. Richco, Inc. provided innovative design solutions to meet a wide range of fastening and routing requirements with focused engineering and manufacturing expertise. Richco now offers over 10,000 standard products for the electronics, computer, consumer goods, telecom/datacom, medical and contract manufacturing industries. Most of these products have been developed as a direct result of actively pursuing engineers in the field who have expressed a specific design need to Richco’s engineering team

Richco Is Now Essentra Components Richco products are offered in the Essentra Components catalog with extensions to some of the ranges providing extra solutions to suit your requirements.

PCB & Electronics Hardware
PCB & Electronics Hardware
Fibre, Wire & Cable Management
Fibre, Wire & Cable Management
Access Hardware
Access Hardware
Bearings & Power Transmission
Bearings & Power Transmission
Caps, Plugs & Masking
Caps, Plugs & Masking
Feet, Casters & Glides
Feet, Casters & Glides
Material Handling
Material Handling
Pneumatics & Hydraulics
Pneumatics & Hydraulics
Tools & Precision Instruments
Tools & Precision Instruments




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Product List

Part NumberProduct NameMFGQty 
NGS-2RICHCO NGS-2 Natural Nylon Grommet StripRichco495.00
FCRC-13CRICHCO FCRC-13C Flat Cable Clamp Cover 2.24"Richco484.00
701ARTRICHCO LCBSBM-7-01A-RT Circuit Board Mounting Stand-Off Adhesive BackedRichco0.00
SR3065SR-3065 Richco Snap Rivet 0.158"-0.197" HoldRichco39,360.00
RRH040-020-050RICHCO RRH040-020-050 Small Ferrite SleeveRichco4,500.00
LEDS1E-8-01RICHCO LEDS1E-8-01 Nylon LED Stand-Off SPACER 1/2" 12.7MM T-1Richco11,000.00
SS82Richco SS8-2 Spacer, Round, #8 Screw, Gray, 1/4"Richco3,000.00
FCRCSH-13B6ARTRICHCO FCRCSH-13B-6A-RT Nylon Adhesive MountRichco500.00
LEDM-3-10RICHCO LEDM-3-10 LED Spacer T-1 10mmRichco4,000.00
SS83RICHCO SS8-3 Round Spacer Unthreaded #8 PVC 0.375" (9.53mm) 3/8" GrayRichco600.00
SS6-3RICHCO SS6-3 ROUND SPACER #6 PVC 3/8"Richco0.00
CP-RJ45CP-RJ45 Richco RJ45 Connector Plug,BlackRichco0.00
WS-2-01Richco WS-2-01 Nylon Snap-In Wire Saddle / Mount Rectangular OpeningRichco0.00
DLMSPM-4-01DLMSPM-4-01 Richco Board Support Snap Lock / Snap Lock Nylon 0.250" (6.35mm) 1/4"Richco0.00
KKD-16-RTRichco KKD-16-RT Cable Clip, C-Type Gray Adhesive 1.000" (25.40mm)Richco0.00
TO-220-68RICHCO T0-220-68 INSULATOR PAD, TO-220Richco40.00
DLCBST-6-01DLCBST-6-01 RICHCO Board Support Snap Lock / Snap Lock Nylon 0.375" (9.53mm) 3/8"Richco0.00
WIT-30R-MEssentra Components WIT-30R-M Natural Nylon Cable / Zip Tie 5.75" Length 30 LbsRichco2,000.00
DSC-1-48DSC-1-48 RICHCO Grey Grommet StripRichco0.00
WWS-A-2-01Essentra Components WWS-A-2-01 Cable ClampsRichco0.00
POF-40048POF-40048 Richco Black Foot, Push OnRichco0.00
RBF-6.4-11.1-12RBF-6.4-11.1-12 Richco Rivet, Barbed, .25 in HoleRichco0.00
HG-5HG-5 Richco Grommet, Hole,Flex,Black,.44" HoleRichco0.00
SR-3075BSR-3075B Essentra Snap Rivet, Nylon 6 (RMS-52), BlackRichco0.00
SR-3065BSR-3065B Essentra Snap Rivet, 0.260" Nylon, BlackRichco0.00
CRLCBSRE-4-01CRLCBSRE-4-01 Richco Spacer Lock-In, 3.988 mm x 6.35 mmRichco0.00
MDLSP2-03M-01MDLSP2-03M-01 Richo Spacer, Dual Lock, Natural, 3mmRichco0.00
Push-In-RivetRichco Push-In RivetsRichco0.00
PCBEH-7-01PCBEH-7-01 Richco SpacerRichco0.00
SLH-16-1SLH-16-1 Richco Mounting BracketRichco0.00
PGSA-1316APGSA-1316A Richco Circular BushingRichco0.00
SR-4060BSR-4060B Richo Nylon Snap RivetRichco0.00
R1180Q331B-TR-FER1180Q331B-TR-FE Ricoh LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 0.15A SC82AB-4Richco0.00
MSPM-3-01MSPM-3-01 Richco PCB SupportRichco0.00
FTH-6-01-MFTH-6-01-M Richco Nylon Push-inRichco0.00
302450059935302450059935 Essentra Nylon Hexagonal M4 StandoffRichco0.00
HG-16HG-16 Richco Grommet, Flex, Black, 1.25" HoleRichco0.00
HG-11HG-11 Richco Circular 18.67mm Grommet 0.672" BlackRichco0.00
HG-10HG-10 Richco Open Hole Grommet, Black, TPV, .610 in ID, .875 in OD, .219 in Thick, .742 in Hole DiaRichco0.00
FW0090AFW0090A Richo Nylon M3.5 Flat WasherRichco0.00
467461467461 Richco Cable Gland CoversRichco0.00
467465467465 Richco Cable Gland CoversRichco0.00
467608467608 Richo Cable Gland Locknuts M32 x 1.5Richco0.00
MDLSP2-10M-01MDLSP2-10M-01 Richo Spacer, Dual Lock, Natural, 10mmRichco0.00
MDLSP2-05M-01MDLSP2-05M-01 Richo Spacer, Dual Lock, Natural, 5mmRichco0.00
MDLSP2-08M-01MDLSP2-08M-01 Richo Spacer, Dual Lock, Natural, 8mmRichco0.00
WCH-130WCH-130 Essentra Metal One-Piece Pull HandleRichco0.00
DLMSP-20-01DLMSP-20-01 Richco Nylon Spacer Dual Snap Lock 1.250"Richco0.00
RB160SS-40T2RRB160SS-40T2R Rohm Schottky Diode 40V 1A KMD2Richco0.00
MCCG-2NMCCG-2N Essentra/ Richco Edging GrommetRichco0.00
SRLCBS-10-01SRLCBS-10-01 Richco SpacerRichco0.00
SRLCBS-14-01SRLCBS-14-01 Richco SpacerRichco0.00