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Diotec Semiconductor

Semiconductors are an integral part of electronic devices, most of which cannot work without them. Diotec is a globally recognized manufacturer of semiconductor diodes and rectifiers. Over the last 40 years, Diotec has been highly active and competitive in this component market, providing innovative products and top customer service.

Founded in Heitersheim, Germany in 1973, producing diodes and rectifiers for the European market. Since then, Diotec has expanded to Slovenia, China, and India. Since its founding, Diotec manufactured rectifying diodes and bridges and is currently a well-recognized European brand.  From silicon wafers to finished chips, Diotec produces, assembles, and tests all of its equipment and oversees every step of the process.


Notable Products


Diotec produces semiconductor devices such as Standard Rectifiers, Fast Rectifiers and Ultrafast Rectifiers, Schottky Diodes, Zener Diodes, TVS Diodes and HV Diodes. No matter if in Axial Lead Version or SMD Outline, Power Packages or Customized Solutions. Diotec product range and typical applications:

  • Standard Recovery Rectifiers — 50/60 Hz Rectification, polarity protection
  • Fast Recovery Rectifiers — Rectification of medium frequencies
  • Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers — 50ns < trr < 100ns; rectification of high frequency
  • Superfast Recovery Rectifiers — 15ns < trr < 75ns; rectification of high frequencies
  • Schottky Barrier Diode — Output rectification, polarity protection
  • Zener Diodes — Voltage stabilization
  • Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes — Overvoltage protection
  • Current Limiting Diode — Constant current source
  • Small Signal Diodes — Signal processing
  • Bridge Rectifiers, Single Phase — Single phase input rectification
  • Bridge Rectifiers, 3 Phase — Three phase input rectification
  • High Voltage Rectifiers — Rectification of high voltages
  • Arrays   — Combination of diodes in SIL package
  • Bipolar Transistors — Control and signal processing
  • Field Effect Transistors — Control and signal processing
  • Diacs —Trigger diodes


Innovation & Specialty Products


With an unyielding commitment to innovation, Diotec products are smaller, carry less weight, and produce more power than others. Aside from the standard catalog offerings, Diotec offers custom solutions like parametric selections, configuration of leads, and much more.
Additionally, Diotec has the capability to produce special orders. Since specialty orders require new parameters and configurations, often a completely new chip has to be developed.


Order With IBS Electronics


IBS Electronics is a low-cost distributer of Diotec Semiconductor products. We operate a highly effective global sourcing network with offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas and can deliver to your project anywhere in the world. As an ISO 9001:2008 distributor, we create an integrated supply chain with our customers and suppliers, becoming a seamless extension of their operations.


Diotec diodeDiotec Semiconductor offers cutting-edge technology, a commitment to quality, and innovative solutions. Diotec specializes in every type of Diode and rectifier semiconductor from Arrays to Zeners at a very high quality level with competitive pricing and short lead times. Diotec offers a wide selection of standard components but also offers customized solutions for your diode needs. Diotec Semiconductor offers over 5000 products.

The today's Diotec Semiconductor AG is founded in 1973 in Heitersheim, Germany. From the beginning, the company specializes in the production of diodes and rectifiers and becomes a known brand throughout Europe. product line of diodes and rectifiers to suit your application and design needs.

If you need assistance with a specific application or would like to request custom design support, please Email Us your request.
diotec selection

Product Highlights

        Zener Diodes
            SMD Zener Diodes
            THT Zener Diodes
        Transil Diodes
            THT Transil Diodes
                Unidirectional THT Transil Diodes
                Bidirectional THT Transil Diodes
            SMD Transil Diodes
                Bidirectional SMD Transil Diodes
                Unidirectional SMD Transil Diodes
        Universal Diodes
            SMD Universal Diodes
            THT Universal Diodes
            Diodes - Others
            Stud Mounting Universal Diodes
        Schottky Diodes
            THT Schottky Diodes
            SMD Schottky Diodes
        Special Diodes
    Bridge Rectifiers
        Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers
            Single Phase Diode Bridge Rectifiers
                Square Single Phase Diode Bridge Rectifiers
                Flat Single Phase Diode Bridge Rectifiers
                SMD/THT Sing. Phase Diode Bridge Rectifiers
                Round Single Phase Diode Bridge Rectifiers
        Three Phase Bridge Rectifiers
            Three Phase Diode Bridge Rectifiers
        Bipolar Transistors
            Single Bipolar Transistors
                NPN SMD Transistors
                PNP SMD Transistors
                NPN THT Transistors
                PNP THT Transistors


Diotec is committed to providing innovative product solutions to meet your application needs. Diotec delivers the expertise vital to today's designs for major markets such as consumer, communications, computing, core storage, connectivity and display technologies. Diotec supplies essential solutions for the timing, switching, bridging and conditioning of high-speed signals required by today’s ever-increasing speed and bandwidth demanding applications like computers, digital video, embedded systems, networking, telecom, server, storage, ultra mobility and wireless technologies.

  • automotive1Automotive

    a broad portfolio of Automotive-Compliant analog and discrete devices.

  • CommunicationsCommunications

    multiple high performing products that are used in the networking space.

  • ComputersComputers

    provides routing and signal integrity enhancing solutions for all of these I/O standards.

  • consumerconsumer products

    The consumer products market has exploded in recent years  to encompass all manner of devices, ranging from the small and powerful mini computer- smartphone, all the way to large LCD TVs and household appliances, such as dishwasher and washing machines. Consumers have come to expect high speed performance and at the same time, power consciousness. To meet these needs, Diodes Incorporated offers a wide portfolio of discrete, logic, analog and mixed-signal, signal integrity enhancing solutions

  • EmbeddedEmbedded

    solutions for the fast growing embedded systems on the market.

  • Industrial2Industrial
  • serversServer and Storage

    a wide range of products to multiple storage market segments.

  • LightingLighting  





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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Price (US$)  
SM4007 Diotec SM4007 Diode 1A 1000V 0.0300
S1G Diotec S1G Diode 1A 400V 2SMA 0.0300
S1M Diotec S1M Diode 1KV 1A 2-Pin 0.0400
1N4007 Diotec 1N4007 Diode 1A 1KV DO-41 0.0100
LL4148 Diotec LL4148 Diode 150mA 100V SOD80 0.0900
SK16 Diotec SK16 Diode 16A 100V 0.0400
S250 Diotec S250 Diode Single Phase Rectifier 600V 0.8A 0.1000
LL103B Diotec LL103B Diode Schottky 200mA MiniMELF 0.0500
1N4148W Diotec 1N4148W Diode 100V 2A SOD-123 0.0100
SM516 Diotec SM516 Diode 1A 1600V MELF 0.0700
GL1M Diotec GL1M Rectifier Diode 1000V 1A SOD-80 0.0400
US1J Diotec US1J Diode Rectifiers 1.0Amp 600Volt 0.0500
US1M Diotec US1M Diode 1KV 1A 0.0500
SK14 Diotec SK14 Diode Rectifier 1.0A 40V 0.0300
TGL34-33A Diotec TGL3433A Diode TVS Unidirectional 33V MiniMelf 0.0900
GL1MR13 Diotec GL1MR13 Diode 30A 1KV MiniMelf 0.0400
SM2000 SM2000 Diotec Rectifier Diode 2kV 1A SMD DO-213AB 0.2000
SM4004 Diotec SM4004 Rectifier GP Si Rect 1A 400V 0.0300
ZMM5.6 Diotec ZMM5.6 Zener Diode 5.6V SOD-80 0.0200
1N4007-TEST 1N4007 Diotec Standard Rectifier 1000V 1.0A Axial 0.0100
B380S2A Diotec Semiconductors B380S2A Rectifier Bridge 800V 2A TO-269AA 0.3000
DBI25-16A DBI25-16A Diotec Semiconductor THREE-PHASE Diode Bridge RECTIFIER 1600V 25A DBI-A 0.0000
EGL1B DIOTEC EGL1B Diode Switching 100V 1A DO-213AA 0.0000
TGL34-43CA DIOTEC TGL34-43CA SMT TVS DIODE 150W 43V 20A DO-213AA 0.1900
SK86 Diotec SK86 Schottky Diode 60V 8A 0.6800
TGL34-33A. DIOTEC TGL34-33A Transient Voltage Supressor Diode 20A 1W SMD DO-213AA 0.1500
BY1800 BY1800 Diotec Diode Switching 1.8KV 3A 2-Pin DO-201 0.0000
GBU8K Diotec GBU8K Rectifier Diode Bridge 800 Volt 8A SIP-4 1.4200
FE6D DIOTEC FE6D DIODE 6A 200V 35NS 0.1500
SK310 SK310 DIOTEC Schottky Diode & Rectifier 100V 3A SMA 0.0000
DA4148A Diotec DA4148A Diode 80V 0.5A 200 mW 9 Pin 1.9100
UF4007. UF4007 Diotec Fast Rectifier Diode 1000V 1A DO-41 Axial 0.3400
DB3. DIOTEC Semiconductor DB3 Diac 2A/25-36V DO35 0.4000
SUF4007 SUF4007 DIOTEC DIODE 1A 1000V MELF 0.0000
EGL1G EGL1G Diotec Diode 400V 1A MiniMELF 0.0800
CL15M35 CL15M35 Diotec Diode 15mA 90V SMA DO-214AC 0.0000
CL20M35 CL20M35 Diotec Diode 20mA 90V SMA DO-214AC 0.0000
CL40M35 CL40M35 Diotec Diode 40mA 90V SMA DO-214AC 0.0000
1N4148. 1N4148 Diotec Diode Small Signal Switching 100V 0.15A 2-Pin SOD-323 0.0000
ES1J ES1J Diotec Diode Switching 600V 1A 2-Pin SMA 0.0000
PPS1045 Diotec PPS1045 Schottky Diode 45V 10A SMD 0.0000
B500C1500A B500C1500A Diotec Silicon Bridge Rectifiers 1.5A 1000V 0.0000
B500C1500B B500C1500B Diotec Silicon Bridge Rectifier 1.5A 1000V 0.0000
B500C1500 B500C1500 Diotec Silicon Bridge Rectifier 1.5A 1000V 0.0000
SM5059 SM5059 T/R Diotec Diode 2A 200V RECTIFIER 0.0000
SR1606 SR1606 Diotec, Diode 60V TO-220AA 0.9900
B250S2A-SLIM B250S2A-SLIM Diotec Rectifier Bridge 2.3A 600V SO-DIL-SLIM 0.3000
SM5061 SM5061 Diotec Rectifier Diode 2A 600V MELF 0.0000
BA159 BA159 DIOTEC Diode Switching 1KV 1A 2-Pin 0.0000
SB2100 SB2100 DIOTEC Diode Schottky 100V 2A 2-Pin DO-204AC 0.0000
SB540 SB540 Diotec Diode Schottky 40V 5A 2-Pin DO-201AD 0.0000
ZPD18B ZPD18B Diotec Zener Diode 0.5W 18V DO35 0.0300
1N5387B 1N5387B Diotec Zener Diode 190V Axial 0.1000
2BZX84C13 2BZX84C13 Diotec Diode Zener 13V 21mA SOT23 0.2000
LL4148/ LL4148 Diotec Diode Switching 100V 0.15A Mini-MELF 0.0000
DBI25-18A DBI25-18A Diotec Bridge RECTIFIER 1800V 25A DBI-A 0.0000
MMTL431A MMTL431A Diotec Regulator 2.495-36V 100mA SOT23 0.0000
PST1600A PST1600A Diotec Standard Recovery Rectifier 50V 8A TO-220AB 0.0000
BZT52C15. BZT52C15 Diotec Zener Diode 5V 0.5W SOD123 0.0000
MM3Z3V6 MM3Z3V6 Diotec Zener Diode 3.6V 79mA, 300mW SMD SOD323 RoHS 0.0000
SL1M SL1M Diotec Diode 1kV 1A SOD123 0.0000
P1000D P1000D Diotec Rectifier Diode 200V 10A Axial ROHS 0.0000
P600D P600D Diotec Rectifier Diode 200V 6A 1.5us, Axial 0.0000
P600G P600G Diotec Rectifier Diode 400V 6A 1.5us, Axial 0.0000
SA157 SA157 DIOTEC Diode Rectifier 400V 1A 300ns SMD MELF RoHS 0.0000
P6SMBJ40CA. P6SMBJ40CA DIOTEC Diode TVS Single Bi-Dir 40V SMB 0.0000
1N5355B. 1N5355B Diotec Zener Diode 18V 5W DO-201 0.0900
HV1.5 HV1.5 Diotec Rectifier Diode 1.5KV 0.5A DO-41 0.0400
B250D B250D Diotec Rectifier Diode 250V, 1A, 4DIL 0.0000
GBI10B GBI10B Diotec Diode Rectifier 10A 100V GBI 0.0000
GBI10J GBI10J Diotec Rectifier 10A 600V GBI 0.0000
SKL110 SKL110 Diotec Schottky Diode 1A 100V SOD-123FL 0.0000
MMBT3904. MMBT3904 Diotec Transistor NPN 40V 0.2A SOT-23 0.0000
MM3Z13B MM3Z13B Diotec Diode Zener Single 13V 2% SOD-323F 0.0000
MM3Z6B8 MM3Z6B8 Diotec Diode Zener Single 6.8V 2% 200mW 2-Pin SOD-323 0.0000
P6SMBJ28A P6SMBJ28A Diotec TVS Diode Single Uni-Dir 28V 600W 2-SMB 0.0000
P6SMBJ7.0CA P6SMBJ7.0CA Diotec Diode TVS Single Bi-Dir 7V 600W 2-SMB 0.0000
Z1SMA15 Z1SMA15 Diotec Diode TVS Single Bi-Dir 15V 400W 2-Pin SMA 0.0000
P6KE250CA P6KE250CA Diotec Transil Diode 600W, 250V, Bidirectional 5% DO15 0.0000
1N4002-Q 1N4002-Q Diotec Rectifier 100V 1A Axial 0.0000
15SQ045-3G 15SQ045-3G Diotec Diode Schottky 45V 15A Axial 0.0000
P1000J P1000J Diotec Rectifier Diode 600V 10A Axial 0.0000
BAV19WS BAV19WS Diotec Switching Diode 100V 200MA SOD-323 0.0000
BZT52C39 BZT52C39 Diotec Diode Zener 39V SOD-123 0.0000
BZT52C5V6 BZT52C5V6 Diotec Zener Diode 5.6V 500MW SOD-123 0.0000
BZT52C68 BZT52C68 Diotec Zener Diode 68V 410mW 5% SOD-123 0.0000
ES1D ES1D Diotec Rectifier Diode 200V 1A SMA 0.0000
MMBT5401... MMBT5401 Diotec Transistor PNP 150V 0.6A 300mW SOT-23 0.0300
MMBT5551. MMBT5551 Diotec Transistor GP BJT NPN 160V 0.6A SOT-23 0.0000
BZT52C24 BZT52C24 Diotec Zener Diode 24V 0.5W SOD-123 0.0000
MMSZ5256B MMSZ5256B Diotec Zener Diode 30V 500MW SOD123 0.0000
1N5377B 1N5377B Diotec Zener Diode 91V DO201 0.0000
MMSZ5261B MMSZ5261B Diotec Zener Diode 47V 10mA SOD123F 0.0000
SB8100. SB8100 Diotec Schottky Diode 100V 8A Axial 0.0000
ZMD75B ZMD75B Diotec Schottky Diode 75V DO213AA 0.0000
MMSZ5231B MMSZ5231B Diotec Zener Diode 5.1V 5% 500mW SOD-123 0.0000
P600B P600B Diotec Diode 22A 100V Axial 0.0000
2N5551 2N5551 Diotec Transistor NPN 600mA 160V To-92 0.0000
1.5SMC440CA 1.5SMC440CA Diotec TVS Diode 376V 1.5KW SMC 0.0000
US2M-AQ US2M-AQ Diotec Diode 1000V 1.5A SMA 0.0000
SM4002 SM4002 Diotec Diode 100V 1A MELF 0.0000
ZPD22 ZPD22 Diotec Zener Diode 22V 0.5W Axial 0.0000
MUR460. MUR460 Diotec Diode Rectifier 600V 4A DO-201 0.0000
SB350 SB350 Diotec Schottky Diode 50V 3A DO-201 0.0000
SL34SMA-3G SL34SMA-3G Diotec Schottky Diode 3A 40V SMA 0.0000
BZX84C15W BZX84C15W Diotec Zener Diode 15V SOT-323 0.0000
BZX84C18W BZX84C18W Diotec Zener Diode 18V SOT-323 0.0000
MMBTRA104SS MMBTRA104SS Diotec PNP Epitaxial Transistor -50V -0.1A SOT-23 0.0000
PZTA42.. PZTA42 Diotec Transistor 300V 0.5A SOT-223 0.0000
M7. M7 Diotec Switching Diode 1A 1KV SMA 0.0000
1N4006. 1N4006 Diotec Rectifier Diode 800V 1.00A DO-41 0.0000
1N5408. 1N5408 Diotec Diode Rectifier 1kV 3A Axial 0.0000
SB160 SB160 Diotec Schottky Diode 60V 1A DO15 0.0000
SB5200 SB5200 Diotec Schottky Diode 200V 5.000A DO-201 0.0000
1N4937.. 1N4937 Diotec Diode Rectifier 1.0A 600V Axial 0.0000
GBU8J GBU8J Diotec Diode Bridge Rectifier Single 600V 8A 4-GBU 0.0000
MMBT2222A/ MMBT2222A Diotec Transistor GP BJT NPN 40V 1A SOT-23 0.0000
BC846C BC846C Diotec Transistor BJT NPN 65V 0.1A SOT-23 0.0000
BC846C-AQ BC846C-AQ Diotec Transistor BJT NPN 65V 0.1A SOT-23 0.0000
BC846CW BC846CW Diotec Transistor BJT NPN 65V 0.1A SOT-23 0.0000
MBR20150CT MBR20150CT Diotec Schottky Diode 5A 150V TO220AB 0.0000
LDI1117-3.3H LDI1117-3.3H Diotec LDO Voltage Regulator 3.3V 1A SOT-223 0.0000
SBX2040-3G SBX2040-3G Diotec Diode Schottky 40V 20A 2-Pin Axial 0.0000
S5W S5W Diotec Diode Rectifier 1.6KV 5A SMC 0.0000
MMBT7002K MMBT7002K Diotec MOSFET N-Ch 60V 300mA SOT-23-3 0.0000
BY2000 BY2000 Diotec Diode 2000V 3A DO-201 0.0000
P6SMB300A P6SMB300A Diotec TVS Diodes 600W 300V 5% Uni-Directional SMB 0.0000
P6SMB350A P6SMB350A Diotec TVS Diodes 482V Clamp 1.2A SMB 0.0000
P6SMB400A P6SMB400A Diotec TVS Diode 600W 380-420V 1.1A 5% SMB 0.0000
P6SMB440A P6SMB440A Diotec TVS Diodes 440V 600W UniDir SMBJ 0.0000
P6SMBJ130CA P6SMBJ130CA Diotec TVS Diode 209V 2.9A SMB 0.0000