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Hantronix Inc.

HantronixHantronix, Inc. manufactures character and graphic displays. The Company offers contrast and optical characteristic with and without touch panel. Hantronix offers a complete line of standard character and graphic modules.

Hantronix displays are built in a fully automated, state-of-the-art LCD plant with over 100,000sq. ft. of clean rooms, testing and quality control areas. All manufacturing is done in the Far East, with over 20 years of established processes and quality control. All of Hantronix’s manufacturing facilities are certified to at least ISO 9001 standards, with some also earning ISO/TS 16949 certification.

Hantronix product is marketed through a nationwide network of independent sales representatives and stocking distributors. Hantronix’s customers include OEM customers in many different industries, such as: medical, industrial control, robotics, computers and consumer.

Hantronix products:

TFT Displays
OLED Displays
Graphic Displays
Character Displays
Custom Displays

Hantronix’s custom design capabilities include the following technologies:
Fluid: TN, STN, FSTN, Color STN, e-paper, TFT, OLED
Back light: E/L, LED CCFL, Fiber optic
IC package: QFP, COF, COB, TAB, COG
Heat seal, FPC, resistive or capacitive touch screens, LCD heaters, anti-glare polarizers, wide temperature range