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Lambda Advanced Analog Inc – Active Components

Lambda Advanced Analog IncLambda Advanced Analog (formely Lambda Semiconductors) pioneered high-density hybrid DC/DC converters for Military and Aerospace programs where they earned their stripes in missiles, rockets, launchers, radar, aircraft and helicopters, ground support, engine controls and night vision systems.

October 2000 — International Rectifier Corporation (NYSE:IRF) announced that it is expanding its proprietary business with the acquisitions of Lambda Advanced Analog Inc.

Lambda Advanced Analog supplies high power density voltage converters and electric power controls to the space, aviation, and defense industries. International Rectifier was founded in Los Angeles in August 1947 to manufacture Selenium rectifiers. IR was one of the first companies to commercialize Germanium rectifiers in 1954, and the first to introduce commercial zener diodes and solar cells in 1958. Today, IR designs and manufactures solutions addressing the entire power conversion process that transforms crude electricity into clean, usable power. International Rectifier is delivering enabling power technology to the automotive, consumer, computer/peripheral, industrial, lighting, telecom and government/space industries.


  • DC/DC Converters
  • Military Components



Lattice Semiconductor Technology:



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