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Nisshinbo Micro Devices – Active Components

NisshinboNisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. is a global “Analog Solution Provider” focusing on Energy Management and Signal Processing founded on January 1st, 2022 by integrating New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (NJR) and Ricoh Electronics Devices Co., Ltd. By utilizing NJR’s advanced microelectronics and microwave technology and Ricoh’s CMOS analog technology, the synergistic realization of the combined product lineups, engineering and product development expertise and manufacturing capabilities enables Nisshinbo Micro Devices to better serve our customers base in the automotive, industrial, health, IoT and wireless communications markets. Nisshinbo Micro Devices is based in Tokyo, Japan, with sales offices worldwide, and offers a wide range of products that include Op Amps, Comparators, Power Management ICs, Audio & Video ICs, Optical Sensors, Microwave Radar Sensors and RF Devices (LNAs, PAs, Switches, Filters, and FEMs).

New Japan Radio (NJRC) is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor integrated circuits, microwave and micro-electronics components and microwave application products for use in satellite broadcasting, satellite communications and terrestrial communications. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

New Japan Radio, Co. Ltd. (New JRC) is part of the Japanese JRC Group owned by parent company Nisshinbo Holdings, Inc. NJR is the only Japanese manufacturer, and one of the few specialized manufacturers in the world, to provide components essential for VSAT equipment. The company has the largest global market share for the supply of such components as transmitters (BUC or Block Up Converters) and receivers (LNB or Low Noise Block down converters).


NJR | Ambient Light Sensors

NJR | Infrared Receivers

NJR | Infrared Transceivers (14)

NJR | Optical Switches, Reflective, Phototransistor Output

NJR | Photodiodes

NJR | Standard Clock Oscillators

NJR | VCXO Oscillators

NJR | Active Filters

NJR | Analog Switch ICs

NJR | Analog to Digital Converters - ADC

NJR | Audio Amplifiers

NJR | Audio DSPs

NJR | Audio Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers

NJR | Battery Management

NJR | Bridge Rectifiers

NJR | Buffers & Line Drivers

NJR | Bus Transceivers

NJR | Charge Pumps

NJR | Comparator ICs

NJR | Counter Shift Registers

NJR | DC/DC Switching Controllers

NJR | DC/DC Switching Converters

NJR | DC/DC Switching Regulators

NJR | Digital Signal Processors & Controllers - DSP, DSC

NJR | Digital to Analog Converters - DAC

NJR | Display Drivers & Controllers

NJR | High Speed Operational Amplifiers

NJR | Interface - Specialized

NJR | Laser Drivers

NJR | LCD Drivers

NJR | LED Lighting Drivers

NJR | Linear Regulators - Standard

NJR | Low Dropout Regulators - LDO

NJR | Microphone Preamplifiers

NJR | Modulator / Demodulator

NJR | Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers

NJR | Multiplexer Switch ICs

NJR | Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps

NJR | Phase Locked Loops - PLL

NJR | Power Amplifiers

NJR | Power Driver ICs

NJR | Processors - Application Specialized

NJR | Real Time Clock

NJR | RF Amplifier

NJR | RF Mixer

NJR | RF Switch ICs

NJR | RS-232 Interface IC

NJR | Serial to Parallel Logic Converters

NJR | Soft Switching PWM Controllers

NJR | Special Purpose Amplifiers

NJR | Supervisory Circuits

NJR | Switch ICs - Various

NJR | Switching Converters, Regulators & Controllers

NJR | Telephone Ringers

NJR | Timers & Support Products

NJR | Transconductance Amplifiers

NJR | Transistors RF Bipolar Small Signal

NJR | Translation - Voltage Levels

NJR | Up-Down Converters

NJR | Video Amplifiers

NJR | Video ICs

NJR | Video Switch ICs

NJR | Voltage & Current References

NJR | Voltage Detectors / Monitors

NJR | Voltage to Frequency & Frequency to Voltage

NJR | Power & Control Sensor ICs





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