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RICOH Semiconductor / RICOH Electronic Devices

Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd., may not be as well known as other parts of this leading Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company, but it’s robust family of analog technology for power management makes Ricoh a leader in the IC market for portable devices.

Ricoh specialises in power management integrated circuits for smart energy management, combining low power consumption with high levels of performance, accuracy, reliability and smaller PKG.

Ricoh products joining the Rochester portfolio include power management devices such as LDO voltage regulators, DC/DC converters, microcontroller supervisory, battery protection and switch ICs; real-time clocks; and white LED drivers. There is a range of high reliability devices that are tested over an extended temperature range, up to -40˚C to +125˚C, and three classes of automotive grade products offering price/performance combinations that are suited to safety-critical, body system and general accessories, respectively.

All Ricoh products are known for low current consumption, high accuracy, small package sizes and high reliability. Ricoh also offers a family of automotive products which are TS16949:2009 certified.

The Ricoh product family includes:

LDO Regulators
DC/DC Converters
Li-ion Battery Protection ICs
Voltage Detectors
Switch IC’s
Real-time Clocks (RTCs)
LD Drivers
Automotive ICs